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Who should Klinsmann call up for the USMNT friendly vs. Bosnia?

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A week from now the U.S. Men’s National Team will be taking on Bosnia & Herzegovina in Europe, and with their opponent already having called in what amounts to a full-strength squad, Jurgen Klinsmann could see the friendly as a great chance to see just what his own full first-team can look like.

It isn’t unheard of to have MLS players skip friendlies in Europe, but Klinsmann has been known to make his MLS-based players travel, and throw in Clint Dempsey’s recent return to MLS, and it becomes difficult to get close to a full first-team squad without bringing in several MLS players.

Does that mean Klinsmann will call in everybody? Probably not. We can definitely understand it if Klinsmann doesn’t call in multiple players from the same team, like say Matt Besler and Graham Zusi, or Landon Donovan and Omar Gonzalez. For that reason I think we will see some top players left home.

So what might the USMNT roster look like that faces Bosnia & Herzegovina? We will offer up a version that includes a strong contingent of MLS and Liga MX players, as well as a version without players from the two leagues. Here are the rosters we could see Klinsmann calling in:


GOALKEEPERS– Tim Howard, Brad Guzan, Cody Cropper

DEFENDERS– Timmy Chandler, Michael Parkhurst, Fabian Johnson, DaMarcus Beasley, Matt Besler, Clarence Goodson, Geoff Cameron, John Anthony Brooks

MIDFIELDERS– Michael Bradley, Jermaine Jones, Landon Donovan, Mix Diskerud, Sacha Kljestan, Danny Williams, Alejandro Bedoya, Joe Corona

FORWARDS– Clint Dempsey, Jozy Altidore, Terrence Boyd, Aron Johannsson

Some thoughts:

If Klinsmann takes into account not wanting to pull multiple players from the same MLS teams, we can see either a Zusi/Gonzalez combo called in, or  a Besler/Donovan combo (as listed above).

Why Clint Dempsey when he just completed his move to Seattle? He remains a key to the U.S. attack, and if Klinsmann wants a real look at his best team, he needs Dempsey in the squad. Also, bringing Dempsey would likely mean leaving Eddie Johnson home.

(UPDATE- Sports Illustrated is reporting that Dempsey will not be called into the squad. while Eddie Johnson will be called in.)

Why Cody Cropper? You’re not bringing over MLS goalkeepers to just serve as a No. 3 for a mid-week game, and Cropper impressed at the Under-20 World Cup. Klinsmann has shown an affinity for taking looks at goalkeepers.

Why bring in Besler and Goodson when you have Cameron coming in? Well, Sporting KC and San Jose play each other, so having the Gold Cup-winning centerback tandem both make the trip to Bosnia would be fair from a competitive balance standpoint. It also doesn’t hurt that the Besler-Goodson combo is looking like the best tandem right now.

One decision we could see Klinsmann making (and more to the point, one he probably should be making) is calling in Eric Lichaj in place of Michael Parkhurst. If Parkhurst isn’t getting minutes, and Lichaj is starting and playing well for Nottingham Forest, it will be tough for Klinsmann not to call in Lichaj (but again, it wouldn’t shock us if he didn’t since he has never actually called in Lichaj before).

John Anthony Brooks and Aron Johannsson are both expected to be called in, but it doesn’t mean either will play.

Here is what the full squad starting lineup could look like:



F. Johnson———————————Donovan




And yes, this could very well be the starting lineup we see against Costa Rica in September’s World Cup qualifier.

With Dempsey reportedly not being called in, and Fabian Johnson reportedly injured, here’s a good possibility of what we will see on Wednesday:

————Altidore———-E. Johnson————





If Klinsmann calls in Graham Zusi, we could see him opposite Donovan.


