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Thursday Kickoff: Rooney could be sold this summer, Toluca ties Barcelona (ECU), and more

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Being dropped from the starting eleven on Tuesday may have just been the start of things to come.

Since Manchester United’s 2-1 loss against Real Madrid, rumors have been swirling through the English media that manager Sir Alex Ferguson is willing to sell Wayne Rooney for £20 million. Rooney has found it tough to hold down a starting place this season, due to injury, as well as the club’s acquisition Robin Van Persie last summer.

Even before this week, the England international forward has been linked with a move to Paris Saint-Germain. So far this season, Rooney has 14 goals in 29 appearances in all competitions.

Here are some more stories to get your Thursday started:


Mexican side Toluca clawed it’s way back at home on Wednesday evening to draw 1-1 with Barcelona de Guayaquil of Ecuador. The visitors took the lead in the 36th minute, with Barcelona midfielder Damian Diaz’s left footed strike finding the back of the net.

The Red Devils were saved late in the match, when forward Luis Tejada scored a header in the 83rd minute from a terrific ball into the box from teammate Edy Brambila. It was Tejada’s second goal of the tournament, and it put Toluca in second place in Group 1, though a Boca Juniors win on Thursday could move the Mexican club into third.

Also around the continent, Argentine side Tigre recorded their first win in the competition, defeating Palmeiras of Brazil 1-0. Club Tijuana of Mexico defeated defending champions Corinthians from Brazil 1-0, Chilean club Huachipato tied Brazilian side Fluminense 1-1, and Paraguayan team Libertad sparked a furious comeback in the second half to tie Peruvian giants Sporting Cristal 2-2.


Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand will not face any charges from UEFA for his actions after the Champions League match against Real Madrid on Tuesday ended.

Following the final whistle, Ferdinand sarcastically applauded referee Cuynet Cakir before walking off the pitch. However, because Ferdinand was not assessed a red card, and no mention of the incident was found in the referee’s match report, UEFA have decided not to take action.

Cakir has come under harsh criticism for his decision to send off Manchester United winger Nani in the 56th minute, in a match which Real Madrid eventually won 2-1.


Schalke 04 midfielder Julian Draxler could become the youngest player for the club to make 100 appearances when his side face Borussia Dortmund on Saturday. (REPORT)

Malaga defender Martin Demichelis is considering a return to River Plate in his native Argentina when his contract runs out this summer. (REPORT)

Chelsea midfielder Yossi Benayoun will leave the club this summer, reportedly heading for Russia. (REPORT)

AS Roma forward Erik Lamela was presented with a Rajon Rondo Boston Celtics jersey from the club’s Boston-based owners for his 21st birthday. (REPORT)

Club America will be without defender Efrain Juarez for at least two weeks, due to an ankle sprain suffered mid-week. (REPORT)


What do you think of these reports? Do you see Rooney leaving this summer? Surprised that Ferdinand was cleared? Think Toluca can make it out of their group?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. MLS is missing out and will miss out on the good experienced DPs due to the low salary cap and number of DPs and MLS will have to wait 5 to 7 years on the new generation of DPs because good experienced DPs will come after 30 and not before (like the beckhams, henrys) That is why MLS should raise their salary cap, give 5dps (is not like all teams will use the 5dps), and free agency and no discovery claim rule. So in other words, MLS could have rooney,kaka,ronaldinho,owen, kasillas, giovani de santos, teves, riquelme, trezegue and many more, even top managers from the world. Another thing, teams like columbus, revolution, dc, need to fix their stadium issues in order to attract players like rooney.

    • Right on and what about FC Dallas finally putting roof cover but I don’t believe until I see the roof and why doesn’t FCC Dallas get a stadium sponsor and remodel that stadium to cowboys stadium level. If MLS actually does 5dps per team which I doubt every team will use and raise salary cap, you bet every MLS stadium would be mostly pack to see the DPs and the free agency players who would go play where they want, which elevates the playing level. In other words more DPs and free agency can elevate the playing level and sell more tickets…. It’s not rocket science. By the way, Nasl team Minnesota stars is not Minnesota united, how cheesy is that. I would have gone for Minnesota st.paul FC

  2. 20 million seems like a very small fee. He might not be as good as Messi, Ronaldo, Iniesta, or Xavi, but he’s still a world class player who has shown remarkable consistency and leadership during his time at Man U. I would think he would be sold for at least 30.

  3. The word from AEG last week was that the Galaxy’s biggest signing is yet to come….with the implication that it’s coming this summer. I can’t imagine Rooney saying yes, but crazier things have happened.

