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The SBI Show: Episode 25 (with special guest Terrence Boyd)

Terrence Boyd


In a year when several foreign-based Americans are enjoying great seasons abroad, one U.S. Men’s National Team player is having a breakout campaign in his very first season as a full-time pro.

Terrence Boyd made the move to Austrian club Rapid Vienna first his first season of first-division soccer and he has made the most of it, scoring 16 goals in all competitions.

Boyd joins us on Episode 25 of The SBI Show and he discusses everything from his move to Austria, his growing number of tattoos (including his new American flag tattoo) and the phenomenon of some Americans who don’t believe German-born players should be on the U.S. National Team.

Along with our interview with Boyd, co-host Garrett Cleverly and I discuss the U.S. Under-17 Men’s National Team’s failed bid to qualify for the World Cup, the latest exploits of some of the top Americans Abroad, and we also look back at the top action from MLS Week Seven.

Give the show a listen after the jump:

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What did you think of the show? Impressed with Boyd’s responses? How do you feel about the U.S. Under-17 National Team’s failed World Cup qualifying bid? Which team impressed you in MLS Week Seven?

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  1. Terrence Boyd: I think this interview should be required listening for all young American players (Omar, Freddy, Brek, Villareal, etc.).

    1) Playing time is more important than money or prestige of the league for a young player.
    2) Learning to be more clever, developing the cerebral part of the game.
    3) Taking care of the business on the field and letting the agent handle off the field stuff.
    4) Focus on character. “Best player I’ve ever seen (Mario Geotza), humble, lives with parents, always finds the best solution on the field.”
    5) Love for USA, more proud than many who live stateside.
    6) Refining the imagined future, constantly envisioning the possible, beautiful thing in a young person.

  2. Interesting to discuss Terence Boyd and Jozy Altidore in the same show.

    Jozy: To get an idea what Jozy will do at a top league or as an International, I think looking at his performances against Ajax and PSV are instructive. The devil is in the details.

    Commentators often make excuses for forwards by saying “he needs quality service to score goals.” While this statement is often true, the quality of the service is often the result of off the ball movement by the forward himself. Jozy still doesn’t move enough during the build up to create the spaces and angles necessary for those providing service. Jozy wanders about or stands still for long stretches, just hanging out in the middle channel. This makes him easier to mark and harder to reach with passes. PSV and Ajax were able to prevent service partly because Jozy made it easier for them to do so.

    Terrance Boyd is actually a great contrast. Boyd is constantly in motion, making it harder for defenders to read the game and opening up better angles and spaces for service. Jozy is probably more gifted physically, but he doesn’t make it as easy for his teammates to pass to him.

    Jozy also needs to become cleaner technically. Some of his first touches are brilliant, but many times his touches are just a bit off. The goal against Ajax is a great illustration of this. His sloppy first touch required an extra touch to bring the ball under control before he was just able to finish under the hands of the keeper. At the international level, or in a top league, he would not have scored, being closed down by a defender or stopped by the keeper. A clean touch would allow him to finish more easily and score goal at any level.

    Many people talk about Brian McBride’s ability in the air, but he was also very clean technically. He scored goals that would stand up against any opponent. Jozy is more physically gifted than McBride but doesn’t have his technical skills yet.

    Jozy doesn’t work hard enough, or smart enough defensively. When the ball turns over, Jozy often turns off. I’ve had the privilege of watching Robbie Keane at the Galaxy in the past couple of seasons. Robbie doesn’t have Jozy’s speed or power, but he makes a nuisance of himself for the opposing back line. He plays head games with the back four all day long, by closing down space, moving about, dropping into midfield and doing the unpredictable thing. He often makes very good defenders look foolish as much by the accumulation of confusion by the moment itself.