And if Klinsmann decides to leave his MLS and Mexican League players home? Here is the squad:



GOALKEEPERS– Tim Howard, Brad Guzan, Cody Cropper

DEFENDERS– Timmy Chandler, Michael Parkhurst, Fabian Johnson, Eric Lichaj, Geoff Cameron, John Anthony Brooks, Tim Ream

MIDFIELDERS– Michael Bradley, Jermaine Jones, Mix Diskerud, Sacha Kljestan, Danny Williams, Alejandro Bedoya, Alfredo Morales

FORWARDS–  Jozy Altidore, Terrence Boyd, Aron Johannsson, Bobby Wood

Some thoughts: With players like Stuart Holden, Maurice Edu, Brek Shea and Oguchi Onyewu injured, and with Dempsey in MLS, the selecting of a team without MLS and Liga MX players gets much tougher, but this squad wouldn’t necessarily be overwhelmed.

Bobby Wood and Alfredo Morales are both young players, and both players Klinsmann is clearly high on.

A Cameron-Brooks centerback tandem could be fun to watch, but with Ream getting some minutes for Bolton recently you wonder if Klinsmann would consider giving him minutes.




F. Johnson—Brooks—–Cameron—-Chandler


Based on the Sports Illustrated report, we will see MLS players on the squad, so this lineup seems unlikely to be the one we’ll see.


What do you think of the projected lineup? Who would you like to see partnered with Altidore against Bosnia? Which lineup are you hoping

Share your thoughts below.


  1. i would still love to see COB get a call up. he is less than 900 miles away near Copenhagen, played 90 today for Nordsjaeland against Copenhagen, 45 at cm and 45 at rb i believe. He is close by and in game shape.

  2. I hope he sticks with his Euros for this one.

    Hoping to see Brooks/Goodson partner in the middle, Fabian and Timmy on the flanks.

    Bradley and Jones running the pulley in the middle, Bedoya, Mix, and Fred Morales in the trident behind Jozy. This is assuming that AJ doesn’t get the OK to play, in which case I would play him instead of Fred.

    If the game goes our way, we can pull out the regulars. If not, we can sub in Boyd and/or Wood and push the attack. Cameron is the utility man in case anyone gets hurt or booked.

    • If Bradley, Jones Diskerud and Morales play that’s four cmids.I don’t think that will happen.We might see some surprise picks for the wide spots.Maybe Gyau and Wooten.

  3. Not unprecedented for JK to release the roster as late as possible.Why he does it, I don’t know.He must think its of some adavantege.

    • It’s PR. The players already generally know.

      The irony being he still calls up hurt players about every time.

  4. He should bring in a bunch of Left/Right backs…as it seems to me that’s the only position truly up for grabs….But, I guess there is also the battle for one outside midfield position. I know everyone is excited about Brooks, but I really can’t see him starting over the more experienced guys with 1 year to go.
    I hope that both Cameron and Jones are in camp together….which I think will result in Cameron winning the job.
    I’m betting that Dempsey and EJ playing together every week will ultimately result in EJ being the starting forward. Although I think it’s safe to expect Boyd or Herc, and Altidore on the plane.
    So by my calculation we have. EJ, 2, donovan, bradley, Cameron or Jones, goodson/gonzalez/besler, howard as definite starters. Outside backs and 1 outside mid undecided.

    • You think EJ will pass up Jozy on the depth chart? I’m a big EJ fan, but I don’t see that happening. And judging by his stellar start to the season, I think Aron Johanson will be a tough man to leave off the plane.

      • Two things I’m sure of, unless hell freezes over JJ and Altidore will start next summer.Along with Dempsey, Bradley FJ and Howard.Those are our locks for next summer.Barring some unforeseen event happening of course.

  5. Yedlin needs to be tested plain and simple as does Gil seriously this thing about ahh their too young needs to stop we need to test options and see who has what it takes instead of calling older players who are just wasting space

    • I’m actually elated that we’ve gotten a point as a soccer nation that we don’t need to trot out our teenage sensations as national team saviors. We’ve seen time and time again that putting huge expectations on a still developing teenagers can negatively impact their development.

      Gil, JackMac, Fagundez (eventually), and Yedlin are all gifted players that will likely one day impact the national team, but they are not making the USMNT roster because they are not good enough yet. This is a good thing. Let’s allow them to grow.

  6. Don’t like Altidore and Johnson starting together. Altidore the better talent but their playing styles are too similar. I’d like to see Donovan as that 2nd striker.