    • Doubt it. The Galaxy need a playmaker to provide service to Keane and whoever is playing next to him, not another forward.

    • I think it’s hard to get bigger than Beckham. The timing of Lampard’s CFC contract expiration matches up, and whatever the rumors are, CFC keeps officially denying any contract offer, which for your own captain should be a pretty clear sign. The story is he won’t pre-sign out of loyalty plus the hope that one more good game somehow changes their minds. But if nothing happens by the end of season then we make more sense than China, respectable quality, paychecks arrive on time, some visibility back home to England.

      • FWIW I think CFC would be nuts to bring him back. Or Terry. Or David Luiz. Or Torres. The team needs a revamp and more youth to get back to the top level again.

        But then, Roman fired The Special One, and began a coaching musical chairs which is currently stuck on Benitez, whom the fans hate. So rationality cannot be assumed.

    • You’re moving the wrong direction. If ManU is paying attention to what just happened, they know they need to get more technical to compete with the Spanish sides, not less. I think RvP was them trying to get more clinical and I wouldn’t expect them to backtrack on that bringing Jozy in.

      FWIW, ahem, Hull City, ahem. I know everyone wants to move Jozy on to somewhere bigger now that he’s successful at a club, but after several wilderness years why would you risk a stable platform for walking right back out into potential wilderness on the eve of the World Cup? If he’s not playing we all know Klinsi will toss him in the trash without a second thought and move on to some striker he likes who’s playing. He HAS to be playing to have a chance and he’d have zero assurance of PT at ManU.

      • Speaking of Hull they are 3rd in the championship. They may be promoted so could be a reunion noone wants.

        Id say he could go to cardiff who will be automatically promoted no playoff needed he can play next to Bellamy who is a great premier league player played all over learn from him, live in Wales and maybe it benefits him.

        But Id much prefer him in Italy or Germany, they dont kick you in the ankles as much there… Oh wait De jong is at Milan, not Italy.

  4. Rooney to LA GALAXY?

    Pay him 10 million a year. He currently makes like 11-13 million dollars a year at Man U. Plus he could sell loads of jerseys and is only 27.

    Bid for him

    • The problem is that he not only commands the high salary but also has 2 years left on a 5 year deal. So unlike Beckham — who pre-signed here with less than 6 months left at RM — you would have to pay a loan or transfer fee on top of the salary because 2 years on the deal makes him an asset. If you got him to come down halfway on wages he’s still probably a $30 million player his first year if we speculate $20 million transfer plus $10 million salary. Which is probably lowball. Which is why he’ll go to a rich European team and not MLS teams that are barely tip-toeing into the first milllion or so dollars’ worth of transfer/loan fees.

      I also wonder how Rooney feels about the whole John Rooney experience, bouncing from NYRB to Orlando then back to England. If they sit down at the kitchen table and talk MLS, what advice will he give? I’d feel more confident if it was a Digao/Kaka scenario where the player’s brother was still here (although Kaka is also under contract for a few more years). That being said, I know how I’d sell it to Rooney, but whether he’s OK with his brother’s short American career — fair or unfair to his skill level, it is what it is — might weigh in there.

    • hes good infron of the goal younger and cheaper. But hes not Roo ( and as a liverpool fan i sorta hate the guy). Roo will play Centerback, Left Back, D Mid, Central Attacking Mid. Same game depending on what desperation sub off Fergie decides.

      OK CB was an exaggeration but its not far off. Hes played second striker to Van Pirsie then dropped deeper to give Wellbeck or Chicharito that spot then taken a deeper spot when Giggs came on… Crazy workrate like that can never be replaced so easily.

  5. Hopefully Villareal does somework for LA tonight! Kids on fire!!! A call up would be sweet as but hey one can dream! I say we cap tie Johannson and brooks these next two games. I heard brooks might accept a callup to the german u-23’s. If klinnsmann excludes beasley, corona, and torres well we might as well look for a new coach haha. I’d say castillo but he’s banged up.

    • So we should play some kid with a handful of performances in the 2.Bundesliga in the Azteca? Sounds like a brilliant strategy.

    • I’d play Brooks for 5 minutes in Azteca to cap-tie him. Let’s face it, he’s the best young “American” CB we have and will probably have for the next couple of years. However, Germany have come snooping around and he’d rather play there.

      Johannson, I’m not so desperate. He needs to prove himself in the Netherlands before we drool over him. In order to do that this season, he has to outplay Jozy which is next to impossible.

