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MLS Week Seven (SBI Live Match Commentary)



The Western Conference will get an early start on Week Seven proceedings today as a pair of day-time kickoffs headline the weekend’s action.

The Seattle Sounders will look to pick up their first win of the 2013 MLS season today when they face off against the New England Revolution (4pm, MLS Direct Kick/Univision Deportes). Meanwhile, just two hours north of Seattle will feature aspiring West playoff teams Vancouver and Real Salt Lake doing battle at BC Place (4pm, MLS Direct Kick).

The day’s lone rivalry tilt features the New York Red Bulls traveling south to take on D.C. United in a match-up of struggling East squads (7pm, MLS Direct Kick). D.C. is always tough at home, but their recent attacking struggles could open the door for the Red Bulls, who aren’t exacting lighting the world on fire either.

The match of the day will take place in Texas, where FC Dallas take on the Los Angeles Galaxy in a match-up of Western Conference leaders (7:30pm, NBC Sports).

If you are wondering what happened to the Montreal-Columbus match, it was moved to Noon on Sunday due to snow storms hitting Montreal today.

SBI will be providing live commentary on all of today’s matches so please feel free to follow the action here. As always, feel free to share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s commentary is after the jump):


    • I’m having the same problem. Called Direct TV and was told that 476 is not part of Direct Kick even though it says so on the Direct Kick schedule on the Directv website. The service rep didn’t know why.

      • I just escalated my complaint to a supervisor. They have no idea what’s going on but mentioned there have been a few complaints in scattered areas (I’m in NY metro) while other areas are okay. Same thing happened with last week’s SJ – Vancouver match, both live and the delayed broadcasts.

        Anyone with Direct Kick but not Directv having this problem? Maybe I’ll change providers . . .

  1. Amazing, John scores the winning goal in Dallas and promptly gets nailed in the head by a beer bottle from a guy wearing Dallas red?

  2. Yeah, you’re being foolish Ives. That was a stonecold penalty. He hacked him hard. God you’re a huge Galaxy homer.

      • Preach. People hate so hard on the Galaxy that they’ll make stuff up just to support there anti-galactic ideologies haha

    • Nope, didn’t “hack him hard.” Blas Perez fooled you like he fooled the ref. Watch in slo-mo, focus on Perez and watch, and you’ll see just what he pulled off. It’s expert stuff. He cuts in front of Leonardo, reaches back to feel for him, stops his run and as soon as he feels him behind him, he collapses in a heap. Leonardo put himself in that spot with the bad turnover, but Perez completely sold it.

  3. Donovan is not right. It isn’t just a question of fitness. He seems to have lost his speed and his decision making is very poor.

    I’ll believe he thinks he’s ready to play again, but what he’s doing on the pitch is… well he is on the pitch?

    • he is not playing bad but nothing to separate them from the MLS pack. Some LD lovers are just blind thinking he still is a game changer. He may regain his mojo but right now he very far away from being a game changer.

  4. For the record, the J Mac comparison to chicharito was a joke, which I said in previous comments, though you missed them. It was a play on something you sAid, I think yesterday, about how it was an awful comparison. I was referencing that, it never occurred to me otherwise.

    : )

  5. Ugh Seattle completely dominated that game in all ways and got only one point from it due to wastefulness around the goal, im looking at your Zakuani. On a side note I would hate to be a NE fan right now, cause if that is how they always play it is painful, they literally had no desire to attack until about the last 5 min. They parked the bus from minute number 1 against a team in Seattle that has been in awful form

  6. I don’t care about relegation/promotion. I’m not supporting that, and it would fail in this country.But seriously, how can one honestly say that MLS teams are progressing in terms of quality. It’s just intellectually dishonest to claim otherwise.

    • I don’t know how old you are and how long you’ve followed MLS, but I am 29 and have been watching since ’96 season 1. I guess call me Intectually dishonest, because I definitely believe overall quality in MLS has drastically increased since ’96. Like, it’s not even close. I will concede you have you the right to disagree, but to call someone (anyone, even a supposed someone) intellectually dishonest because they don’t agree with you just makes me value your opinion a little less FYI.

      • I agree with you MLS has progressed immensely since ’96. We still have a ways to go but there is improvement.

    • Some comments aren’t worth responding to, but you can’t help yourself.

      MLS teams are not progressing in terms of quality ? Geez Louise.

  7. Parity is killing this league. Too many average teams. Hopefully Sporting KC, Houston, and the LAs can separate from the pack.

    • Parity is one of the reasons this league has grown every year. Maybe one day MLS will be ready for promotion/relegation and less financial restrictions; but its not quite time yet.

      When you might ask? I say a good measuring stick for when MLS can unleash itself, if you will, is when every team had a SSS and fills them more than not. We’re getting closer every year; but until then MLS is and will remain financially healthy and viable.

      Also, some people (myself for example) find parity entertaining and don’t mind that we don’t have any “super clubs” winning predictably every year and enjoy surprises like Montreal or Chivas USA.

  8. Zac Macmath is easily the worst goalkeeper in MLS and one of the worst of all time. How is this guy still starting with all the quality veteran keepers floating around?

  9. Still don’t like Farrell at RB; he does not look comfortable out on the flank. Woul dmucg rather see him at DM over Clyde Simms.

    Yedlin pretty impressive again in the first half.

    • That was the first time I have watched a full NE game this year and maybe it is just cause they didn’t have enough of the ball but Farrell only went forward like once. The modern fullback has to bomb forward alot more often than he did today.

  10. How is Danny Cruz still on the field?

    He went into a 50/50 header and led with his studs at stomach height and came in way late. Seriously. That is ridiculously reckless. Get rid of that.


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