    • Let’s hope charlie davies regains form in NE because man that chemistry they had in SA was great. i know it’s a real long shot but hey surprises happen everyday in sports

      • Nandez you seem to live in some sort of alternate MNT fantasy world, where guys like Davies, Gil, and Yedlin have a chance of going to the world cup…

    • While I’d also like to see Altidore and Donovan as well. I don’t think Altidore and Johnson’s game are all that similar. Altidore is best with his back to goal, bringing guys in or finding space in the box and finishing. Altidore is a much more complete technical player and a threat from outside the box. Johnson is best making a timed runs or winning some headers. Those 2 strengths of Johnson do happen to still be Altidore’s weakness making them very different kind of strikers to me.

      • I disagree. Altidore has gotten much better with his back to goal, but his bread and butter is and always has been going at goal

  7. Because we don’t have a dearth of natural LB talent I would put Greg Garza as a darkhorse.Not for this game particularly but for the World Cup.I can def see him breaking into the A squad soon.El turko gave him a chance to start at Tijuana with Castillo at the gold cup and he has done well enough to push el homie up to LM.#futureUSMNTLB

    • Castillo looks so dangerous at LM. Castillo only looks good as a lb in liga mx because he’s really fast and the fact that you can get away with alot in mexico. I’ve always thought of him a st because that is his natural position back since he was at santos.Garza is a bright spot i hope he has a good year so he can move to the bundesliga.

      • Not too many people have been noticing how good he’s doing at Xolos since the start of the clausura.FJ prefers playing wing and Chandler is a clown.That leaves who as young fullback options.Garza and Yedlin are the future at LB and RB respectively.

      • Edgar played well last night up the field imo, really pushing the game on that left flank. Xolos are fun team to watch

      • Not terribly young, but Lichaj went 90 for Nottingham Forest, so I don’t think he is out of the conversation yet.

  8. And, actually, Klinsmann might not even call up Chandler, whose club form has been bad and does not really merit a call-up. Another possibility is that Klinsmann is having difficulty ignoring Chandler’s lack of commitment to the team the past 20 months and the potentially negative effect that could have on team chemistry. Let’s not forget, it is firmly documented that Klinsmann wanted Chandler for the Gold Cup and Timothy did not accept. Can you imagine how Klinsmann would have felt if Landon Donovan had declined? The Gold Cup was the golden opportunity for Timothy to finally show his commitment to the team and show his fellow teammates he cared and my hunch is Klisnmann was not happy with the rejection.

    Maybe Klinsmann is finally fed up with Timothy and will no longer consider him for the WC 2014. That would certainly give Timothy food for thought. Next summer Chandler could watch the USMNT playing in Brazil on TV from the comfort of his own home or his beach-front hotel in Greece, where he spent the end of May and June this summer while others were helping the USMNT qualify. And then in autumn 2014 Timothy can decide if he wants to actually work harder for the team to put himself back in contention for WC 2018.

  9. As I said in a previous thread, I don’t think we see Timothy Chandler in this camp, but rather Eric Lichaj and Brad Evans. Highly possible that if Klinsmann calls in Timothy that he will decline due to fatigue or an injury that magically disappears a day later. Will anyone really be surprised if Timothy turns down a call-up?

  10. It amazes me that anyone would still consider pairing Bradley and Jones together in a formation anywhere close to this. It has consistently failed. Stop it.

  11. I don’t see it Ives, I think there is enough talent in Europe to justify not calling in MLS/Liga MX guys who are only going to get 24-48 hours together (after playing weekend games), have to play a world top-20 team, then fly back to the Western Hemisphere for more games within 3 days…I should rephrase, I can see it, but I hope it doesn’t happen.

