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Must-See Goal: Erick Torres


  1. Great to see a young talent flourishing in MLS. Has Chivas USA purchased him outright or is he still on loan from the parent organization? Definitely the type of loan/signing MLS needs more of to continue boosting the quality of the league.

    • agree. i believe he’s on loan until the end of the season but mls needs to outright purchase el cubo.

    • Loan was extended about a month ago to the end of the season with the option to purchase outright. I really hope he stays and gets paid accordingly. Last season I thought this kid was just going through a hot streak. It’s amazing how quickly he adjusted to the league and likewise amazing that he has kept consistent on a poor team going through a lot of turmoil. For those reasons alone I have no problem with this kid making DP money. To the potential new owners, pay this kid. He is the real deal.

      • This. It almost seems like he has been performing at a DP level since they threw him his kit and told him to suit up. Chivas has assembled some nice pieces to build around for the new owners (Rosales, Chavez, Finley, Sturgis, and McNamara come to mind), but they really need to keep Cubo.

  2. God bless for Castellano commentators!! There’s no other way to watch a gm but in Castellano.. Goloaso for sure! Chivas Mexican-American fans are one of the best in the MLS imo

      • There was 4000. And understandably so for what Chivas USA have put them through. Although, what those 4000 have witnessed these past few weeks is special. This kid is badass. Also, those that are still loyal to Chivas USA are in for a unique experience in shaping the new reborn team from the ground up. The new ownership would be stupid to not listen to these most loyal of supporters.

  3. Chivas USA has fans, really 🙂
    By the way, is LA2 going to happen, any buyers, any stadium news or even team names. Just move the team to Sacramento, and give a team to Minneapolis and Vegas.


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