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Must-See ESPN Promo: American Outlaws


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  1. It simply amazes me that some (many?) people here in the US and around the world do not believe or understand that we indeed have a soccer culture and a soccer passion in this country.

  2. Great promo! And to anyone living in the Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice area of FL, we are starting an AO Sarasota Chapter! Look up the Sarasota American Outlaws on Facebook. During game time we’ll be congregating at the 210 Tavern on Fruitville Road just west of I-75. Looking forward to chanting and losing my voice up in Jacksonville! Go U-S-A!

  3. Love the patriotic sense this promo has! Anyone else notice how all the game action shots used the centennial kit? So much more patriotic than a golf shirt…

  4. That got me so pumped. I can’t wait to attend the May 27th match in San Francisco and the World Cup matches in Brazil.

    GO GO USA!

  5. any celebrity supporters of the NT or American Outlaws?

    would love to see a sports doc on the Outlaws? Growing audience they are

    • Hey, Sportscenter commercials, as a whole, are probably the best of all time. They’re not all great, but taken as a whole, they’re priceless.

    • I prefer going to the Mexican bars in the Mission (SF). They are always cheering against the USA, no matter what. It’s way more fun.

      • are we assuming he’s talking about AOSF?
        DC, did you go to Giordanno’s when AOSF used that as their home base?

      • I don’t think so. I watched the last world cup at Mad Dog in the Fog in the Lower Haight. That was pretty lively.

  6. I believe………..three and out!
    Sorry Kids, slick marketing cannot obfuscate the truth – we still suck.
    Regardless, I am still looking forward to the World Cup.

    • High School? That is a HUGE SDSU Aztec chant that was ripped off from another university. When done correctly, GOOSEBUMPS!!!!!!!! Come to an Aztec game at Viejas Arena and tell me it is simply a high school chant. It is one of the most intimidating chants I have ever seen. Believe me, the players feel it and feed off of it.

      When I heard that during qualifying, I was stoked.

      • My guess is that anything that several thousand people say/sing in unison will give you GOOSEBUMPS. But we can do better and find creative and unique things to say. I love basketball, but we do not need to resort to its chants. What’s next? De-Fence (clap clap)!

    • Really? I think it’s perfect for the USMNT. We’re an optimistic bunch, Americans. Our logic tells us we’ll have a hard time getting out of our group and that we’ve got a snowballs chance beyond the round of sixteen, but we still earnestly believe we’ll succeed.

      Contrast that with England fans.

    • You must not have ever been involved in a true “I believe” chant by the AOs. It will give you goose bumps. I was at the WC in 06 and our chants were laughable (USA, USA and “America fuc* Ya”) We have come a long way and AO is a big part of that. I am proud to be a part of them.

  7. that got me really pumped. the tagline at the end was perfect. “every four years, the banner yet waves”. good work espn.


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