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Patrick Mullins looks to future with NYCFC after scoring against his former club


Photo by Noah K. Murray/USA Today Sports

NEW YORK — Just moments after coming onto the field against his former team, Patrick Mullins was staring down his new team’s supporters, grabbing his sky-blue jersey and kissing his club’s badge to celebrate his first goal for New York City FC.

Mullins scored in the 84th minute of NYCFC’s historic home opener at Yankee Stadium against the New England Revolution, the team that he represented just four months ago in an MLS Cup final. For Mullins, who was left unprotected in December’s Expansion Draft, Sunday’s goal wasn’t about revenge or bitterness; it was about focusing on his new team and the jubilation of its first victory.

“The only significance on the night for me was this club,” Mullins said after NYCFC’s 2-0 win over his former team. “Obviously I played for [the Revs] last year and I’m proud of my time with them, but I am so happy to be a part of this organization, and I want to have that special moment to celebrate with the fans and the team, because this is who I am and this is what I’m a part of, and that’s NYCFC.”

Mullins was originally selected by the Revs with the 11th overall pick in the 2014 MLS Draft and went on to make 21 appearances and tally four goals for a team that advanced to the MLS Cup final.

However, when the time came for the 18 MLS clubs to provide a list of players they didn’t want the expansion clubs NYCFC and Orlando City SC to snatch away, Mullins’ name was not on New England’s list.

“You never really know for sure, but we thought there was a good chance Patrick might get selected,” Revolution general manager Michael Burns first said after Mullins was selected by NYCFC with the fourth overall pick in the 2014 Expansion Draft.

“It was a difficult decision not to protect Patrick,” Burns said. “Unfortunately, he’s a guy that we didn’t want to lose, but understand that’s how it works.”

Mullins no longer wants to look back at the past. All he is concerned about these days is how he can contribute his new club — even if means coming off the bench — while maintaining that same goal-scorer poise.

“In our profession, you always have to have ultra-confidence and I’ve never lost that confidence, I’m a confident guy,” Mullins said. “I have the feeling that if I’m on the pitch, I can score at any moment.That being said, in the preseason, I think I was playing well but I wasn’t getting the goals, which was a little frustrating, but I think all the work really came to fruition [Sunday].”

“We have very good players that didn’t have the opportunity to start so far this year,” added Ned Grabavoy, who had an assist in the contest. “The competitiveness of the team, that we’re fighting for spots week in and week out, is very important because it keeps everybody sharp. I think everyone needs to fully understand that.”

The 23-year-old scored the goal after making what his head coach Jason Kreis called a “committed and hard” run into the box to set himself up for a pass from David Villa, who had opened the scoring in the 19th minute, from the left side.

“I’ve seen it many times in practice exactly where [Villa] puts that ball, and it’s my job to be on the other end of the back post and I wasn’t going to let him down,” Mullins said. “I knew he was going to get that there and I just wanted to make sure I did my job.”

Mullins certainly knows what his new club asks of him, he just wants to make the most out of the new opportunities given to him.

“Here at NYCFC, we have a little more of a different mindset on how we want to play,” Mullins said. “It’s my job to put the ball into the back of the net and I just couldn’t be more happy to be here.”


  1. Very happy for Patrick Mullins. He seems like a top notch person. I want Tony to get a shot at playing up top as well.

    I feel for the Revs because you can’t protect everyone in the expansion draft and good players will get picked up.

    • To me, the expansion draft issue was that we protected both Alston and Farrell, when it’s far easier to replace a center back than to find a forward that’s successful. I would have protected Farrell and Mullins, and gone looking for a center back if Alston was taken, or smiled knowingly if he wasn’t.

      • The Revs worked out deals with NYCFC and Orlando City so that Diego Fagundez did not get picked. Why didn’t they do the same for Mullins?

  2. Now I understand why Kreis has big fullbacks in Jeb Brovsky (6′ 1″) and Josh Williams (6′ 2″). With that very narrow field of just 70 yards translates into very physical games. Very similar to Houston under Kinnear. And watching Houston under Kinnear is probably the least attractive football in MLS but it is effective.

  3. I for one actually loved the smaller pitch at Yankee Stadium. I realize it is done out of necessity, and I don’t think every team should have one. But I thought it offered something cool and distinctive– like when baseball teams visit Fenway. Perhaps more to the point, it reminded me of watching EPL games at Highbury when I first got into soccer (think I might have heard Twellman say something like this, as well). Always loved how the Arsenal teams of this era seemed to have developed a style that was specifically suited to their ground. Maybe asking a bit too much for NYCFC to do the same at this point…

  4. Looked at the photo for the story, and immediately thought it was about Man City. Cloning’s come a long way since the ’90s.

  5. Mullins could be a standout in MLS this season, he looked really good in his substitute appearance in MLS Cup, the kids got skills.

  6. Let’s be honest, at this point the Revs’ defense is far more concerning than their offense.

    Congrats to Mullins on the goal. It gave me the warm and fuzzies.

  7. Hate to piss on Mullins’ bliss, but that goal was not an artful nor astounding display of NYCFC offense –it was an astounding defensive lapse on the part of the Revs.

    But good for Mullins–got nothing but respect for him.

    • Puhleeze, NYCFC shredded NE’s defense every time they got the ball in the final third, in pretty artful fashion, too, I might add. I love how the haters immediately try to blame defense instead of giving credit to the offensive team. NE clearly has a problem against sophisticated one and two touch passing in the final third, but that also credits Kreis and NYC for executing some very attractive and sophisticated combination play.

      • You clearly need to improve your reading comprehension skills: I have no “hate” for Mullins, or NYCFC for that matter. See the second part of my original post.

        Also, I’m only referring to the play that resulted in the Mullins goal at minute 84. Check out the video–there’s a link on this site, or try

        You’ll see that as Villa and Caldwell move down the flank, Revs defenders Barnes and Tierney are level with the play. They both get caught ballwatching, as neither of them pick up Mullins’ backpost run.

        That’s a fundamental breakdown in defense–unless you’re willing to allow for some sort of darkly “sophisticated and artful” NYCFC mind-control: “…you will not track Mullins….you will not track Mullins…”

        We both agree that NE has a problem in defense. That’s due to them losing stalwart AJ Soares in the offseason. It’s still early in the season, and Farrell might yet figure out central defense, so I’ll withhold judgement. Something you seem incapable of.

      • I won’t withhold judgement, no. If the only comment you can make is about the lack of artistry of a goal, then you’re a hater. No one said it was the most artistic goal. Few goals scored are particularly artistic. Why are you ragging on the goal? There’s no reason except to be a hater. It’s a goal that’s as good as 80% of the goals you’ll see. Nice through ball from Mix, excellent job by Villa to fake the cutback which froze the tired defenders and a good read and run by Mullans. It’s a nice moment for the kid but you can only hate.

  8. Not going to lie, I was pretty salty seeing him score and then kiss the emblem on the jersey.

    Kinda worried that everyone is trying to push forward the expansion teams at the expense of the older teams but results matter. NE has some great attacking potential they just need to make it work.


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