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MLS Ticker: NYCFC wants fan-designed badge; RSL reveal new home uniform; and more

NYCFCBadgeDesign (NYCFC)


New York City FC are sticking with their pledge to be a club of the people.

The 2015 Major League Soccer expansion team announced on Tuesday a contest for fans to design their own club badge, which will eventually be placed together with all the other submissions to form the team’s official logo. Through a tool on NYC FC’s website, fans of the club can create and submit a design for the badge.

“New York City FC will be a Club for its fans, which is why they should have a hand in creating its identity,” New York City FC CEO Ferran Soriano said in a statement. “We want the badge to be an authentic representation of New York City’s spirit and personality.  This design tool will enable fans throughout the City and the world, to send in their concepts and to be part of the creation of New York City FC.”

Empire of Soccer reports that NYC FC will announce the final design of what the team calls, the “badge of badges,” at a ceremony on March 10.

Here are some more stories from around MLS:


Real Salt Lake players dressed head to toe in the club’s new uniform on Tuesday as they met with the media for the first time in 2014.

With the team back in Salt Lake City and the return of U.S. Men’s National Team players Nick Rimando, Kyle Beckerman, and Luis Gil, the club showed off their new home uniform for the 2014 MLS season. This year will be the first with LifeVantage emblazoned across the front of the jersey as the team’s new kit sponsor.

The uniform features a red body with blue sleeves. Across the chest is a chalk-dust looking stripe in yellow, along with the adidas three yellow lines from the neck and down past the shoulders. The RSL crest still remains on the upper left side of the jersey.


D.C. United’s youngsters will continue to have the opportunity to earn valuable playing time in USL Pro.

The MLS club extended their affiliation deal with the USL Pro’s Richmond Kickers for the upcoming season. D.C. United will send a minimum of four players on long-term loans as part of the deal.

“Last year’s partnership with Richmond was mutually beneficial and we are very pleased to be working together again in 2014,” Dave Kasper, D.C. United’s general manager, said in a statement. “Our younger players who went on loan last season gained valuable experience that can only be realized by playing in professional games. We have had a long-standing relationship with the Kickers and we look forward to making this another win-win year.”

Last season, D.C. United sent six players over the course of the season to Richmond, including eventual USL Pro goalkeeper of the year Andrew Dykstra, Collin Martin, Michael Seaton, Taylor Kemp, Conor Shanosky and Casey Townsend.


Players on the USL Pro expansion club LA Galaxy II will have the opportunity to test themselves against the LA Galaxy first team.

The Galaxy announced that they’ll be playing a White vs. Blue preseason game vs. LA Galaxy II on Feb. 22 at StubHub Center. The match is free and open to the general public. The Galaxy first team will wear their white uniforms while the USL Pro side will wear their blue uniforms.

Prior to the match, the Galaxy will host a fundraiser called “Legends Night” and will introduce new signings Rob Friend, Samuel, Stefan Ishizaki, and Baggio Husidic to supporters at the event.

The Galaxy open up their preseason campaign on Saturday at home against Armenian club FC Shirak.


What do you think of these reports? Like the idea from NYC FC? What do you think of RSL’s new shirt design? Who do you see D.C. United sending on loan to Richmond this year?

Share your thoughts below.


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  2. I feel like RSL is trolling us with their consistently bad/clashing kits. It’s gotten to the point that I actually respect them for sticking to their guns.

  3. OK, good effort NYCFC to try to involve fans and build enthusiasm.

    But just c’mon with the patronizing implementation. If you’re going to have a badge contest make it a real open call that energizes soccer enthusiasts to meaningfully engage talented graphic designers. (Might be a few of those in NYC) Select a set of winners and award lifetime season tickets or something … or have the balls to let the actual final badge be selected from or based on the contest.

    • But then they wouldn’t be the top-down non-grassroots out of touch corporate behemoth that they are. Go to Cosmos games, folks. A lot more fun.

    • No fans. If you read up on the “contest”, they will hire a pro to design two options for the fans to vote on. The fan designed submissions will be shrunk to pixel size, LOL, and used as pixels in the final logo. Hilarious. Folks you can’t make this stuff up.

  4. How i wish the Earthquakes had opened up their logo design to fans in this way. If so, we probably would have ended up with something that we can be proud of.

  5. RSL shirt screams “officially out of ideas.” And that certainly is a professional unveiling. Where are they? At Beckerman’s dealer’s house?

    • Ha. Lmao.

      The jersey looks pretty weak but the bigger concern is why RSL isn’t announcing big new player signings. C’mon this team can needs to improve. And I’m talking about the play and results.

