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Report: Puyol interested in move to MLS, has reached out to RBNY and NYCFC

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The search for a new home for Carles Puyol is on, and New York is a destination he would consider heading to.

According to a report from Spanish outlet Marca, Puyol has decided that he will not be staying at Barcelona beyond this season and is exploring the possibility of joining either the New York Red Bulls or New York City FC. The injury-plagued Spanish centerback has reportedly been in contact with the two MLS clubs, but that discussions have been preliminary and just as a method to gauge their interest in signing him.

Puyol, who turns 36 in April, has been dealing with repeated knee problems in recent years that have hindered his ability to get on the field for Barcelona. While a move away from the club where he has won multiple UEFA Champions Leagues is likely, joining an MLS club will be tough given his age and salary. He currently makes $13.7 million a season, and would have to count as a Designated Player if he were to stay on that kind of money in MLS.

Puyol, however, needs to first negotiate a settlement with Barcelona. The Spanish national team player is currently under contract with the club until June 2016.

What are the odds of Puyol coming to MLS? Not great unless he’s willing to take an astronomical paycut. MLS doesn’t have a history of signing aging defenders to Designated Player deals, and with most teams focusing their DP resources toward attacking players, Puyol coming to MLS seems like a long shot.

What do you think of Puyol potentially signing with the Red Bulls or NYCFC? Think the clubs should steer clear given his age and recent injury history? Would Puyol be a good addition to MLS?

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  1. I’m getting more than a little annoyed by players wanting to come to MLS *only* if they get to play for a New York team. Screw him.

  2. I’d love a defender DP for RBNY, just not Mr. Puyol. I know we aren’t going to get world class players in their prime but this guy was past his sell-by date several years ago.

  3. If MLS didn’t want to shell out more than $10 Million for Ronaldinho 2 years ago, then no way they are going to do it for this defender way past his due date.

    $13 million is salary for a guy like Balotelli, not Puyol.

  4. Considering that 4 or 5 teams still play on turf it doesn’t make sense with his knees. Henry and Olave are usually out when faced with a turf match

  5. It wouldn’t be disastrous like some comments are making it out to be. He probably has at least 1 good season left in him. If he checks out health wise, I don’t see why not.

    • 11 appearances this season, 4 in league play. MLS may not be as technical as La Liga but is probably more physically demanding. Who on earth would pay DP money for a broken down CB who would probably play 5-10 games. Big Blinking Red Light shouting No.

      But there are plenty of MLS teams that make routine silly decisions of this order (Marquez, ahem) so I fully expect someone to bite.

  6. If he really does want to come here, I say NY or NJ should snatch him up on a one year contract, with the promise that he would become a coach afterwards.

  7. Loved him at Barcelona but, no thanks!!! Guy is always hurt and too old for MLS. Not worth the money he would demand. Also, while we’re talking about aging defenders, no Rio either. Statue-esque vs. Olympiakos

  8. Yawn. Another player trying to leverage interest from MLS into a potential offer with another team. He gets paid $14 million? Maybe that was worth it a few years ago but now he’s not worth anything close.

    • Complain about a lot of old aging DPs but Henry has been worth it. When Henry is on it is worth the price of admission, and he puts buts in seats.

      Remember that RBNY paid him roughly the same as they paid Rafa Marquez. Now that was a bunch of money they just set on fire.

    • Henry came into MLS with lots left in the tank and has been a pretty good rep/ credible spokesperson and a big positive for the league.

    • MLS needs to switch the script on these geezers and instead poach North American academy players. EXCEPTIONS for Henry’s.

      — There! Fixed it for you. You’re welcome.

    • You are unlikely to get 18 year old academicians to come here outside of a “City” type loan arrangement where the mother team purposefully sends players here for a period as their last chance. Even a marginal ManU academician is going to hang around until they loan him around England and finally release him, before giving up and coming here.

      Also, with a player like Montero (or you hear Dwyer rumors), there is the risk that what they really want is Europe and you are just a stepping stone. Which is fine as long as you view it as an investment and develop replacement players accordingly.

      I’m sorry, Henry is actually the poster boy for MLS foreigners, even more so than Beckham. He wanted to come to the USA, routinely came here for exhibition events before transferring, got here and played well, multiple double digit goal seasons. Hopefully he retires here. That is the prototype to emulate…..people who want to be in America, like it here, and are fit and in form. Not Puyol, who is already broken.

      But MLS’ wheelhouse remains the domestic player, who is most likely to stay put and can be acquired with plenty of tread on the tires. Our focus should be on our domestic age group system. Everything else is supplementation.

    • Wasn’t Henry 31 when he came? And he’s still just Puyol’s age now? I think he’s been everything anyone could have asked. Always seems committed – even when he’s ticked off at some of his teammates or his coach, you can’t question his energy. And he still scores at least one jaw dropper a month.

      Great player and I hope he stays in the league.

      • Much agreed with all the positive Henry support. He has done very well considering he was past his prime.

        As for Puyol, He is beyond prime and pretty much terminally broken.

        MLS is not for out and out retirement, you got have something left in the tank. I also see J. Defoe, much like Henry back when he came on, a good sign for TFC, however still a little ticked one of the NY area teams didn’t pick up MB90.

    • Absurd. Carlos is one of the greatest and most beloved leaders on and off the football pitch in the last 20 years. For many years, he was more popular than Messi with the Barca supporters. Even so, I can’t countenance spending a dp slot on a 36 year old injury prone defender no matter how great he was.

  9. Big name, but bad idea comes to mind. Unfortunately, as the article says… he can’t stay on the field. I can see why one last contract sounds good to him, but a change of address won’t make him any younger.

    • Fun fact. That’s one of the most misused words in the English language. Notorious and notoriety are actually negative terms, not simple synonyms for attention or fame.

      • You are correct. However language is ever evolving. Notoriety has started to mean celebrity, fame etc. I’m guessing it started to change when the media started making certain criminals famous.

      • Actually, “notorious” can have positive, neutral and negative connotations. There are various components of the definition:

        -Well known; commonly or generally known; forming a matter of common knowledge.

        -Well or widely known; famous; esp. noted for a particular quality or feature

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        -Conspicuous; obvious, evident

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        -Well known on account of something which is not generally approved of or admired; unfavourably known; noted for some bad practice, quality

  10. I don’t know if he will add too much besides name value to the league. Hes a very good player who is about to retire. Maybe they should save the dp for a younger defender. Xavi makes more sense as an older player

    • Even then he isn’t a name that would bring in new or even casual fans. Maybe if this was Carles Puyol in 09/10 or something, but not worth it at all. My bet: ends up in the gulf somewhere (UAE, Qatar, etc).


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