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Must-See Video: Clint Dempsey asks people about Clint Dempsey

Clint Dempsey WorldCup Belgium USMNT (USA Today Sports Images)



  1. Bryant Park.. No one would recognize him there. He sould have gone up town … or maybe he should have done it in front of the MLS headquaters.

    • I actually thought this was the most awesome thing ever. How is it even possible to know who John Harkes is, yet not know he is could not possibly still be the US captain? Fascinating…. I wish he had whipped out a StarTAC phone and somehow used it to confirm his info.

  2. Donovan is a LEGEND but Dempsey is an ERA.

    More kids are more likely to turn to soccer to emulate him than Donovan if you ask me. Especially in the SOUTH

  3. DEMPSEY is the face of US SOCCER

    The image we have needed for years. He came from a trailer in East Texas to playin some of the best teams in the world in England for several years.

    who could forget those 17 league goals, 6 assists in his last season at Fulham

    Not to mention 4 WC goals in 10 WC matches.

    if only he could take a better PK

  4. I always think these man-on-the-street videos that try to show how clueless or phony the man on the street is are just going after low-hanging fruit. Maybe 9 of 10 people he approached recognized him but we just see the guys that tried to fake their way through.


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