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SBI MLS Player of the Month (April): Clint Dempsey

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To say Clint Dempsey ran away with SBI MLS Player of the Month award is as big of an understatement as you can probably make about a Major League Soccer award these days.

To put Dempsey’s monster month of April into perspective, consider that he single-handedly outscored 16 of the league’s other 18 teams during the month, with only the New York Red Bulls and D.C. United scoring more than the seven goals Dempsey delivered in April.

That stat alone explains why Dempsey was the runaway choice for SBI MLS Player of the Month for April.

Dempsey finished the month with seven goals and two assists, helping Seattle post a 3-0-1 record along the way that catapulted the Sounders into first place in the West.

Dempsey beat out a field of candidates that included teammate Obafemi Martins, New York Red Bulls star Thierry Henry and Chicago’s Quincy Amarikwa.

What did you think of Dempsey’s month of April? Can you remember a player having a better month in MLS before? Who would you have given runner-up honors for the month?

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  1. Out of the dog house and into the limelight. Many SBI followers were dogging on these guys while singing Landycakes praises. How quickly things turn about. I always though Ream was not really error prone, just had bad luck on a couple touches and dodgy calls; Deuce was not in a slump, just needed to settle in and be healed of injury for a period; and Brooks always had promise, just needed to adjust to his new team mates, which was hard on short-turn arounds between Budesliga and the Nats. It would help fans and pundits understand players and the game by taking a more even keeled approach.

    • Context and perspective–two things sorely needed in evaluations and too often sorely lacking by people who post on this site.

  2. Now if Landycakes and Josie can score…. something tells me that Landy is playing possum before the Copa Mundial and he wants to end his World Cup career with a bang.

    • …yes.. he cleverly planned to be sorry and out of shape and then…BAM …. “Hey look I can play now!”..

      He’s out of shape. He needs 2 get his crap together.Soon.

  3. Duece !!!

    ps. this was posted quite a while ago, where are the whining trolls ? did they move on to a 1996 post on pro/rel in the Big Soccer site ?

  4. Wow. In the short span of 48 hours, the USMNT pool gets a Bolton player of the year, a Bundesliga player of the week and an SBI player of the month. I hope Portugal and Germany are crapping their pants over the fury that is about to be unleashed upon them!


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