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Thursday Kickoff: Mourinho blames Ramos for draw, Toluca scores big Libertadores win, and more


Following Wednesday evening’s 1-1 draw between Manchester United and Real Madrid at the Bernabeu Stadium, Madrid boss Jose Mourinho blamed defender Sergio Ramos for the Manchester United goal.

Red Devil Danny Welbeck struck the first goal of the match in the 20th minute with a header into the far post off a corner kick, where he was unmarked. Ramos had been originally marking the Englishmen winger but lost his mark, before Welbeck finished to put United in front.

After the match, the Spanish international echoed his manager’s statements, admitting that in Champions League matches the margin of error is much more minute than in La Liga.

Here are some other stories to start your Thursday:


Wednesday night saw plenty of surprising action in the Copa Libertadores, highlighted by Toluca of Mexico’s 2-1 win over Argentinian side Boca Juniors.

The Mexican squad made the 4,140 mile trip worth every penny with a comeback victory in La Bombanera. After Boca opened the scoring with a 23rd minute penalty kick goal from Uruguayan forward Santiago Silva, Toluca hit two second half goals, via the right foot of Carlos Esquivel and a wonderful left footed chip from Edgar Benitez.

In other action on the South American continent, Atletico Mineiro and Ronaldinho defeated Sao Paulo 2-1 in a battle of Brazilian squads in Group 2, while Uruguayan side Peñarol defeated Deportes Iquique of Chile 2-1 as well, in Group 4. Wednesday also saw Peru’s Real Garcilaso and Santa Fe of Colombia play to a 1-1 draw in Group 6.


Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone has stated his desire to manage Inter Milan in the future, according to reports from Sky Italia.

The Argentine native played at Inter Milan in the late 1990’s, before moving to Lazio in the early 2000’s, winning an Italian double with the Rome club. Simeone also played for Atletico, and returned to manage, stating that he would love to do the same for the Milan club he played for.

Since taking over at Atletico Madrid, Simeone has guided his side into second place this season, and won the UEFA Cup, and UEFA Super Cup.


Barcelona are interested in signing David Luiz from Chelsea this summer. (REPORT)

Samuel Eto’o has stated that he would have gone to PSG if he had all his personal documents available in time. (REPORT)

Newcastle midfielder Cheick Tiote has been arrested on the suspicion of fraud for the second time. (REPORT)


What do you think of these reports? Do you believe that Mourinho is correct to call out Ramos? What did you think of Toluca’s win? Do you see Simeone leaving Atletico after this season?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Real Madrid should have signed Dempsey. He has scored twice against Man U this season. No lie about that.

    Dempsey Delivers. Dempsey could play right behind Higuain and opposite Ozil/Ronaldo.

      • sure he would. He’s much better than Benzema with a better haircut. Dempsey scored 23 goals last season. How many did Benzema?

      • Dempsey needs to stay where he is. However, Dempsey could play for RM if they signed him and told him he’d never see the field. Don’t ever tell the Deuce that he can’t do something.

        now, back to Mourinho, he’s out at RM. the only questions are:

        1. where does he go? Does the Russion take him back. JM misses the prem.

        2. who’s hired at RM? No clue, but would love to see Hidink. can’t remember where he is right now.

  2. I can’t imagine why Barcelona would want David Luiz. He hasn’t been worth the price tag at Chelsea and I wouldn’t start him over the pairing of Puyol and Pique. Granted, Puyol is getting older but if they want somebody as cover I can’t help but think that there are better options.

  3. While Mourinho is correct in pointing out the obvious, is it really smart to publicly call out a key member of the squad? I’m sure Ramos was aware he was marking Wellbeck, and Ramos probably knows he was targeted by Kagawa when the Japanese international made early runs in behind. Mourinho is the master but its hard to distill a method to his madness this season. I guess the real question is does he have any more tricks up his sleeve for the return leg? Dropping Alonso deep and slipping into a back 3 was smart, but United will play with more width at home and I’m not sure Madrid can defend well enough to only play on the counter.

    • Mourinho’s actions scream that he’s leaving at the end of the season. It’s hard to imagine anyone responding in a positive manner to his criticisms. While dropping Alonso deep was smart, his decision to replace Di Maria with Modric was not. Di Maria was dangerous every time he touched the ball, and Modric spent his 15 minutes slowing down Madrid’s attack.

      United doesn’t have to play with much width – 0-0 game suits them just fine.

      • Thanks for the comments everyone. It does seem that Mourinho wants out and is deflecting blame elsewhere. Its too risky for United to play for a 0-0 game. Ronaldo is just that good. I have to imagine United turns to Young, and possibly Valencia, at home. Young has turned into a useful squad player who both works tirelessly defensively and stretches the opposition. With him in the team United can press higher and still have players who get behind the ball quick enough to prevent counters.

        And your absolutely right Modric for Di Maria was a horrible sub. As a United fan I was quite pleased though.

    • Ramos has been one of the leaders of the dressing room revolt against Mourinho so I don’t think he cares about Ramos’s feelings here.

      Plus, Jose is always thinking of his image and next job so it’s helpful to place the blame for the away goal on one of your adversaries.

      • Spot on Paddy, absolutely correct. Speaking as a Madrid fan who hopes Mourinho is fired and soon, Mourinho’s criticism makes perfect sense. It is well known that Ramos and Mourinho do not get along and that Ramos and Casillas have told Madrid management that if Mourinho does not go this summer, then several big name players will be leaving the team. So this was not only a chance, as you say, to deflect blame, but also a golden opportunity to publicly denigrate Ramos for a bad performance and at the same create suspicion that maybe Ramos is playing against the coach.

    • “While Mourinho is correct in pointing out the obvious, is it really smart to publicly call out a key member of the squad…”

      …especially one who later clearly saved a goal and prevented an unthinkable loss at home in the first leg?


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