    It is asking a lot for Jozy to have a Keane-like soccer IQ, but I think he could put more thought and effort into the cerebral part of the game. He’s gifted physically, and has moments of quality, but the goals he scores are a bit deceptive because they come primarily against weaker opponents and at the expense of defensive mistakes. He needs to move off the ball more, clean up his technical skills, and develop more ways to trouble the opposing back line. Otherwise he’ll continue to require top class service and defensive lapses by the opponent to be effective. Not the requirements of a national team forward.

  3. Definitely a fan of this dude, hope he can continue to work his way into the fold for Brazil. Speaking of being a fan, I freaking love these podcasts, best feature on SBI in my opinion. Great topics, good conversation facilitated by Garrett and great insight into both Ives’ and the players points of view. Keep ’em coming, solid work out of you boys.

  4. Terrence is the kind of young player with loads of potential and who plays with no fear that has a breakout World Cup performance. I hope he can stay healthy for the next 12-14 months because I think he will be a GREAT attacking threat off the bench.

  5. Boyd loves to talk! And does he ever stop laughing?? You gotta love it. He’s just so upbeat and so positive. He seems so laid back and down to earth. I can’t wait to see him in the Gold Cup. I see big things in his future.

  6. I have liked Terrence Boyd from the very beginning and continue to be a big fan. I hope he gets a transfer out of Austria either (preferably) to the Bundesliga or, if that does not happen, then to join up with Joe Gyau at St. Pauli, who most likely will need to sign a big striker this summer.

    I know there is some strong emotion on the board on this topic, but I was not impressed with Jozy’s attitude/performance in Mexico City. And, quite frankly, I am tired of people making excuses for his lack of USMNT goal scoring (yeah, I know: he needs Landon Donovan to hold his hand or he needs to be paired with a second forward). But lack of service is not stopping Clint Dempsey from scoring USMNT goals.

    My point being: I hope Jozy is able to finally get it together after a nearly 2-year scoring drought and start scoring under Klinsmann. But if he doesn’t, then at some point, sooner rather than later, Klinsmann is going to have to pull the plug and try others up top and I would love to see Terrence Boyd given a start in a WCQ game to see what he can do. I have hunch that the chemistry would be there and that the young energetic positive-thinking bull of a player Terrence Boyd who can get smacked in the nose and gush blood yet keep on playing would have a very positive knock-on effect on the whole USMNT.

    Give him a shot, Jurgen.

    • Deuce is a creative freak who has a sick knack for finding goals. No one else is scoring regularly, not Herc, not MB, not EJ, not Zusi, not anyone. We are so incredibly lucky to have Deuce on this team, otherwise we’d be in huge trouble. I don’t see Boyd nicking any extra goals that those guys wouldn’t. He’s like a bigger version of Herc – high work rate, good speed, knack for scoring, nothing special technically. Last few times I’ve watched him, he particularly needs to work on his first touch. Ultimately, we need to be able to play the style that suits Jozy: technical, fluid, lots of one touch exchanges if we’re going to compete with the big boys.

      • Nice comment, TomG. Good point about Clint. And I agreee that the Klinsmann era thus far has generally been a major dud offensively. But I am not sure that “we need to be able to play the style that suits Jozy.” First of all, I don’t think Jozy is the sort of commanding USMNT presence to build a team around. And second, I think it is up to Jozy to adapt and play Klinsmann’s style with the rest of his teammates.

        The right chemistry is essential for a team to be successful and I am beginning to wonder whether Jozy contributes to good team chemistry. I don’t know. But I do have the sense that Terrence Boyd up top would have a ripple effect of good chemistry all the way through the midfield and on back to the defenders and beyond to Tim Howard or Brad Guzan.

        One of the best offensive games under Klinsmann was the November game against Guatemala without Jozy on the roster. That said, Terrence was not on the roster either.

