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Gulati pressuring FIFA to release ethics report regarding 2018, 2022 World Cup

Sunil Gulati

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FIFA has rarely been known for its transparency, which is something U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati is hoping to change.

Gulati revealed Wednesday in an interview with the New York Times that he plans to address the ethics report regarding the 2018 and 2022 World Cups during Thursday’s FIFA executive committee meeting in Zurich. The report, which Gulati is hoping will become public, centers around the investigation into the bidding process surrounding the pair of World Cups, which were controversially awarded to Russia and Qatar.

“If we’re going to truly support the idea of transparency and change within FIFA, it has to be made public in the truest meaning of the word,” Gulati said. “That doesn’t mean only to the executive committee. It has to be more.

“Right now, the whole story is not about what’s in the report but whether it should be made public. And that isn’t ideal for anyone.”

The reports were assembled by former U.S. prosecutor Michael J. Garcia, who also believes that the findings should be made public.

“Given the limited role (chairman of the Adjudicatory Chamber of FIFA’s independent ethics committee) Mr. Hans-Joachim Eckert envisions for the Adjudicatory Chamber,” Garcia said in a statement. “I believe it is now necessary for the FIFA Executive Committee to authorize the appropriate publication of the Report on the Inquiry into the 2018/2022 FIFA World Cup Bidding Process.

“Publication would be consistent with statements made by a number of Executive Committee members, with the view recently expressed by Independent Governance Committee Chair Mark Pieth, and with the goals of the reform process.”

While full details within the report may need to be redacted due to future investigations, Gulati believes the public has a right to know what has gone on.

“I think it is important,” Gulati said, “and I think the executive committee can, and should, ask for it to be released in a reasonable form.”

What do you think of Gulati’s belief that the reports should be public? Do you think they’ll be released?

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    • Even as a complete Britophobe I have to admit the English have been excellent on this matter, where others have just stared at their feet pretending they don’t see

      Yeah, I’m looking at looking at you, germanyfrancespainitaly

      • Randall, you are absolutely right that the EUROPEAN countries should be putting their maximum pressure on FIFA, especially about MOVING the 2022 WC from RUSSIA (this is their continent)!!! Deutschland’s Merkel should be in the forefront in forcing FIFA to take away the ’22 WC from that schweinehund, arschlo-h and war monger Putin!

      • Adi from Oregon, you are clueless, but this is only partially your fault, the main burden falls on our so called “free press”.

  1. Come on that is IT ?!?! No one can whine about US soccer here anymore than that ?
    It’s Wednesday !… are burned out already ?

    Someone mention pro/rel or something.

    I wonder what the most unrelated topic is that Gulati could mention and still get a huge WHINE out of somebody ?
    Like if he mentioned the missions to Mars. Would that get someone whining about US soccer ?

  2. I’m no fan of MLS’s rules and guidelines and I would love to open the books on SUM, but I think you’re missing a sense of proportion.

    Nothing comes close to FIFA.
    MLS hasn’t been complicit in any deaths or slave labor practices for starters.

  3. Yeah, these FIFA/MLS comparisons need to stop…just a bad analogy. FIFA most likely accepted millions in bribes that has resulted in quasi-slave laborers dying by the dozen. MLS seemingly had some secret mechanism for preventing Arena from bringing Sacha Klestjan in on loan. It would be nice if MLS were more transparent, but the lack of transparency in MLS isn’t anywhere near as damaging as that of FIFA.

  4. The nerve of this clown. As if MLS is a beacon if transparency and fairness.
    He needs to shut his trap before FIFA decides to investigate the shady deals going on in his league.

    • FIFA is a non-Profit. The MLS is a for Profit organization. They are expected and allowed to make a profit. All soccer clubs are.

      BTW read up about the International Anti-Bribery Act of 1998 and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. FIFA will likely get burned by these 2 laws someday.

      • Good stuff Increase. It’s a shame that the problem with this sort of legislation is that there is nobody in charge of enforcing it in the proper sense. Basically it just becomes an international conflict, and FIFA is guility of so many obvious international crimes already that it’s hard to really believe that any of this stuff matters in that context.

        Eventually FIFA will either reform or go down, and in the latter case I’d think you might see one of these acts used in the same way that Al Capone got nailed for Tax Evasion. Which is as good as anything at this point, I suppose.

  5. it’s pretty comical, and sad, that this has to even be said. of course the report should be made public. but i’m certainly not surprised.


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