    We have a chance to give the European guys, especially the ones who played decently in the Gold Cup like Bedoya and Diskerud and extended shot against real talent before potentially giving them a run out against the Hex. As much as we don’t want to admit it, this is just a friendly and wearing out your Western players who are in the middle of a playoff push (or in the case of Liga MX just starting their seasons) seems like a mistake. Remember players like Dempsey and Zusi were left out of the Russia game last November, same thing here IMHO

    Klinsmann should call his first and second team Euro guys, then treat it like January Camp 2.0 (but in August)

    Love that you are going the Cody Cropper route, he’s a good kid and who knows could get a shot at starting in 5+ years, especially if he stays in a European system). I’d like to hear your take on Steve Clark who had been solid in the past up in Scandinavia ( for the record, I’d take Cropper too)


  12. How I wished AJ could play in this game, I just don’t see his paperwork be done in time, he is our future SS.

    If JAB is going to show up, he is going to play, imagine him passing up the U21 so he can ride the bench the whole game? not a chance.

  13. I like to see Kevin Bacon start-up with Boyd start in attack, while Mix and Bradley as midfield Admirals. Bedoya, Johnson or someone else could start on the flanks.

    Dempsey and Goodson need to adapt with their new teams, rest them.

  14. This is a throw away match with very few players you’ve ever heard of with a handful of A-teamers. No MLS/ Mex league players make this midweek match.

  15. Also, what does everyone think of the possibility of any of these European players getting a call?

    Johnathon Spector, Joe Gyau, Steve Clark, Julian Green, and Mario Rodriguez.

    • Spector out with facial fractures. Green is maybe too young/inexperienced. Otherwise I wouldn’t have any issues with them.

    • I like wing speed with Gyau but with how he got used at the U23 tourney and has struggled for footing in Germany he’s a wild card in terms of what to think.

  16. I strangely really like the roster without any MLS or Liga MX players, I would make one change to the lineup though.

    F. Johnson—–Diskerud——–Bedoya

    • Oh wow, this looks really good. Only problem I can see is with Mix playing with Jones and Bradley but he can be withdraw for a forward at half.

  17. LICHAJ please! He has desrived a call up for so long and now is the time in a meanless friendly or you can fly an MLS/MX player around the world to sit on the bench…

    So can AJo and JABrooks play in this game or are they more likely to attend camp ala JJones in 2010

      • Thanks. In that case il go with

        Gk howard, guzan, clark/cropper
        Lb fjohnson, lichaj
        Lcb brooks, besler
        Rcb cameron, gonzalez/goodson
        Rb parkhurst, chandler
        Cm bradley, jj, mix, sasha, williams
        Wingers bedoya, chandler, gyau
        St jozy, ajo, boyd, wood


    • I think it would be a wiser call than playing pretend with Danny Williams some more. There’s a spectrum to me and at some point being lousy A team like Kljestan or Williams is no better — if not worse — than the better B guys.

  18. I vote to keep the MLS/MX players at home for this one. Plenty of new guys in Europe that need to be tested & evaluated.

      • +1 He isnt ready for WCQ or WC or anythingg but getting his feet wet would be a good idea. Who knows he may be up to the challenge just like every other challenge he has had.

      • everyone needs to slow down a bit on Yedlin. He has all the talent but lets not rush him…He has so much to learn (tactically/positioning/etc) and working with Sigi on a daily basis is better than throwing him into the deep water at this point. Lets see if he can keep improving over the next year and look to him as the possible RB for the next cycle. No point in rushing him now when there is little chance of him making the WC Roster. These camps and friendlies should, at this point, be reserved for people who are really in the final pool to make the WC Roster.

      • Wooten played more games then Wood and Morales did last year in the 2. Bundesliga. He now is starting for one of the best if not the best team in the 2. Bundesliga in Kaiserlautern and a year and a half ago was starting games in the Bundesliga.

      • I like Wooten but he is no longer starting, the team brought other forwards and RW at the last minute, he is 3rd in the striker and winger depth chart.

  19. I have no faith in Chandler. Even if he plays in this friendly, will he actually make the trip to play against Costa Rica? Any reports on how he meshes (or not) with the other players?

