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David Beckham’s Miami group maintaining focus on landing deal for permanent home

David Beckham (AP)



The Miami County Commissioners may be keen on pushing Florida International University’s stadium as a temporary home for David Beckham’s MLS franchise, but the global icon is maintaining his focus on securing a permanent home.

Miami’s commissioners voted unanimously in favor of having mayor Carlos Gimenez propose FIU Stadium as a short-term home for Beckham’s desired South Florida team, but the Englishman’s ownership group, Miami Beckham United, is not sold that approach just yet. Instead, it is continuing to hoping to secure a deal for a soccer-specific venue in or near the downtown Miami area.

“Right now, our focus is on identifying the location for a purpose-built stadium that will be the team’s permanent home,” Miami Beckham United told the Sun-Sentinel in a statement. “Careful consideration will be given to FIU when we address the opportunities for a temporary facility.”

It was almost a year ago to the day that Beckham announced his intentions to use his discounted expansion franchise fee on a Miami club. He has seen two different proposals turned down by local officials, leaving him to silently explore other alternatives in recent months.

Beckham recently said that progress was being made and that announcements were coming soon.


What do you think of Miami Beckham United keeping its focus on finding a permanent home? Is it a mistake for the group not to jump at the chance of starting out at a temporary venue? Would MLS even allow Beckham’s team to start out at FIU Stadium?

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  1. Miami residents…i see FIU is 18 miles from downtown. is this a legit temporary solution? or is it far enough away that people will be turned off?

    if it isn’t a bad temp fix, might be worth doing. Becks’ group has gone silent because they learned their lessons when doing things loudly regarding public land. it sounds like they are focusing with private owners who don’t need to get public approval. that is probably the best way to go about it and if they have some serious progress there, maybe FIU would be worth doing.

  2. God, there wouldn’t be anything better than having Miami and LA2 come in together by 2018. By doing that MLS would have all eyes from the soccer leagues and really start a new era. Imagine messi and cr7 in the same team in Miami or in LA, against Rooney and zlatan in another team.
    That’s why, MLS should have Atlanta and Sacramento by 2017.
    Then in 2018, add LA2 and Miami since both teams should be more than ready by then.
    I say 2018 given that, that is enough time for Miami and LA2 to get their stadium and dps.
    As a matter of fact, MLS expansion from here and on will be easier to select but there’s going to be fierce competition. For example,
    2017= Atlanta and Sacramento ( not LA2, let Sacramento in first)
    2018= Miami and LA2 (World Cup year many stars would come to MLS)
    2019= Vegas and Minneapolis ( Minneapolis needs a SSS, not a nfl stadium)
    2022= teams number 27 & 28 should be also easy to decide, I say San Antonio and Indy
    2024= spots number 29 & 30 should be a death race. There is st.louis, Austin, okc, Charlotte, Tampa bay, Detroit, Louisville and many more.
    It all depends MLS magic number, 30 or 32. If Argentina can do it, why not MLS.

    • I appreciate your positive energy!
      The thesis for an expansion city should be a pre-existing team eg a USL or NASL team.
      Real simple have a team, a pre-existing brand, something owners, fans, and city councils can hang their hat on when passing bonds.
      The South Miami FIU location is too far south away from 95 and barely close enough to the turnpike. The FIU north campus would be a good location but no stadium! MLS Miami not feasible with so many negatives working against a franchise.


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