NYCFC unveil two club badge designs, ask fans to vote

NYCFC unveil two club badge designs, ask fans to vote


NYCFC unveil two club badge designs, ask fans to vote


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New York City FC are leaving the future badge of the club in their supporters hands.

On Monday, NYCFC revealed two badge designs created by Alfalfa Studio’s Rafael Esquer and asked fans to vote to decide which design will become the club’s official badge. Fans have from Monday through March 13 to vote on their favorite badge design.

Both designs are influenced by urban artifacts in New York City. The design on the left features a shield in the shape of the seal of New York City, with overlapping NYC letters in the middle. The design on the right is shaped like an old subway token and also has the same overlapping NYC letters in the middle. Both crests have the words “New York City” above the letters and “Football Club” below.

“This badge is to be the symbol of our club, a symbol of our players and we hope in time, a symbol of this city,” NYCFC sporting director Claudio Reyna said in a statement. “That is why we decided to give our fans the power to take part in such a fundamental way. Thanks to the work of Rafael Esquer we feel that we have two designs that truly represent our club and our city, and we’re excited to see which badge they choose.”

NYC FC last month asked fans to submit their own designs for a future badge, and while it seems that the club will be using a design of their own, those fan-submitted designs will be part of the club’s “badge mosaic,” with each design becoming a pixel in the crest.


What do you think of these designs? Which one do you like better? Do you think these accurately represent the club’s ambitions?

Share your thoughts below.

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