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The SBI Show: Episode 165 (Talking the new MLS logo, U.S. Open Cup Final, and more)

Mo Edu MLS New Logo (USA Today Sports)

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After a week break, The SBI Show is back, and there is plenty to catch up on in the soccer world, starting with the new MLS logo.

Episode 165 of The SBI Show discusses the league’s new logo, which has been received with mixed reviews since being unveiled on Thursday.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I also take a look back at the Seattle Sounders’ U.S. Open Cup Final victory against the Philadelphia Union. We discuss Seattle’s latest trophy, and what the loss means for the Union going forward. We also answer listener questions in the latest SBI Show Q&A.

Give Episode 165 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

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What did you think of the show? Glad to have us back? Agree on our take on the new MLS logo?

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  1. SBI Show should do a contest of some sort, with a prize, like a traditional contest, you know, where they never announce a winner.

    And no, my suggestion has nothing to do with SBI’s most infamous controversy: SBI Show 139 and Scarfgate.

    As far as this old hound dog is concerned, that’s water under the burnt bridge. If Ives has the fortitude to eschew what many have called the biggest oversight in SBI podcast contest history, we should all search ourselves for the courage to follow his sterling example.

    Ah heck, who am I kidding! I can’t take it anymo’ ya’ll.
    Some deserving, dedicated SBI’er out there might die of neck coldness pretty soon, if Ives doesn’t step up to the plate.

    “The man who passes the sentence, should swing the sword.”

    “Winter is coming.”

  2. Great show, folks. Thanks for responding to my question, and for the record, I clearly think your logo is better than the new MLS one. I prefer the previous version, but I do like the concept of customizable club logos, as seen on reddit here recently…

  3. I enjoyed the show. On Darlington Nagbe, I think it’s too easy to say he is the reason the Timbers are not the same team. I think he is the reason they are as good as they are. He has more assists than last year and he has taken a different role attacking wise. He is not expected to take as many shots as he did last year, which was not his forte to begin with. He took 62 shots last year and only 29 this year. His role has changed but he has not become less effective.

    • My point on Nagbe was that his struggles to score goals were ONE of several reasons why Portland has been down. Wasn’t trying to put the blame on him, but that was one that came to mind. I spent much more time talking about the defense because it is definitely more of a factor in the team’s struggles.

  4. you know what’s annoying? the am/pm add running over and over and over again with no pause button and including sound. i don’t want your damn chili-cheese dog thing!

      • Chrome. usually no sound, but certain ads seem to find a way. ill have the show on, minimize the browser, and work on whatever it is i am doing. it’s strange. of course, just using itunes would solve my problem. or going directly to soundcloud.

    • ITZOWEEZZEE…to rebrand a league.

      Yep, a De La Soul BANGER off the “Stakes Is High” album. I know folks think I’m crazy when I say this, but that album is still their dopest to me. The early stuff was a little too hippie/happy for me, but the Stakes album knocks!

    • and speaking of your sound track idea, I have about every intro track I.G. has used on vinyl, so say the word, and I can put together a dope mixtape on the Technics. (or maybe even do a constant instrumental bed for one of the shows??)


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