    • I’m with you. But maybe Klinsmann gives him the chance to earn faith here again? He does that with the players he prefers, he’ll show belief and show confidence in them in the face of all kinds of factors, maybe for different reasons player to player, but it’s what coaches do right? Ultimately you have to perform and repay the belief or not when the opportunity arises of course and Klinsmann’s been pulling the strings pretty well lately. For me, I’d rather see Evans get the call of the MLSers to see what he can do in this situation after showing well in the qualis, and can he step up again, let’s see?

  20. I’d be surprised if Klinsi takes Bedoya since he just completed a move to Nantes and needs time with his new team having no pre-season training with them up to this point…

    Alternatively, perhaps Sebastian Lletget gets the nod?… Plenty of positive reports coming out of West ham preseason camp about him….

    • I’m hoping Wooten gets a look at RW/RM. To me, he is very impressive for being a natural striker, his defense is superb.

      • I don’t think Wooten is going to get his chance, he is playing on Monday and right now he is not even starting. tough break for the kid.

  21. They should just call Donovan, Dempsey, and Beasley..Let’s just go with the European players this time around. Hopefully Cameron gets a run at CB

    Looking at the situations and with JAB and Johannson, I think this is our 23 for Brazil barring injuries:

    Goalkeepers: Howard, Guzman, Rimando
    Defense: Cherundolo, Chandler, Besler, Gonzalez, JAB, Cameron, Beasley
    Midfielders: Bradley, Jones, Diskeruud, F. Johnson(LB as well), Shea, Bedoya, Zusi, Donovan(FW as well)
    Forwards: Altidore, Dempsey, E. Johnson, Johannson
    I just don’t know who is #23. Does he bring Beckerman, one of his favorites? Or Goodson, another CB? Cameron can also play CB, CM, or RB. Or does he bring Herc or another DM who has touch like Torres? Does Boyd step up? Does Holden recover in time? What do you think?

    • Think your close to the 23….but would make the following additions/subtractions
      You can rule out Holden in the 23. Until JAB is committed to the US (accepts this call up over Germany U-21) I’d rule him out of the 23 as well.
      In their place I’d add Lichaj as the darkhorse in Defense (will depend on Dolo’s recovery), Goodson (Until JAB Commits), and Mixx in the Midfield as an option for Holden.
      The 23rd selection will depend on a number of things…the biggest is the form/health of the 22 & The opponents we draw in the Group Round. The 23rd player is usually a wild card….but a lot can happen between now and June so too early to predict who those last 3 slots will be filled by.

      • Yea your right about Brooks, he’s not committed yet but I have this itch he will the USA so he could maybe play the World Cup in 2014. I like Lichaj but Klinnsman doesn’t really rate him, let’s see if he calls him for Bosnia. Goodson is ok but he’s a step behind against real competition. #23 should be somebody who’s versatile.

      • Agree that versatility is key for the last couple spots on a WC Squad, and JK has done a great job of trying players in multiple positions. That’s why I think players like Cameron (CB/CM/RB), Lichaj (RB/LB/RM), Beasley (LM/LB), F. Johnson (LB/LM/RM/RB),

      • How committed does he have to be? “I don’t want to mess around with the kids’ tourneys call me in for the senior team.” And so we do. That’s the USMNT fast track. Why does every German have to be suspect…..count your blessings.

        Goodson stinks and Gonzo is raw. I don’t mind them trying out CB options.

    • I doubt that JK and Sigi Schmid’s conversation today was about taking 3 guys away from the Sounders when they are in a crucial stretch to make the playoffs. Maybe they call Johnson but I think Dempsey will stay especially when he isnt even fully fit as of yet because of the transfer and has been sick for a few days.

      JK may do it but I just dont see it.Then again I DONT want to see it. In meaningful games against Costa Rica and Mexico I fully expect it.

      • I could also see Dempsey out as a JK grumble about his choice of club side. Personally I see it as a net plus because Dempsey didn’t seem as dominant after the Spurs move.

    • I didn’t forget Wood. He’s on one of the projected guys on here, though if Klinsmann brings a full-strength squad there may not be room for him. Also, I didn’t report that Klinsmann SAID he was bringing a U-20 in, I wrote that I’ve been told that a U-20 will be called into the team, and it should be noted Bobby Wood wasn’t on the U.S. Under-20 World Cup team.

