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TFC, Rapids line moves as looming trades are set to shake up MLS Draft


FORT LAUDERDALE- Toronto FC figured to have control of the 2013 MLS Draft as holders of two of the top three picks, and it appears the team is ready to pull off a series of moves to try and maximize that advantageous position.

Multiple sources have confirmed to SBI that TFC is preparing to trade the No. 1 overall pick in the draft to the Colorado Rapids in a blockbuster that would land the Canadian club the No. 6 overall pick and No. 25 overall pick, as well as approximately $100,000 in allocation money.

The deal came together on Tuesday, with two sources telling SBI on Tuesday night that the deal has been agreed to. Other sources with knowledge of the negotiation tell SBI that the deals have yet to be finalized, but are in the works.

TFC isn’t stopping there. Sources tell SBI that Toronto plans on turning around and sending the No. 6 and No. 25 picks to the Vancouver Whitecaps to move up to the No. 5 spot, where Toronto FC would be expected to select Boston College midfielder Kyle Bekker.

If they do succeed in landing the No. 1 overall pick, the Rapids are expected to select U.S. Under-20 national team defender Walker Zimmerman. Louisville defender Andrew Farrell is widely regarded as the top prospect in the draft, but sources have told SBI for some time that the Rapids prefer Zimmerman and have made it a point to try and secure his services.

The maneuvering could leave TFC with a serious windfall. If things fall according to plan, TFC could wind up with Farrell and Bekker, as well as crucial allocation money to help with the team’s salary cap situation.

The Rapids are doing some serious wheeling and dealing as well. Sources tell SBI that Colorado has also lined up a trade to secure another first-round pick and allocation money in exchange for veteran midfielder Jeff Larentowicz. The trade partner for that deal has yet to be identified.

What do you think of these moves? Impressed with Toronto FC’s maneuvering? Think the Rapids overpaid for the top pick, or think it’s worth it to snag a young standout like Zimmerman?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. as a TFC season ticket Holder for 7 yrs..i hate the prospect of this deal…keep the picks and get the players we want…dont deal with the Rapids (no Offence) and do not deal with the Shitecaps..

  2. I wonder which team wants lorentawizcs (spelling?) so bad they’re will to give up they’re draft pick. It has to be a late picking team.

    • I’m not sure, but Larentowicz is worth a mid-round pick, so it better not be too low. Teams that might be interested–FCD #7, Crew #9, Houston #13.

      • He does seem like a Kinnear style player but with the players already on the squad I would see it pretty unlikely that he would go there. I could see him heading to Columbus pretty easily though.

      • Seconded regarding Houston…

        CDM depth: Moffat, Camargo, Creavalle, plus Rico Clark in a pinch

        Why would Houston miss a chance to land CB depth at #13? Tucker-Gagnes should be available.

  3. Too cute by half. Trade down then trade back up? Weird, overthought.

    TFC is such a mess I’m not sure what the remedial strategy should be. The talent level is so bad it’s like, wouldn’t a #1 pick well chosen help them? But then they already have a pile of young players — mixed with old farts — where maybe what they need is proven veterans. Not expensive just yet, but simply upgrades from the mess Winter left from his half-baked rebuild.

    One way or another, what they need is talent, and now, and if an allocation helps that happen fast, fine. If it sits unused til the summer I’m not sure that’s better than a high draft pick or two in camp now.

    • Hey, Colorado fan here: How come Toronto hasn’t sent us any talented players lately? We need you to go back to being our farm team and send us a Conor Casey type or a Marvel Wynne type again so they can find some form and even get a look by the National team. Get too it! You better start drafting better so you have some talent to send us for next to nothing in exchange.

      • We gave you Eric Avila this year already. Watch him blossom a la Nick LaBrocca when he left TFC for Chivas.

      • Ah, so you noticed that had dried up? We got sick and tired of sending them to you and not getting much gratitude. We felt taken for granted by the 87 Season Ticket Holders you guys have, so until you guys give us more love, the fire sale stops.


  4. Seems a bit high of a price, and there was the chance that either Zimmerman or Zavaleta would be available at #6. I guess Zimmerman is a can’t miss prospect,so I’ll go with it. I’ll be happier if the Rapids can land one more mid-first round pick for Larentowicz so we still get 3 players from this draft.

  5. In other breaking new, my team, the NYRB stand pat. No draft day moves rumored, no wheeling and dealing, no nothing. Back to you Sue.

  6. Petty of me, I guess, but I keep getting frustrated by reading these SBI articles about the draft and the combine, and nowhere in them can I find out WHEN exactly the draft will take place. I keep reading “upcoming” and “looming” and “less than a week away”. I know (think?) I can find the date by looking on the MLS website, but it would be nice if explicit mention were made of it here.

