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Mid-Day Ticker: Giggs to play vs. Real Madrid, Uruguayan legend Cubilla dies, and more


Manchester United winger Ryan Giggs is set to make his one thousandth senior appearance in an illustrious career when his side face Real Madrid at Old Trafford on Tuesday night.

United manager Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed to reporters that Giggs would play a part in the highly anticipated match, though the Scot refused to say whether the 39-year-old Welshman would start or not. Giggs, who made his senior debut for the Red Devils in 1991, scored on his 999th senior match in Manchester United’s 2-0 win at Queens Park Rangers last week.

Ferguson also announced that defender Phil Jones was unavailable for the Champions League tie due to injury.

Here are some more stories to get you through your Monday:


One of Uruguay’s greatest ever footballers, Luis Cubilla, passed away today at the age of 72, due to cancer. Cubilla was highly accomplished as a player for club and country, as well as a manager all across the South American continent.

As a player, Cubilla featured for Uruguay in three World Cups, racking up 38 caps and 11 goals. On the club scene, he played for Uruguay’s two biggest clubs, Nacional and Peñarol, as well as a short spell in Spain at FC Barcelona.

He was also known for his achievements as a manager. From 1979-2010, Cubilla won 20 titles, most with Paraguayan side Olimpia, where he won ten league titles, and two Copa Libertadores crowns.


Liverpool FC reported today that the club have lost £40.5 million in the last 10 months, with the bulk of the club’s spending coming from the wage bill, according to reports in England.

Over 70 percent of the income made from the club is currently going towards paying wages. According to the report, Liverpool will spend £131 on wages alone this season, supporting the likes of Steven Gerrard, Luis Suarez, and Andy Carroll.

Despite the bleak financial news, the club’s managing director Ian Ayre has said it will have no impact on Liverpool’s future activity in the transfer market come this summer.


The Denmark football federation has suspended Juventus forward Nicklas Bendtner for six months after the Dane was fined and cited by Italian police for driving while intoxicated. (REPORT)

Marseille president Vincent Lebrune has slammed the acts of his club’s fans, some of whom creating an impasse for the team bus on the way to the Stade Velodrome for their match last Sunday against Troyes. (REPORT)

Russian national team manager Fabio Capello has denied any reports of him considering becoming Chelsea’s next boss. (REPORT)


What do you think of these reports? Do you see Ryan Giggs starting or coming off the bench against Real Madrid? Do you see Liverpool spending big money this summer? Do you see Capello moving to the Premier League?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Ryan Giggs, getting unwarranted minutes since 2010.If he wasn’t a club legend he would’ve been shipped out a long time ago.The last 3-4 years have been to pad his status as a man utd legend.

    • Ferguson still uses him vital matches (like tomorrow?). To call his usage charity, is just being ridiculous.

      FYI, he still has game. More FYI? I hate Untied.

      • Not ridicoulus at all.If he would’ve came to the club at 27-28 he would be long gone by now.Giggs seems to be the only 39 year old field player good enough for utd.

    • I don’t think Sir Alex would give anyone minutes just for sh*ts and giggles and old time’s sake, especially in important matches. Bottom line – legend or not, if he couldn’t contribute and help them win he wouldn’t be on the squad. And if there’s any doubt as to whether he can still help the team in the right spot, I present exhibit A:

      • The only 39 year old in the world good enough for man utd.If he had any grace he would’ve retired.Instead of taking up a spot another youngster could excel in.

      • Unless he likes getting paid. I would too. You would too. C’mon man. Would you step down from loads of dough if you felt like you can keep playing the game you love, the one thing you’ve been doing your whole life that you KNOW you can’t do forever? Also, have you considered that it might be a point of pride and accomplishment that he has achieved and is achieving what he is at his age? Would you be so quick to discredit your own achievements in life, and stop doing what you worked so long at (supporting yourself and family along the way)? I doubt it. Give the guy a break; people forget players are also humans too with real human concerns and issues. Also, like others have said, SAF wouldn’t play someone he didn’t think could contribute.

      • He takes up that spot because SAF wants him to.

        In case you haven’t noticed SAF does not care who you are; if you aren’t doing it for the club in his opinion, he will ship you out.

        Now it is possible you know better than SAF but I will side with him on the basis of his record vs. yours.

      • That’s bs GW.Giggs is only on the man utd roster because he’s a legend.END OF.What other 39 year old field player is good enough for utd.Yeah no 39 year old is good enough for utd.Should’ve retired or left the club years ago.Like Raul at Real Madrid.It’s ridicoulus to think he isnt getting special treatment from SAF.

      • Trolls gonna troll. Giggs brings leadership and continuity to go with his skill. The man is a legend, show a little respect.

      • Dudester,

        Of course he’s getting special treatment.

        SAF found a way to use him and the other old guy Scholes.

        Man U. have really high standards. So if you don’t come in right away and produce SAF cuts you and it’s next guy up. That doesn’t mean you are a bad player. It just means you aren’t what SAF wants (see Howard, Tim). You can argue that if Man U was just a bit more patient it would be more sensible but the entire thing around there is players must produce, pretty much on demand and only a few mistakes are allowed.

        So Giggs and Scholes aren’t really taking time away from young midfield maestros; they are filling in for them when they fail.

        Scholes and Giggs are the ultimate luxury stopgap measures, while SAF searches for their successors. And that search hasn’t been going really well.

        Fortunately for Scholes and Giggs, Man U. can afford to operate this way for a while.

        The reason you rarely see this sort of thing outside of AC Milan is simply a matter of money and resources. Man U have plenty of both.

        The manager knows them inside and out. They only have to play about half the time so they can save themselves for when it really matters . And used this way, they have been quite productive.

      • You keep saying it, so I don’t understand why you’re confused. Giggs is the only 39 year old in the world GOOD ENOUGH to play for Manchester United. He plays because he’s good enough to play, and he’s better than most of the young guys in his role.

  2. Yesterday was the 22nd year anniversary of Giggsy’s debut – to the day! Big fan here. #11 #NextUnitedCoach

  3. Giggs is a legend. I don’t care if you have ManU with every fiber of your being, you have to respect his longevity.

  4. “According to the report, Liverpool will spend £131 on wages alone this season, supporting the likes of Steven Gerrard, Luis Suarez, and Andy Carroll.”

    Man, if this is driving them into more debt, they are making WAYYYYY less than I thought they were.


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