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Bedoya signs three-year deal with FC Nantes

Alejandro Bedoya


Alejandro Bedoya will be playing in France next year after signing a three-year contract with newly promoted Ligue 1 side FC Nantes today, according to the club’s official website.

Bedoya’s move to Nantes, which was confirmed yesterday by SBI, comes after his contract with Swedish club Helsingborg ran out, and after a strong CONCACAF Gold Cup campaign with the U.S. Men’s National Team.

The 26-year old will join a Nantes side that finished third in Ligue 2 last year and was promoted to Ligue 1 for the first time since the 2008-09 season. The club has won the French first division eight times, most recently the 2000-01 season.

Bedoya becomes the latest American to try his hand at France’s top-division. Charlie Davies and Carlos Bocangra were the last Americans to play in Ligue 1.

SBI reported on Wednesday that Bedoya had considered offers from Swiss club Grasshopper, which finished second in the Swiss Pro Division last year, and Dutch side Heerenveen.

What do you think of this development? See Ligue 1 being a good fit for Bedoya? Hoping to see more Americans make their way to the French League?

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  1. Probably the most underrated league in the world. Seems like a good move to a team where he should get regular playing time.

  2. +1 … we overlook so much, but “Bocangra” “the Nate side” and “ultimate set to sign” become distracting. Especially when it’s a really short article to begin with. There’s another one in there, too, but I don’t want to be too nit-picky.

  3. good move. this move makes more sense than Holland given his age. gives him a solid shot at playing well against some really great teams. it sounds like he should have no problems breaking into the starting XI. i wonder if this will rule him out of the Bosnia game…

    stay healthy!

  4. No doubt the French league is a better league… better money, competition and weather. But if Bedoya wants to solidify a spot on the World Cup team, I’d argue the Dutch league would have been a better choice.

    From Sweden to France is a big step up and there’s no guarantee he will play. In Holland he’d have a better chance to get on the field and, as an attacking player, boost his confidence against some of the worst defenders you will watch today in top flight European football. Look what it’s done for Jozy.

    • before we get dramatic, he didn’t sign for a top team. He signed for the last team to get promoted. He should get playing time as well potentially start. Since they signed him with getting promoted it typically is never to have him sit on the bench as the new signings are always meant to keep them in the top division. It would be a different story if he got signed after they were relegated.

    • Why do so many people think the Eredivisie is a fix all for any player? I get that its traditionally been a good stepping stone for many players, but as soon as any player in MLS or a smaller Euro league is thinking of a move everyone is desperate for them to play in Holland. Finding a good club situation is done at an individual level between individual players, clubs and managers. He could easily go to the Eridivisie and rot on the bench if he doesn’t impress the manager. Is that better than a club/manager that loves him in Belgium, Ukraine or Greece? Absolutely not. Bottom line is we need to stop pretending we know even a fraction of the internal information that these players and their agents have. Nantes seems like a good move for him from the outside and its clearly the offer he thought was best for him too.

      • Good post. I also don’t understand the hard on that everyone has for the Dutch league.

        It’s like: young player with potential + European move = Eredivisie

        If it’s not Eredivisie, it’s cr*p!

      • This is probably the better move, but I would’ve loved to play for van Basten. Also, France is probably the more appropriate place for that wispy thin mustache. Awful facial hair.

      • It’s a great leagur for young players because they do an excellent job of teaching guys how to play technically, whereas some leagues just have you sit. Some guys, especially young Americans, don’t even know how to train properly and a guy like Verbeek will teach you that. That being said, AB is not 22, he’s what, 26? I think Ligue 1 is the right place for him to challenge himself.

      • I understand your points, however there is an established history with how the Dutch League develops players in general. More relevant to US fans, there is a history of the Dutch League helping some of our most highly regarded players reach their potential. John O’brien before his injury, Beaz, Cory Gibbs before his injury, Bradley, and Jozy are just some off the top of my mind…

    • I’m not saying Nantes is a crappy team because my knowledge of this league and the club is fairly minimal.

      However, the logic that playing against elite teams with a below average club is a “good thing”? How’d that Hull City year work out for Jozy?

      Sure, an increase in competition can be seen as a good thing but I imagine having better teammates to face said competition actually helps in the long run.

      • I agree with both of you, if that’s possible. I like the move overall, and my main hopes are that Bedoya plays regularly and that Nantes stays in the top flight…

      • Umm… read the article. The club has won Ligue 1 eight times. And even a “below average team” in Ligue 1 is better than playing in the Swedish Leagues. And the Jozy statement is unfair bs. He was a young player that didnt know what he was doing but he now he is a little more seasoned and understands the game. He will be solid in the EPL this year.

  5. I like it, it should be a big step up in terms of talent from the Swedish league, but he shouldn’t have too much trouble getting playing time.


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