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Revolution acquire Agudelo via trade with Chivas USA

Juan Agudelo


For the second time in just under a year, Juan Agudelo is packing his bags and moving from one coast to another.

Agudelo has been traded from Chivas USA to the New England Revolution in exchange for allocation money. The deal was initially announced on Tuesday evening via a tweet from Agudelo’s agent, Ron Waxman, but both clubs confirmed  it shortly thereafter.

Per club and league policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The trade comes as a surprise considering that the 20-year-old Agudelo is in the final year of his contract with MLS and the forward options the Revolution already have. New England currently boast a group of strikers that includes Jerry Bengtson, Saer Sene and youngster Diego Fagundez.

Agudelo – who was traded from his hometown New York Red Bulls to Chivas USA on May 17, 2012 – made 26 starts, scored five goals and had four assists in his time with the Goats.  He had two goals and one assist in six matches this season.

If Agudelo is made available immediately, his Revolution debut could come on Saturday at Gillette Stadium against the Red Bulls.


What do you think of the Revolution trading for Agudelo? How do you see him faring in New England? What did you think of Agudelo’s time with Chivas USA?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Short answer: Revs need scoring. Revs pick up a forward. Sounds good to me.

    Long answer: They’ve picked up a lot of guys in the past 2 years to try to get better – Sene, Toja, Bengtson, Goncalves, Nguyen, Guy, Cisse, and drafted Rowe and Farrell. Now they added Agudelo. Time to start getting some results. The defense is much improved this season, they just desperately need some goals. I think the moves they’ve made off the field have been good – lets see if this will finally gel on the field and result in some wins!

  2. What does this mean for NYRB. Last night knew they still owned a portion of Agudelo. Did they get something from this. will they get something in the future

  3. They give up allocation money they werent going to spend and get to increase some attendance as they can market Agudelo more than any current player on their roster. Great trade Revs. And if they sell him in the summer they get transfer money.

  4. I think this is New Englands way of putting pressure on Bengston to start putting the ball in the net, and if Agudelo works out, then i could see them droping bengston and adding agudelo as the DP he wants to be

  5. …Also I have a feeling that Agudelo will rot away on the bench if he moves abroad. He has flashes of brilliance but not consistent.

    • Agree. Great potential but the fact is he hasn’t proven he can play well night in night out. He needs minutes, lots of them. For that reason, I thought Chivas was a good place for him to develop. NE may be, too. Europe will be a mess for him if he goes. He will ride pine. Better to wait until he is truly ready for Europe.

  6. If Agudelo is as “good as gone” as ppl keep saying; then Chivas did a wise move here. Get something from Agudelo now or nothing at all later.

  7. Agudelo was not staying at Chivas when his contract finished. He also wanted DP money.
    In any case, Jorge Vergara is a crap MLS owner. All that hype for this?

    • “Agudelo was not staying at Chivas when his contract finished.”

      Precisely why getting something for nothing is actually a wise move…and this is from an admitted Chivas hater.

  8. How’s this even possible!?!?1 Does Chelis realize that Agudelo was born in Colombia??

    Anyway, good move for Chivas if they use the allocation towards a good signing. Agudelo is on the final year of a contract and will most likely not renew so better get something out of it while you can.

  9. erik soler with two key moves before he left richards deal and agudelo deal good for him blame backe for mistakes not soler

  10. Crazy that he is still only 20 to me, feel like I have hearing about him for ages. Think NE makes out well in this deal at first glance

  11. MLS sucks

    allocation sucks. makes literally zero sense. SALARY CAP makes sense but it needs to be raised to 5 million within a decade

    Agudelo should have joined Celtic or any club in Europe

  12. Agudelo accumulates a lot of minor injuries as it is. Playing regularly on turf can’t be good for that.

  13. I thought the midfield needed bolstering at NE, not necessarily the strikers. Seemed like the striker(s) weren’t getting much service. Good move either way though.

  14. Ah Chivas strikes again.

    Good for Juan getting out of the mess that is Chivas.

    Good for the Revs who have have been awful at scoring goals this season so far.

    Don’t know what Chivas are going to do. I don’t forsee any big players lining up to play for Chivas. My guess they use that allocation money on scouring for Liga MX cast aways.

  15. Also, no idea if they had the allocation money to spare…but where were DCU and Chicago on this? If they knew Agudelo was out there, they certainly seem to have more ambition than NE…

    • So he went from the worst team (Chivas) to the second worst team (New England). So that we (DC) are next! Get in there!

      New England might not have a brilliant squad butindividually I like a bunch of their players: Agudelo, Nguyen, Toja.

      I don’t think Agudelo cares about this move. He’s gone when his contract is up.

      • Hope he’s gone at season’s end….Revs are a black hole of poor management and wasted talent…glad Benny ‘escaped’ Hope Juan avoids any influence and doesn’t let his game slide to the Revs level

      • I don’t think this is fair to the Revs. Jay is trying to instill an “Italian” mentality on the Revs – whatever else, do not concede. A talented attacker who pressures from the front as fervently as anyone in the league might be just what the doctor ordered for the Revs to sneak into the playoffs.

      • I generally agree with your premise, this is like Adu going to RSL before moving out. The Revs get a quality “rental” who can add to their team in a few different ways, even if it’s subbing, who will then leave and clear cap space; Chivas gets to clear a spot before the season ends, of a player who was gone anyway. So Chivas can start shopping soon.

        I forget if Freddy played when RSL was on turf at U. Utah. But my complaint if I was Juan would be whether I’d want to risk turf before my big payday. I also think he needs to pick his destination wisely lest he follow the Adu career path too closely.

      • Adu’s Benfica career was looking promising before the manager who signed him got fired. Downhill since then….

        This is a long shot thought, but any chance the fact that they will also hold Agudelo’s rights if/when he returns to MLS played into their calculations?

    • Truth be told, I think it’s the Revs that are “stupid”, in this trade. Agudelo is gone at the end of the year.

      So…NE traded allocation money for a rental?


      • How is it stupid? Allocation money for a “rental” player is better than giving up a couple of supporting players for a “rental” player.

        Honestly, good for New England for actually making a bold move for once, probably the first since picking up Feilhaber.

      • Admittedly, MLS rules are so convoluted this point may be entirely moot: giving up allocated funds for a likely 5 month rental in opposition to applying to an actual investment that will stay on your team is…”stupid”.

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