  7. I am just glad to see that the Rapids care. Kroenke has let so much talent walk away from Arsenal and has tried to get by on a shoestring budget in Denver. But recent moves suggest that he might actually want to see a winner.

    • +1 it is great to see them moving finally. I dont know how much of that can be attributed to kronke but the new team prez hinchley is a real great guy for the team. Him and the TD Bravo are really making some much needed waves here in CO. Looks like they finally realized that compeating with seattle, portland, los angeles, rsl and the rest of the west isnt getting any easier.

      • Ugh. Everything they’ve done has felt like a step backwards to me. Sure, Cummings and Casey and Larentowicz were getting older but I’m not sure we haven’t just thrown everything out and are headed down the Chivas USA/Toronto FC Etch-a-Sketch Scheme path.

        Hoping I’m wrong and it all works out, but doubting it.

  8. I’m impressed with the Rapids maneuvering to get the players they want. Toronto is gambling essentially for $100k in allocation money, since they could still get Farrell and Bekker with the #1 and #3 picks — so it’s not much of an improvement for them.

    Seeing what Colorado is getting for Larentowicz has me pretty irked that NY got very little for Joel Lindpere (produced 5 goals and 5 assists last season). The salary cap hit for both players is the same, although Lindpere also takes up an internaional slot. NY should have delayed the Lindpere trade until they caught wind of what was happening in the draft, because if we could have gotten a first round pick and allocation money, that would have helped the squad a lot more for next season than just an international slot.

    • Larentowicz is a top MLS Defensive Midfielder, yes his age is a question but in a more defensive position he could play for quite a few more seasons than if he were an attacker. Do you think Lindpere is as valuable in his position? I’m not sure, plus we’d have to see how Lindpere does when he’s not in NY, whereas I think Larentowicz is likely to wind up on a better team and have a better season.

      I’m kind of suprirsed the trade isn’t Larentowicz for Duka, I think the Rapids are headed in a direction where little quickish players are heavily used so I would think it would work (plus I’m not sure but I don’t think Jamie Smith is coming back and Brian Mullan is probably not a great fit in the new system).

  9. With recent concerns regarding Mirosevic’s roster status, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Crew are the mystery team in the Larentowicz deal. Have said they would be willing to trade their 1st rd pick and could get another pick in a Duka trade deal

    • I was thinking the same thing but isn’t that a steep price for Larentowicz?

      The Crew is still working on paperwork for two international signings but they still need 6 to 8 more players (assuming Milo is out). I don’t see Rogers coming back to the Crew but he could be another bargaining chip along with Duka.

  10. What is in that deal for the Whitecaps? Picking up #25 is a very small return to agree to downgrade 5 to 6 unless they are certain that the player they want will be available at #6.

    • Yeah, I’m confused about this also. Vancouver loses Bekker at #5 (maybe they were ok with this) and only picks up the #25 pick, which will be a complete crap shoot by that point…

      • I might be wrong but i dont think that Vancouver has a lot of picks in this draft and wants to attend to a couple of needs, as aresult thats why they would consider this. Seems like win win, unless Vancouver is realllly big on Bekker, think both Toronto and Van are (not montreal as hes neither pure laine nor an aging Italian)

      • If they are moving off the 5th pick they aren’t “losing” Bekker. They just don’t want him. They will still get their guy at 6 and add an additional pick. That’s what they call a win win.

    • Downgrading from #5 to #6 is nothing, unless they want Bekker above all else. Getting an extra 1st rounder for doing that is pretty good, especially if they were looking at someone different than TFC wants.

      Actually, TFC is trading the first pick for the 5th pick and $100k allocation. Not sure that’s a good deal, as #1 is way better than #5, just in terms of freedom of choice.

      • But Vancouver would not be getting a first round pick, rather top third of the second round – a space where every pick will be a crap shoot. It just seems like thin gruel for the Whitecaps to make TFCs plans come true.

      • Looking back at last year’s draft: Not many players in the 20th slot on down had much of an impact last year. There’s always the future, but really outside of the top 7 there were only a couple that I would say a moderately interested fan would have ever heard of.

      • Union took Ray Gaddis in second round, he may not be a big name around the league but he was a solid defender in a time when the Union were constantly down 1-2 defenders for a couple months.

  11. Excellent idea for TFC, who don’t need more defensive prospects as they have Agbossomude and Henry. Would be nice to see a late pick, if they got one, used on LB cover for Ashtone Morgan.

      • Commadore 64 at it’s finest. And with that, I’m off to play “Radar Rat Race” and “Pitfall”

        Come on MLS! Get it together! It’s 2013 for goodness sakes

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