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Must-See Video: U.S. Soccer tribute to Landon Donovan


Photo by Kirby Lee/ USA Today Sports




  1. Donovan’s omission from the final Brazil roster was a disgrace. He has never been an issue in the locker room, and has always been a big-game player. He earned and deserved a roster spot, if not a starting role.

    I will always support the team, but the day can’t come soon enough when Klinnsman is no longer part of it.

  2. You sometimes forget just how insanely special Landon is/has been for US Soccer. Watching this tribute reminds you how much of a shame it was for him to not get the opportunity to finish his US career on the WC squad in Brazil.

    Questions about how he would fit in the team/fitness/form/etc, but man he deserved one last chance to play with his guys. I supported JK’s decision at the time, but I’m not sure I feel the same way now. These 30 minutes in a meaningless friendly will be a small tribute to such a huge force in US Soccer.

  3. I was at the Algeria game. I remember how I felt when Timmy made the initial save and pass, I remember how I felt when they ran down the field, I remember how I felt when Dempsey tapped it into the keeper and it didn’t make it through, and I certainly remember the feeling when the ball hit the back of the net and the pandemonium we were surrounded by. Landon, thank you for the greatest sports moment of my life.

      • Pivotal point for US soccer indeed. I was at a packed bar in Morristown NJ, and the bartender had already started pouring a round of shots for the entire bar to toast “oh well, to the US in 2014…” needless to say, after that moment that shot and the other 10 or so that followed had THE most amazing celebratory feel to them. “To Timmy (gulp), to Jozy (gulp), to Clint (gulp), and to Landon (gulp, gulp, gulp…).”

      • one second I was holding my breath, the next I was standing on a bar stool surrounded by strangers, screaming my head off. I still don’t remember climbing up on that stool though…

  4. 2014 had its moments, but USA 1-0 Algeria was the most incredible sports moment that I have ever witnessed. Still get goosebumps — probably will when I am 70…..

    • Agreed. Followed closely by the 2002 game against Portugal. I remember sitting there stunned when we took a 3-0 lead. That was not supposed to happen… And of course the dos a cero in the quarters was delicious…

      • Amazing moment no doubt but the difference is we still had 2 matches and a lot more needed to play out before getting out of the group. However just that feeling of one minute thinking Ghana was going to break our hearts again but fighting back against the history was huge.

  5. I have to keep telling myself that we need to respect JK’s decision about the WC… But, that vid reminds us all that he should have been there, dammit.

  6. I hope he is named US Soccer Player of the Year for 2014. Not undeserving, IMHO, despite the opinion of a minority, but powerful few or one.

  7. Super legit video. but I am still annoyed that we can’t incorporate actual video of the Algeria goal and have to settle for stills … freakin copyright

  8. I thought the Univision interview that he did in Spanish was much, much better than this. Ives — post a link to that one if you can.


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