Beckham's publicist shoots down "Miami Vice" report

Beckham's publicist shoots down "Miami Vice" report


Beckham's publicist shoots down "Miami Vice" report


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When a Palm Beach Post report claiming David Beckham was considering “Miami Vice” as a team name for his MLS expansion franchise made the rounds on Tuesday, the reaction was mixed among soccer fans.

According to Beckham’s publicist, the story isn’t true.

Simon Oliveira, Beckham’s publicist, took to Twitter on Wednesday evening to shoot down the “Miami Vice” report, calling it “trash, nonsense, fantasy.”

// reporter who wrote the story in question, Matt Porter, responded to Oliveira’s denial by defending his story.


This led to a pretty authoritative smack down from Oliveira, calling the entire story fiction:


So who should we believe? Stay tuned.

What do you think of these developments? Still hoping “Miami Vice” is an actual option? Glad to hear that there’s a possibility it was never a realistic option? What would you call the new Miami team?

Share your thoughts below.

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