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The SBI Podcast: Episode 13 (Talking Club Tijuana, Jozy Altidore and breaking down the MLS Eastern Conference)


The 2013 MLS season kicks off in 24 hours and The SBI Podcast wraps up part two of our preview of the upcoming season by breaking down the MLS Eastern Conference.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I discuss all 10 teams in the East, and break down their chances of making the playoffs, or winning it all.

We also discussed other topics on the American soccer scene, ranging from Club Tijuana’s outstanding form in Copa Libertadores (and what it means for the Americans on the team), as well as the continued outstanding club form of Jozy Altidore.

Give the show a listen after the jump:

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What do you think of Episode 13? Agree with my Eastern Conference picks, or disagree? What do you think of Club Tijuana’s success in Copa Libertadores? See Altidore finally breaking out this year with the national team?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Can you please put a podcast tab on your homesite. Like next to the miscellaneous or on the right like the video option? I’ve missed a few and I would like to go back through to find the ones I want to listen to. It’s currently not an easy thing to do on your site. Thanks.

    • YOU DID IT!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It is so nice to be able to scroll through and read descriptions! Again, thanks!

      • Yes Zach, we took your advice. Thanks for pointing it out. It was something we needed to add. We may still add a module on the right so people can listen directly to the show.

  2. Um, success? I’m half-Mexican but those teams the Xolos played suck arse. San Jose wasn’t all that and Millonarios could’ve easily taken that game in Colombia.

    The real test will be COrinthians next week. BUt I am grateful for your coverage of a real tournament albeit a little coverage.

    • San Jose played Corinthians to a 1-1 draw in the opening match of the group, so I’m not sure you should completely write them off as a joke. But yes, I agree with you that Corinthians is the big test.

      • Corinthians is one of the better Brazilian teams in this tournament, and Sao Paulo have a solid squad too.

      • Well Brazilian teams have a history of not doing too well in Bolivia. And San Jose plays waaaay up above sea level. Think I read some Brazilan even cried to Fifa a few times in the past.

        But I see your point. Anything can happen.

    • Jozy has 13 goals for the USMNT.

      Donovan , over the course of three years, assisted on 6 of them. And even if he isn’t assisting his presence alone assures defenders are not as focused on Jozy.

      Donovan has been absent for most JK’s time. Clint continues to score but he is a better goal scorer and he different from Jozy in that Jozy likes to run at a defense, while Clint is much more of a garbage man. He does not need service in the way that Jozy does.

      LD is still the guy who makes the USMNT offense, what there is of it, go.

      Besides, I don’t think Adam Maher is eligible for the USMNT.


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