    • I lack faith in Evans/ Cameron/ Parkhurst so I’d call him in.

      I have the same basic response to Goodson (Bambi on rollerskates) and Gonzo (mental errors).

      The only backs who should be penciled in are Beasley and Besler. We gave up a few goals at Gold Cup and against the Belgians and Germans.

  22. I could see JK only bringing two “must-have” MLSers into the squad with Dempsey and Donovan, then possibly Beasley. I hope he does not bring anyone all the way across the pond and away from their clubs who does not start in the match.

  23. The team I’d run out for the next qualifying match. You could always switch Donovan and Dempsey if width is an issue there.

    F. Johnson—Besler—–Gonzalez—-Chandler

      • Love that lineup with the exception of Chandler as well.. Cameron not as good of a player as Jones but a way better fit with Bradley. And I would take anyone at right back over Chandler. Anyone ever talk about Bedoya at right back? Naturally speedy, and aggressive.

      • Bedoya was a Withdrawn Striker/CAM/Winger with his club last year. Don’t know where his new club plans to play him, but Just don’t see him as being played as a Wing Defender.
        Especially considering the number of other options….
        Chandler, Lichaj, Evans, Parkhurst….hell I’d even take Beltran & D. Williams over Bedoya as a wing back.

      • I think it’s time to consider a youthful right back, no disrespect to Evans or Cherundolo but DeAndre Yedlin showed off at the U-20s and made the MLS All Star team.

      • When have people actually seen Chandler play recently?

        But the rumor is FJ and Williams (!?) in Chandler out.

    • I don’t know if you intended this connection, but I was thinking a good way to pick the side for the Bosnia friendly would be to think about who you’d want starting against Costa Rica is September, try to bring in as many of those guys as possible, but find replacements for guys with slight knocks or really untenable travel/club situations.

  24. I just don’t see JK bringing in MLS or MX players. I think that second lineup is much more likely than the first.

    That being said, what I may be looking forward to most is seeing Aron Johannsson in the team. I think this will be the beginning of a terrific USMNT career for him.

    • While I would be with you in principle, people said the exact same thing about the squad called in to play Italy last year, and France/Belgium in 2011.

      That said, a lot of the MLS players just missed a ton of time with WCQ & Gold Cup duties, so maybe they will get a break this time.

  25. Would like to see as much of a Europe-based squad as possible for this one…not only because of geography, but also because we have some really exciting players in Europe whom JK might not have the opportunity to get a long look at during Camp Cupcake (Aron Johansson, JAB, etc). That being said, I expect to see a few MLS/MX-based players on this squad, but hopefully not very many.

    • I agree and think Klinsmann will agree also. One thing that struck me when I looked at thBosnia roster were the number of players–8–that don’t play in top leagues. They could be beatable. Also, I would like to see Johannson start with Altidore to see how the new guy looks and how well the two of them can play together.

      • Johannson isn’t going to play. He’ll be in camp but until FIFA rules on his 1 time switch, he cannot actually play in a match for either country.

      • Yeah the reality is that Johannson is in a race with time and unless he sets Holland afire will probably get one or two looks which will have to go very well to get him in the final team. And I agree unless he gets a quick FIFA approval he misses this chance, at which point we go back to games that count and it’s harder to integrate him.

        I think if he doesn’t get his paperwork for this one we won’t see him until we clinch.

    • Me too! FJ is probably gonna be LB for the World Cup, and he’s a better defender than Beasley. If FJ wants to join the attack, he can always overlap and come forward. Plus Beasley is now experienced enough to cover FJ if he chooses to attack.

    • This wouldn’t work in our system. Beasley is as one dimensional as it comes on the left side when attacking. He has to be wide. He cannot cut in effectively with the ball on his right foot and let a left back overlap.

      Fabian Johnson can do this. That is why he needs to be there. So much of our offense now without Cherundolo is predicated on our LB playing the sideline with our LM cutting inside and playing tucked in so the LB can overlap. That is just not what DMB does.

