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Shakira releases new World Cup song

Shakira World Cup (AP)


It might not be the official song for this summer’s World Cup, but Shakira’s new soccer track is sure to be on repeat throughout the competition.

Shakira released a new World Cup-inspired tune titled “La La La” on Monday ahead of the start of the prestigious tournament in Brazil in June. It is an upbeat track and one that comes four years after the Colombian pop star had the hit 2010 World Cup single “Waka Waka.”

Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and Brazilian artist Claudia Leitte have been tasked with this summer’s official FIFA World Cup anthem (which has not yet been released), but that still has not stopped Shakira from trying to recapture some of the spotlight with her latest catchy track.

Give Shakira’s song a listen and let us know what think in the comments section below:



Like the song? How many times do you think you will hear this during the summer alone? Hoping the official World Cup track by Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte is better?


  1. could be worse but I am old and out of touch with pop music. I think it is a step down from Jim Noir Eanie Meany. four years later and I still cant get it out of my head
    I mean how can you beat old naked people at the beach?
    on the other hand we could petition Hank Jr for our own ‘Merican, red, white, and blue national song. it would need to include words like “Beckenbauer” and “Dos a Cero” and of course “Beer”
    who wants to start the petition? FRANK

  2. So, I’m not sexist or anything… I think women belong in positions of power, should be able to make choices, deserve equal pay for equal work, all that… but um, this woman is nothing but a sex symbol. Her music has no redeeming qualities beyond how pitifully generic it sounds (enabling mass appeal). If she looked like Susan Boyle, no one would care about her or her promotional songs. Let me know when she makes a “home video”.

  3. She made a World Cup song on her own. She is a soccer fan in a soccer family. Some people will like it and it will bring her U.S. audience to the game. What is so wrong with that? Haters gonna hate.

    Personally I would go with that Chinza Dopeness song from FIFA 14 as the official World Cup song.

  4. We don’t even get the video? I thought watching her dance around was the reward for listening to her syntho-pop crap.

  5. This one is a real stinker. Very unemotional and uninspiring.

    They should have just contracted with K’naan to do a sequel.

    • Exactly. I know it has little to do with the originally – they are like 3rd cousins once removed or something – but it still gets my blood pumping.

      That’s it, I’m off to watch Landon scoring against Algeria again.

      • yeah…that was my own personal 2010 WC song… and the real version is awesome too and it introduced me to K’Naan as well.

  6. In other news – I had green beans with my lunch today.

    I guess people actually give a rat’s behind about the new World Cup song.

  7. I’m still working on the lyrics for the official World Cup song when Canada bids, as recently reported. It will be performed by Canadian superstars Gordon Lightfoot and William Shatner, and sung to the tune of Lightfoot’s monster hit “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.”

    The legend lives on
    From the Whitecaps on Down
    To the midfielder we all call D-Ro

    We drink Molson here
    We’re snowed in most the year
    and that guy who played Kirk is our hero

    We throw great body checks
    but we can’t make the Hex
    As a footballing nation we’re lacking

    So we’ll bid Twenty-Six
    And we’ll put in the fix
    till we finally win FIFA’s backing

    After that, there’s a slightly bawdy reference that may get me “moderated.”

  8. the music video should include clips of the last WORLD CUP held in Brazil or clips of their previous world cup victories if u ask me

  9. this is 3r WORLD CUP straight that they used her? Now It’s much better than getting say Beyoncé or Katy Perry or Gaga but couldn’t they use some Brazilian or another South American or heck, just someone who isn’t very famous?

    • Gotta actually read the article or re-read it. They didn’t use her, FIFA or the Brazil organizing committee, SHE made a catchy pop song to coincide with the Summer tournament. The official song still not released and it said on the article it will be performed by Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte

  10. Not a big fan TBH though I understand they’re looking at the whole ‘global pop’ artist. But since it’s in the land of Samba, Bossa Nova, MPB etc., where true Brazilian artist icons like Gilberto Gil & Sergio Mendes made great football songs in the past – seems like a missed opportunity to use talented up/coming Brazilian artists. Because this seems, meh, ok.

    • Like – I think she should’ve collaborated with one of the Brazilian artists like the others being tasked with are doing. Claudia Leitte, ok… but she could’ve worked with Carlinhos Brown to make something truly special. Just my .02.

    • certainly not worse than them using her wacka song for south africa, and then throwing k’naan a bone in the end.

  11. Song’s not bad, but the video sucks. She just stands there, which is a shame, be/c she gifted at moving her hips. That’s what i hear anyway.

    • At the very least, Queen songs relate to sports (and have that arena rock heart beat). Does this song have anything to do with soccer? Don’t get me wrong, I want to see Shakira shaking her hips down in Brazil, but she couldn’t she have written something that was actually about the World Cup?

    • The internet is full of people jabbering about things of which they know nothing. It is the way of the world. But those jabbering away are often wrong. However, on World Cup official songs, you can safely bet it’s pop garbage without listening, jabber away, and still be assured you are right. It is one of the safer corners of the internet.


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