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The SBI Show: Episode 28 (talking USMNT, MLS Week 9 and more)

Joy Altidore AZ (Getty Images)


From Jurgen Klinsmann’s latest comments on the state of the U.S. Men’s National Team, and his thoughts on Landon Donovan, to Jozy Altidore’s record-breaking season in the Netherlands, there is plenty to discuss on the American soccer front heading into the weekend.

Episode 28 of The SBI Show is a solo effort, after regular co-host Garrett Cleverly and I were unable to coordinate a time to deliver our usual Friday show. Rather than having no show heading into the weekend, I decided to take over production duties to put together an episode to give you all something to listen to heading into this weekend’s action.

Among the topics discussed are Altidore, Landon Donovan, the Gold Cup, MLS expansion and a breakdown of the top match-ups in MLS Week Nine.

Here is Episode 28 of The SBI Show:

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What did you think of Episode 28? Impressed with Altidore’s season? Agree with our MLS picks? Like the solo host format?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. After listening to this I think we all realized Garrett is pretty expendable….

    just kidding … still a job well done riding solo

  2. Love the show, but this one had a lot of the one thing I don’t like – excessive psycho analyzing of “US soccer fan”. Yes, there is a minority of US fans that like to post “Jozy sucks” on the Internet. And yes, you’ll see some posts about calling in this young player or that young player earlier than is probably prudent. But there is hardly enough reliable opinion polling out there to suggest that these opinions are so dominant in US soccer fans’ minds that “setting them straight” should feature so prominently in the shows.

    Also, regarding guests, I would say don’t knock yourself out about guests. They can be good, they can be boring, but they are not always necessary. And in my opinion, the more interesting guests tend to be the people we don’t typically hear from. For example, the Dan Kennedy interview was much more interesting than the Tim Howard interview, because Kennedy is someone fans hear very little from, and he is in a unique situation at Chivas USA. Howard is great, but most US fans have heard lots of interviews with him before, so his interview was OK, but not as interesting.

  3. Continue to do quick hits for all games. I know you will focus on certain teams, but it is nice to have analysis on all the games.

  4. nice work. I like the format of 1 podcast involves an interview and the other is just you guys talking.

    honestly the only thing different is the sound of the music

  5. Ives. Loved the show. One man show ain’t bad. Thnks for the insight. Agree with your take on Jozy and Holden.


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