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2013 MLS Draft: SBI Draft Day Commentary


INDIANAPOLIS–The 2013 MLS Draft is here and there is promising to be some serious action on the trade front as teams jockey for position in a draft with some good depth, if not star power.

The New England Revolution hold the top pick now after completing a trade with Toronto FC on Wednesday and all signs point to the Revs grabbing Louisville defender Andrew Farrell. Chivas USA have already stated their intentions to select UConn playmaker Carlos Alvarez.

What will happen after the second pick is anybody’s guess, with multiple teams looking to trade up, including the Colorado Rapids, who covet U.S. Under-20 centerback Walker Zimmerman.

SBI will be providing live commentary from the MLS Draft so be sure to follow along here for all the action, the breaking news, and the behind-the-scenes gossip and maneuvering.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):


  1. It was a fun day at the draft….awesome for us locals to see Zavaleta go to the best place to play in the league, and to get to play for a close family friend in Sigi. That’s a great story! While another top local player, Matt Sanner, knew he wasn’t going to get picked yesterday, but it was fun watching him work the room. He really wants a shot and my guess is he surprises whoever gives it to him. The kid just wins, at every level. Not flashy, but tough as nails, and a great one-two touch player who can play anywhere up the middle of the field. Next year will be an even bigger year for Indiana born players, with Mares, Corrado, Kotlov, and maybe Petts and Keller all looking to play professionally. Indiana is on a roll, starting with Hedges and Gaddis both making the 2012 MLS Rookie Starting XI. Eriq will have a chance to make that team in 2013.

  2. I’m disappointed whenever I see some of the riff-raff creeping onto these message boards. The (usually) high quality of posters is one of my favorite aspects of this site.

  3. Why did James Belshaw (from Duke) not get drafted? There was talk that he looked like the best GK in the combine. I personally like the guy as a player.

      • Not only will Belshaw take up an international roster spot, but Brad Stuver is a beast, too. So, the choice was pretty easy. Stuver seems to have a much bigger upside.

  4. I’m pretty happy with Houston’s picks. Kinnear was able to secure a GA Forward, as well as some much needed depth on the left.

    Houston is becoming the place to be for the Reggae Boys.

  5. Much ado about nothing – none of these players have the amount of talent Messi has in his big toe.
    There are kids around the world with far superior talent who will never play a day of professional futbol. This is an entitlement program for rich suburban kids and a few kids with money from overseas. Just another reason the MLS is on the level of the Belgian 2nd division.

    • You could probably make a lot of money by finding those kids with “far superior talent” and bringing them to MLS. Stop being an idiot and learn something about the sport.

    • Go dig a hole, buy a gun, lay in the hole and do us all a favor. Go try to stir up crap on big soccer or another crap website

    • You do realize they dont pay for their college right? You also realize ex college players took the US to a higher World Cup finish than Mexico ever has, right?

      Not that your opinion matters ’cause you were probably the token fat latino kid that showed up to the park in a Barcelona jersey, that was a couple sizes too small, thinking you were the sh!t only to get showed up by the “rich suburban kids”. Barely good enough for your local rec league but somehow the “system” kept you from realizing your true potential.

      • LOL – I have never played any organized sport in my life. I was to busy with school, art and getting laid.
        Sounds like you would have passed on a chubby little Diego Maradona for a dumb American jock. Futbol rules the world because the best players are geniuses (Messi, Diego) and not jocks. A French baseball team will win the World Series before the US wins the World Cup.

      • Hahahaha Maradonna is one of my favorite players. I have a poster of him in my room. You werent busy enough to come here and post uninformed bullsh!t. Do you see me posting on Argentine Basketball websites on how they havent created a michael jordan yet or how they arent playing the game right because they dont have college ball? No, so you see how stupid you look taking time out of your amazing life to post about a league you dont like? It must really hurt you to see a country go about this sport a different way doesnt it? Or maybe you get a little woody everytime you troll this website. Its probably the latter

    • Jojo is correct the MLS is on par with the Belgium 2nd division. Look at guys like Robbie Findley and Robbie Rogers both could not even cut it in the lower division in England. Losers

      • Two speed specialists didn’t pan out in the Championship doesn’t necessarily mean the MLS is poor quality. It just means those two players are very one dimensional.

  6. Do you see Coleton Henning going in the second round? I have heard multiple scouts were very impressed with his blue collar pressing work and pressing

    • Henning is legit. I coach at Furman United and I’ve seen Henning play at least a dozen times…physically Henning reminds you a lot of Wayne Rooney (short, squat, very strong, very quick), and is relentless and rangy enough to even play center mid. Fanatical work rate and one of the nastiest on-the-field dispositions you’ll ever see, will sell his soul to win the ball and crash in on a box loaded with 6’3″ defenders to make a finish, and even though he’s a forward he tackles like Nigel de Jong.

      He jumps off the field at you…every game. Somebody can use this guy…even if he isn’t drafted, he’ll be in somebody’s camp in a couple weeks.


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