      I hope we see Corona and Torres the next two games. Beasley’s chances have come and gone.

      • I really don’t get how anyone wants to see Corona, Castillo, or Torres. If nothing else they just don’t fit the system. Torres has blown many chances and I just don’t see any of them anywhere near the top of a depth chart.

      • I’m just waiting for one of our dual nationality players to refuse to come off the bench and into the game because he’s not ready to commit to the USA.

      • So on the basis of about 20 games in the 2.Bundesliga, he’s the best CB we will have for years? Not sure about that analysis.

        Agree with baropop. I don’t watch enough Liga MX to comment on their play at club level but Torres has been underwhelming and Castillo has been pretty bad with the NT.

    • yep. The best English players to have played in Europe ended in the early 90’s. I suppose Beckham was a success but guys like Owen/Woodgate flopped. Derbyshire doesn’t count because he did well in the 10th ranked Greek league.

      • Owen certainly didn’t flop beyond being injured. He has 13 goals from 36 games, most of which were off the bench. Goals to minutes played, he was top 3 in the world. He just wasn’t glamorous enough to play above the likes of Ronaldo.

        Beckham was one of the main cogs in Real’s title success, so much so, Capello went back on his comment that Beckham would never play for him again because he was playing so well.

        However, I’d agree with you for the most part – Robbie Keane being one of them (albeit he’s Irish, not British).

        Truthfully, you don’t see many British successes abroad because most have no reason to leave the PL. Much like Italians don’t need to leave Italy, Spanish from La Liga, and Germans from the Bundesliga, now that it has found itself again.

        Rooney has said before he wouldn’t leave England. A move to Arsenal would prove interesting. He is just what they need and he’s a move Arsenal need to make to show their intent. Otherwise, Spurs are in need of a striker. As a United fan, I can’t see him leaving – then again, I said the same about Beckham..

        In Fergie We Trust.

      • McManaman. Also a success at Real even when the managers changed and said he should leave cause he wouldnt play. Forced his way on a talented squad.

        But his style was never particularly english anyway. so maybe that disclaimer.

      • Serious question here….

        Evertonian have a special hatred for Rooney.

        Is it just because he left? Did he leave in a particularly bad way?

        Does he celebrate goals against his old club?

        Explain me, please….

        Rooney was wearing blue at Goodison during an FA cup match last season.

    • I like it. Fellaini is probably leaving this summer. That leaves a big opening for a striker. Rooney and Fellaini couldn’t be any different, but they’re both high quality forwards. Only problem is Everton doesn’t have any money.

      • The only way I can see Fellaini leaving Everton this summer is if Moyes does too. But, yes, Everton could really use Rooney. They need more goals.

      • can’t Rooney be charitable and cut his wages by 75% and perhaps get a 10% stake in the club.

        He could take EVERTON to the CL. Sell loads of jerseys

      • haven’t watched everton in a while, but isn’t fellaini a mid? i don’t think i’ve ever seen him play a whole game at forward (just desperation time at the end of a game), but, like i said, haven’t watched them in a while.

      • Fellaini is an attacking mid, but he’s been the main source of Everton’s goals the past two seasons. Pretty sure he has more than Jelavic and Anichibe combined this season.

        It wouldn’t be a position-for-position swap with Rooney, obviously, but if Fellaini leaves, Everton will need goals from somewhere.

    • Sweet, but it goes against everything Everton stands for. I.e. not breaking their wages structure and not buying expensive players. Everton have found a niche for themselves: A Euro spot every couple of seasons and no threat of relegation. They will always be in limbo, perfectly and comfortably placed in the middle of the table.

    • We are not paying $20 mill for a player, even Rooney. He’s under contract through 2014-15 hence the fee discussion. I don’t see us getting involved unless he’s released, which is unlikely because someone will pay the asking price for Wayne Rooney, out of shape or not. [FWIW, this is all a bit shabby for someone who recently had two goals on City…..]

      Now, if you took fees and the implications for NT selection off the table, I think he’d be great here. I think if he was engaged our approach to the game and weather would ensure his fitness [although his attitude does raise the concern of whether he’d pull a Matthaus and show up going through the motions…this is not that type of league]. He might also revive his public image by going from mercurial England forward and now RvP backup to a marquee name for the league. Not unlike Beckham and Henry before him. But some of this boils down to if he cares.

    • Only NY or LA would go for a high-priced mercenary. Maybe Cosmos will bring back their old business plan and buy Rooney, Ronaldo, and Messi.


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