      To continue with this system that has worked very well, in which JK has finally found the right tactics for our team, it would either need to be (1) DMB at LB, FJ at LM, and Donovan/Zusi at RM (as it has been in this current form), or (2) FJ at LB, Donovan at LM, and Zusi at RM.

      Bottom line is that in our system, DMB is either a LB or he is a substitute. He cannot cut inside on his right foot to allow our LB to effectively get into the attack from the midfield position. He is purely a wide player, and that’s not what our LM does anymore.

      • I guess I’m old fashioned. I think a defender’s first priority should be to defend and stop the other team from scoring. Beasley is still not that good a defender and I think F. Johnson is better in that role.

      • I think we should try Dempsey out on the LW at some point. He is really effective cutting in and would be good at combining with FJ. A replay of the Spurs-Lazio Europa League game last year was on Fox Soccer yesterday and he great on the LW. Also this lets Donovan play as the second striker which I think is his best spot.

      • It’s like I’m seeing colors for the first time. I’ve been screaming this for months. The difference is this is why I feel Fabian needs to be partnered with someone else who can go wide AND cut inside. Beasley has always seemed a stop-gap to me because of the one-dimensional play you mentioned.

  26. Love the first lineup and think we could actually compete with Bosnia. I want to see us go toe-to-toe against them. The time for bunkering is over and we’ll never see how well we compete against a team if we bunker.

    The second lineup, without MLS/MX players looks painful. Kljestan on the wing? Give me Wood instead (that’s what she said…). Or Aron, who has played wing before and is a leftie so Bedoya can shift over.

    It’ll be tough for Beasley and Corona because they’ve been gone from their club teams for so long. I can’t see their coaches being happy about that.

    Brooks is the one player I want to see above all. Not because my expectations for him right now are high, but because he’ll be such a huge “get” for the future. He’s Gooch with technique and a better understanding of the game. Match him with Besler, and we have a tandem that compared to DeMerit and Gooch circa 2009.

    Really pumped for this game. Hope to see Mix out there as well. He earned a start if Dempsey isn’t brought in.

    • “Give me Wood instead (that’s what she said…).”

      LOL, I am looking forward to this game as well and hope that it is open and attacking rather than boring bunkering.

    • Agree, that line-up minus MLS/MX leaves poor Josy up top on an island. None of that line-up do I see as a scoring threat/support save for Altidore who’d easily get swallowed up on double/triple teams throughout….

  27. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Hamid as the third keeper, since he is on the east coast, and isn’t exactly starting at the moment for DCU.

    That said, it would be nice for Cropper to be called in.

    • Cropper? Hasn’t it been established that his name is spelled incorrectly and the correct spelling perfectly reflects his skillset.

      Jk, but seriously you must be joking.

      • Why would you want to fly a player cross the Atlantic when you know he’s going to be riding the pine. Hamid is not an option, but Cody Cropper, who has been with Southhampton and the U-20 GK, is. Cropper has been quite good at Southhampton in the reserves and will probably get some call-ups for the FA and some other cup ties.

        I think the US will miss Donovan and Dempsey. These are key players going forward and will need more time to integrate with th other up and coming players on the team.

        JK has an unenviable task of merging players from many leagues on two continents, over an entire ocean. He seems to be doing a good job in doing that, that said BH is NOT Honduras or Canada or any other of the Central American teams the US has been taking apart lately. BH has beaten some good teams and will beat the US if JK and the players do not bring their “A” game much less their “A” team!

      • I don’t think Johnson or Hamid were that great for the U23s and JK gives them an outsize role.

    • “Isn’t exactly starting at the moment” is true. He won’t start tonight in the USOC. However, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him start on Saturday.

      Willis’ good play, especially in the USOC, has Olsen committed to play him tonight (and as prep for tonight, last weekend even after Hamid returned). Hamid’s time at the Gold Cup has also hurt his position at DCU. I really doubt that JK will now pull Hamid for more travel away from his club team, just so he can sit on the bench.

      I’m guessing a roster including just 2 keepers will be fine for a mid-week friendly.


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