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MLS Week 12: SBI Live Wednesday Night Commentary



The Los Angeles Galaxy are ready for the first leg of a two-leg East Coast swing tonight at PPL Park when they take on the Philadelphia Union (7:30pm, MLS Direct Kick).

The Union enter with some confidence after posting a 1-0 road victory against the Chicago Fire, while the Galaxy look to rebound after a pair of recent losses, including a 3-1 setback against the Vancouver Whitecaps.

There are two matches involving MLS teams tonight, with the Vancouver Whitecaps take on the Montreal Impact in the first leg of the Canadian Championship Final. The Impact are favored as they look to carry over their impressive showing in league play against a Whitecaps side that only recently snapped a lengthy winless streak.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight’s matches so please feel free to follow the action here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Tonight’s live commentary is after the jump):


    • I’ve been thinking the same thing for a while now. I just think he’s a better passer than Dempsey. Deuce can still cut in and Fabian can provide width.

    • Sure put Donovan on the team then maybe Dempsey or Howard will decide they’ve had a long season, a few injuries and need to step away for a little while. Klinsmann just can’t set that kind of precedent, even if Donovan would make the team better.

      • When they become the most important player in US history they can do whatever they want… plus mental health break is quite different from taking a vacation… dont be ignorant

      • you really think that’s Klinnsman’s reasoning…nothing to do with who he sees in the mirror each day?

        the thought of choosing to not making the team better for some reason is totally absurd btw

      • I would hazard to guess that you have no idea or education about depression/mental fatigue? Donovan is the USMNT. He makes that team click offensively.

        This is about calling in the best available players and making sure you garner as many points as possible during qualifying. Donovan is still the best player period.

  1. Tell me again why Lando CalDonovan should not be on the USMNT qualifying roster?

    Absolutely ridiculous if he is in fact left off. He has 2 goals and 3 assists in a month.

    Klinsmann is making a fatal error if Donovan is in fact left off.

  2. Put some talent around Landon and he still can shine. C’mon Klinsy, do the right thing. Give Jozy and Herc some support.

      • If you only watched the first half, yes leave him off.
        The second half hes actually running and involved in the game.
        That second assist though just… too easy.

      • he’s been close to breaking through, could see this coming

        I give the Galaxy and Bruce Arena tons of credit for looking to make it work

      • so you’re working your way back, searching for confidence as a long time top performer, and you learn through a media leak you won’t be called in (we still don’t know)…probably not a confiedence boost, LD played as bad a half as I’ve seen him play.

        don’t know what happened in the locker room at half time but I think it bodes well for the Galaxy locker room’s unity, their support, and he fired out and showed his quality

  3. I’m watching this match mostly…. cause of those whole USMNT controversy thing. But Stoke are sooo gunna sign that guy who got the “assist” on the throw in now.


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