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SBI talks MLS playoffs and more with Beyond the Pitch

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With the 2012 MLS Cup a week away, and with plenty of topics to discuss relating to the final and the MLS playoffs in general, I spoke with the guys at the Beyond the Pitch podcast about those topics and more in their latest episode if Inside MLS.

We talk everything from David Beckham’s departure, to the MLS playoff format, and even some thoughts on the newly-formed pro women’s league, as well as the MLS Cup final itself.

It’s a lengthy show, but definitely worth a listen (and not just became I go on a rant about the MLS playoff format). Give the show a listen here.

Let me know what you think of the show. Agree with the suggestion for changing the playoff format? Think Houston and LA aren’t getting enough credit? Think it’s time for us to finally launch an SBI podcast?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Bobb has it right. The playoffs are the most exciting part of the season and say what you want about LA and Houston but they are the two best teams in this league over the past seven years or so and they proved again why. There are teams in this league that want to grab all the headlines and tout their regular season record or their open cup record but these two teams are champions in the truest sense – they win when it counts the most.

  2. Keep it the way it is with just two minor changes:

    1) Let the home team decide if they want to host the first or second leg. Every team should have to declare which they would prefer at the beginning of the season.

    2) Start the season a week earlier, end with the MLS Cup on the same weekend. That would allow for a break Thanksgiving weekend still, but would give the league an extra week for the rest of the playoffs.

    Beyond that, it’s not a problem. The team with the best record doesn’t always win. Heck the LA Galaxy dominated last year and won, so it’s not like this always happens. No one wanted to change the playoff format in baseball when the 83-78 StL Cardinals won in 2006….

  3. they need to separate the regular season from the post-season as two separate competitions. Go to one league table with the winner of the table getting the league title.

    Then take the top 8 clubs for the post season tournamen (MLS Cup). Personally, I’d like to see a group format for the “playoffs.” Two groups of 4 then a knockout round, then the final.

  4. Pretty good show. I have been thinking about the playoff format myself. I like that MLS changed the playoffs in 2003 to a more European/Latin American two legged format with no away goals. It aligned themselves with the world standard but maintained U.S. characteristics. But, I think it could be fun to go back to a best of 3/ first to 5 points. Adding a extra playoff game is not a crime and could give a the higher seed an advantage.
    Regardless, SJ and KC have no excuses to lose their series. They were the best but choked. I recognize both regular season and playoff greatness. They still had good seasons but could not extend it another game or 2. LA and HOU do deserve to be in the final.


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