        Match: USA 3 – 1 Guatemala
        Date: Oct. 16, 2012
        USA: 1-Tim Howard; 6-Steve Cherundolo, 20-Geoff Cameron, 3-Carlos Bocanegra (capt.), 2-Michael Parkhurst; 19-Graham Zusi (7-Maurice Edu, 78), 14-Danny Williams, 4-Michael Bradley, 18-Eddie Johnson (11-Joe Corona, 90); 8-Clint Dempsey, 9-Herculez Gomez (16-Sacha Kljestan, 66)
        Subs not used: 5-Kyle Beckerman,12-Brad Guzan, 17-Alan Gordon, 21-Clarence Goodson, 22-Nick Rimando

    • At some point, you have to try other options to get more scoring. Not only are balls not going into goal, there have been a scarcity of shots, dangerous crosses and opportunities of any kind. And this is why as things stand, I am not so sure Boyd would have any more luck than Altidore. The majority of Boyd’s goals I have seen have been of the outside in, poacher variety knocking in rebounds, loose balls in the box and from his deadly finishing in the air. Our lack of shots on goal of any kind, impotent wing play and crosses certainly takes away the part of Boyd’s game that he is most effective at. An in form Donovan would help immensely, as would Cherundelo’s return, perhaps Beasley on the left…… but the same could be said for Altidore. Think we’re most likely to see Boyd utilized as a late game replacement for JA who inevitably finds the bottom of the tank in the 70th minute.

      • Yeah, that is also a good point, whoop-whoop. I was real happy with the performances in March and getting four points and keeping two clean sheets. But, in retrospect, the lack of attack — scoring only one goal in two games — is cause for concern. I so badly want to see a USMNT with bona fide wingers, like an in form DeMarcus Beasely on the left backed by Fabian or Castillo and Dolo at right back surging forward to interact with Donovan or Zusi. That will be a moment of truth for Jozy and I would be tickled pink to see his drought end.

        As for DMB, there is absolutely no reason not reward him with a start against Belgium at left wing and his 100th cap and to be evaluated for future left wing service. If he flops, okay, then at least he had his chance.

      • “And, quite frankly, I am tired of people making excuses for his lack of USMNT goal scoring (yeah, I know: he needs Landon Donovan to hold his hand or he needs to be paired with a second forward). But lack of service is not stopping Clint Dempsey from scoring USMNT goals.”

        Just because you are tired of it, that doesn’t mean it ain’t true.
        Clint gets service. The assist Jones gave him in the Honduras game was good service. But there is not a lot of service. And, if Clint does not get that service, he can also score in a variety of ways. For example, as he showed against Basel, he has a knack of being there when defenders make bad passes and making them pay. In other words he’s a great garbage man. And he’s been working on his skills for at least five years in the EPL.

        Not every forward is as skilled as Clint. Donovan, a great scorer himself isn’t like that. And neither is Jozy or any other US player. Why are you shocked that Clint is a much better and more sophisticated scorer than Jozy?

        That’s not an excuse that’s just a fact.

        Other than giving the ball on a counter to Donovan and being physical with people on set pieces, the USMNT has not had a consistent, coherent attacking philosophy since at least 2006.

        The only other current US players I have seen who have any idea of how to run at the enemy defense and make things happen for themselves or others is Brek Shea and maybe, just maybe, Gatt.

        And those guys have been around for the US only a little more than LD.

        I find Boyd as charming and refreshing as everyone else does but it doesn’t matter how much “chemistry” and personality he has, those qualities do not make him a better player than Jozy right now.

        Go ahead and put Boyd in but why would the results be any different if he continually gets the ball in places where he can’t do anything with it? Or if he doesn’t get the ball at all.

        As for DMB you’re big on “rewarding” him a start at left wing.
        Except he his outstanding work was at left back, not at left wing.

        I don’t remember DMB making any attacking runs down the left side during either the Mexico or the Costa Rica game. Sure he’s doing well with Puebla but I suspect Puebla probably has a much more coherent attacking setup than the USMNT. Most Mexican league teams do. He did well at left back, keep him at left back.

  7. Impressed that SBI is bringing in such great guests. Really enjoyed the T-Boyd interview. Ives had to ask him about some of the fans’ (and teammates?) attitudes about the Germericans and Boyd’s answer was mature for his age. All he can do is work hard and take advantage of the opportunities he is given. I’m proud to have Boyd representing the US and looking forward to him scoring a ton of goals for USNT in the future!

