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KickTV: Forza Roma (Spotlight on Michael Bradley)

MichaelBradleyRoma1 (Getty)



  1. This interview was awesome, pretty funny at spots… maybe not intentionally, but not in a mean-spirited way either. With BB leading Egypt into WC Qualifying and MB solidifying a midfield role with a big-time Italian club, is there any debate that their family is now the official ambassadors for American soccer to the globe? Also… what the hell?!? How did that happen? Would anyone have guessed that it’d be a couple of very, very pasty bald Jersey guys– one of whom is basically an Ivory-tower academic, God love ’em– would be the first family of American international soccer? It’s awesome and strange. I’m glad for both of their success, it’s just not what anyone could have predicted.
    Also, I don’t begrudge him his hilarious accent. He sounds like an Italian who learned English second, but he’s got a great Italian accent, so go figure. I’m just glad the Nats teammates tease him for it.

  2. this makes me think of the Family Guy sketch about Italians lol. well so many of them

    why is she so suprised he speaks Italian. The dude also learned Dutch for chrissake

  3. Anyone else notice his weird accent? Cross between Duece and Totti. Europe is rubbing off on him. I bet his Jersey mates back home clown on him when he comes home

    • considering how MB can converse in at least four languages and has been on the continent for close to a decade now, its not surprising.

  4. So funny that she asked him about facial expressions when MB and his dad are renowned for being stonefaced. BB has one expression for every emotion!

  5. So Mikey is a Springsteen fan? Forget “the general” forget “the bald eagle” forget “mb90”.

    From here on out, Mikey B’s nickname is “The Boss”.

    So it is and so it shall be!!!

  6. i’m suprised he isn’t a Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad fan.

    Homeland may be the best written show on tv but dear god it’s boring


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