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USMNT 0, Scotland 0: Match Reaction

Sacha Kljestan of USA and Scott Brown of Scotland



  1. Hopefully JK has a couple of warmup games scheduled before the WC groups games like the US did when playing Australia in South Africa in 2010.

    This team always comes back from long layoffs with a lousy disjointed first game.

  2. I’ve been on the bring-Lichaj-in bandwagon for a long time. However, until he does something about his hair, I’m out. The same goes for Sasha and his facial hair.

  3. Nice to see Bedoya calling it like it was… I feel so often after a meh result, players will say something like “yeah… we were pretty good,” when the reality was the team was subpar. It’s nice to see from him because he was one of the few players hustling in the 1st half, often left without an outlet after making a run up the side and forced to make a back pass.

    • I don’t mind false positivity from players. After all if you ever watch great athletes talk to media (Kobe, Tiger, Jordan) they A) always deflect the blame, as if it can never be THEIR fault when something bad happens and B) always stay positive about their game and their future. Jurgen is the same way.


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