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SBI MLS Goal of the Week: Will Johnson

WillJohnson1 (Getty)


  1. It’s a fine goal, but a better keeper (or one who wasn’t inexplicably flat-footed when the kick was taken) should have taken care of it.
    Still, the number of free kicks in so-called dangerous places in MLS that fly Sergio-Ramos high and never find the frame is astronomical. So, O.K.

  2. Garcia and Johnson goal both required great skill. I’d say the set piece was the toughest, but again, a tough call. Johnson deserves it. Probably time to look at his goal of the year from several years ago. Really shows his skill.

  3. I love the thought of some foreign player having stacks of those discs, not wanting to throw them out but not knowing what to do with them. “What a country!”

    • I think they sell the slices for charity. I rode home on the bus with a guy who had just bought one. He was gong to make a table out of it.

      But having a stack of them would be pretty funny.

      • If I had a collection of them, I’d hire a custom furniture craftsman to make me a table. After the table, I’d get other things made, too. It would be *so cool.*

      • I’m with Paul. Both great goals but johnson is respected by almost everyone except Alan Gordon. In time Olmes Garcia will earn respect and start to get recognized.

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