  8. Love T. Boyd’s happy-go-lucky personality and love for the U.S. I hope his soccer development keeps pace with his personality.

  9. I just read the Liga MX highest paid players and Suazo gets paid 3.3 million and other good players around 1.5 million. Why cant MLS teams bring them here. I mean if they waste money on unknown DP players. Why not on some good players like Baloy, Suazo, Christiacn Gimenes, Benitez.

  10. I see what you did there with the open…..boy, boy, boy, oh BOYD.

    If I had to create a lineup based on attitude alone, Terrance Boyd would be the first name on the list every match. Really would like to see him get the opportunity to show his skill set for an extended period. Would love to see if he could rise to the challenge.

  11. On on otherwise crappy day for Americans, T-Bo’s love of the USA (mins 28-31) was/is great to hear. I needed the lift. You gained a fan today, Kid.

    • oh good, listening to this gives me something to look forward to today.

      Was at the marathon earlier and I really feel like drinking right now. Things are crazy here.

  12. Boyd is a hilarious example of a German-born player displaying absurd patriotism amidst all this sentiment, real or imagined, regarding their supposed commitment.

    • Fully agreed. If his agent told him he had an outside shot of playing for Germany you know he’d hold out, a la Timmy Chandler, for as long as he could

      • Couldn’t be more wrong. Being American means the world to him, and he has identified with the American side of his background than the German one since he was younger. If you honestly think he’s faking that I feel for you.

      • I met Terrence in the embassy on the day he got his US passport (referenced in the pod re his U20 call-up). I spoke to him that day at length. His feelings are legit.

      • IMSYE, yes of course, that totally makes sense to completely ignore Boyd’s stated position from the start and everything he just said about his own feelings and motivations in a very genuine, sincere unscripted manner and go with your own opinion based on blind speculation and not a shred of evidence to back it up. Curious as to why you are so determined to stay married to that position?

    • Don’t be so quick to judge his the sincereity adnd genuiness of his committment. As a former member of the armed forces, I have seen first hand the strange dual allegiance and sometimes competing loyalty of someone who has parents who allow him/her to be a citizen in 2 countries. The US and its military has been creating dual-nationality families all over the world since WWII and these families deal with this very unique issue all there lives. If you come from a divorced family—which many of them do, this complicates the issue of loyalty, but it never erases the fact of who there parents are or the fact that these parents affected them as they grew up. Ex. Germaine Jones may have been recently raised by his other and primarily speak German, but he did live in Chicago with his father until he was 9 yrs old.
      Not an black and white issue and certainly not something to be trashed.
      It is not as simple as just assuming that these guys are “hired guns” who lost out on a national team spot with one country so now they are going to give the US a try.
      Finally,using Tim Chandler as an example and referencing comments that I have heard about him not knowing his father that well before he suddenly chose to affiliate with the US national team. I would only reply that with as divorce being as common as it is now (and very common among servicemembers), how many of you readers would be able to say that your relationship with one or both of your parents was the same now as it was when you were a young adult, even believe that it would remain the same for the next 20 years.
      If anything, maybe soccer helped someone re-establish a once dormant relationship with a parent or strengthen one.

  13. nice interview. Was impressed with T. Boyd – engaging and funny guy with pretty decent english skills. you can never put too much weight on how athletes interview, but i find myself liking him more after hearing him. with someone else, you might see the red/white/blue tattoo as a stunt, but the passion and feeling behind it seems geniune here. he could teach chandler a few things on how to connect with US fans..

  14. Show = awesome;

    Redirect to ads on mobile… Not so much.

    I know u gotta make some cash… But redirecting me to an ad that opens iTunes to a free game sux.

  15. What’s the over/under this week on how many times Ives says “no doubt” during the podcast? (love the show, by the way…)


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