      • ??? Needs to improve? They were in the Cup last year, not a bad effort. RSL’s not signing a big name this year for the same reason KC isnt making big moves. Neither team is TFC, and in need of help. (well not anymore, Good offseason moves Toronto.)

    • You are being sarcastic right? I feel like its RSL’s goal to have gaudy kits. They were like.. “Well how can we make this kit even less organized and clean? add a random yellow stripe you say? Perfect, yellow stripe it is, this will be hilarious when we beat teams and win the Shield in this kit”. I respect them for it actually, but I would never call their kits clean or polished.

  6. I gotta wonder if MLS teams have the worst team names and logos. Wtf with revolution, crew, fire, quakes, rapids, dynamo. 🙂 funny stuff

    • What a stupid comment. Maybe I’m not getting your sacrasim, or your lack of understanding traditions in team names is poor. Half the MLS names are stupid rip off’s. However, several, including some you have mentioned, have a significant purpose. You should study more, but I’ll give you a few for free- Revolution? Boston, the revolution, 1776,etc. Chicago Fire? Google the great fire of Chicago and read. Crew? the center of the country’s rust belt, Galaxy? stars, hollywood, etc. DC United? the captial of the “United” States, and Seattle Sounders? Googlemap the Seattle shore line.

      • Names with significant purpose mean nothing if eurosnobs aren’t happy. We must change all MLS team names to AC Sporting United FC, change the name MLS to USFA premier serie A Liga, change to the metric system, and then ban the term “soccer” altogether. Hell, if we do all that, maybe they’ll show up to a game…but probably leave at halftime realizing Messi isn’t on the field and go back to complaining

      • Chill, eurosnobs and MLS hyper-sensitive protectors are just as bad. MLS has some terrible names, Galaxy, Impact(?), Timbers. We have to learn to admit that and embrace it. He’ll look at the Austrialian league’s team names. Look at NBA team names (Knickerbockers, Magic, Heat, Nuggets, Jazz) or NHL (Wild, Blue Jackets, Mighty Ducks). Every leage has terrible names but over time they either evolve their own traditions or change. Just give the MLS time (20 years at least) and those names will start to sound better.

      • Actually, none of those names you mentioned sound bad, except for maybe the mighty ducks. As stated by Josh above, names with significant purpose. Look up what a Knickerbocker is before placing judgement. Giving teams 20 more years to sound better shouldn’t be required. Maybe you should have told KC and Dallas to wait 20 more with their names.
        Saying MLS “hyper sensitive protectors” are just as bad tells me you’ve never had your nose turned up at you for liking MLS… But then again if you like sports teams with cool names and cool logos and colors I guess you’ll never run into that issue

      • I actually live in KC and after 10+ years of trying to explain the local meaning of the Wizards name (Wizard of OZ and ‘somewhere over the Rainbow’), I decided that it probably wasn’t a good name if even locals were confused. Also, I have had eurosnobs turn their nose up to Sporting and the MLS. But they are typically right, our league is still very young, un-established, and without the signing of aging stars we probably wouldn’t still have a league. That is the past though, and I’m proud of the growth the league is making. In 20 years when MLS is a top 5 league, I am going to look back fondly on the Beckham signing and all the Burn vs. Wiz matchups that I had to suffer through.

      • What’s ironic is that you STILL haven’t explained what wizards have to do with Kansas. Oh! I see! Because Dorothy was trying to get back to Kansas? And your soccer team is the wizard that is going to make that happen! I’ve changed my mind. The new irony is how that makes sense now, and yet still makes absolutely no sense. Thanks for clearing that up.

    • ” I gotta wonder if MLS teams have the worst team names and logos. Wtf with revolution, crew, fire, quakes, rapids, dynamo. funny stuff”

      Don’t forget ChivasUSA and New York RedBulls (TM). Those are horrible.

  7. I imagine there should be arabic to reflect the owners, perhaps a dollar sign as that will be their main selling point with players, and…… how bout some soccerball to tie it all together. I’m sorry, how are owners like these better than an extremely philanthropic, sports-vested company like Red Bull? that said….. FORZA RBNJ

  8. The crest thing is weird…the actual badge won’t use any of the ideas submitted, but will be ‘colored’ with tiny pixels that are in fact teen-tiny shrunken images of the badges submitted?

    • Drumming up a fan base and a-lot-o enthusiasm. They have a whole year to wait and a lot of time to remind folks of what’s coming. It’s all good.

      • should be using this year building an academy, u-23 team or a usl pro team… get some foundation before just ‘launching an expansion franchise”

      • How do you know they’re not building those things. I imagine there a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on.

  9. So I wont post any links here but this badge designing contest has already gotten a number of interesting entries. One was just a oil drill in the middle of it


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