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SBI World Cup Man of the Match: Ángel Di María

Angel Di Maria of Argentina


After 118 minutes of creating threatening opportunities, Ángel Di María scored the decisive goal in Argentina’s suspenseful Round of 16 matchup with Switzerland. After firing off a relentless wave of shots, crosses and goal-scoring chances at the Swiss defense, the midfielder finally found the back of the net in the dying minutes of extra time to book Argentina a place in the quarterfinals.

The Argentine became the hero for his side after finding a weakness in Switzerland’s stoic defense minutes before the final whistle, slotting a product of Lionel Messi’s excellent dribbling into the net and past the outstretched hand of Swiss goalkeeper Diego Benaglio.

The midfielder bombarded Switzerland with 18 crosses and 12 shots throughout the match. After seeing his best on-frame effort denied in the 108th minute by brilliant goalkeeping, Di María’s persistence was rewarded.

Last-minute heroics and incredible offensive involvement earned Ángel Di María the SBI Man of the Match. He narrowly beat out the technician behind his dramatic goal, Lionel Messi, and the outstanding efforts of Swiss goalkeeper Diego Benaglio.

Do you think Ángel Di María was the Man of the Match? What did you think of his performance? Did anyone else stand out to you?

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    • There are so many Messi fanboys and fangirls don’t know how to judge neutrally. Benaglio was the rightful MOTM. I don’t understand how people failed to realise.

  1. Di maria was awful all game. I am happy he scored but I am not going to forget that he gave away the ball 51 times!! and his final ball was abysmal. He was also selfish in some occasions.

    He needs to play better they all need to play better esp Higuain and Di Maria. They are the in the front line, Messi can’t be doing everything.

    The only thing I liked was that he still had legs in extra time.

  2. The Real Madrid star deserves it. He was the only one running and trying during the extra time as if he was still playing in the first half of the game.


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