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Yarbrough sees USMNT call-up as ‘privilege’, hopes to be called in again



Club Leon goalkeeper William Yarbrough is wanting and fighting to be a regular call-in with the U.S. Men’s National Team.

Coming off the heels of Club America defender Ventura Alvarado expressing his happiness and commitment to the USMNT, Yarbrough told U.S. Soccer that he is working day in, day out in order to show head coach Jurgen Klinsmann that he wants to be a part of the USMNT picture moving forward.

“I like living day-by-day and doing my best every day,” Yarbrough said. “Right now, I’m just looking to give coach Klinsmann and the rest of the teammates a good impression of myself. I want them to know that I’m a person who’s going to give everything on and off the field, who truly shows passion and a commitment to the meaning of representing the United States.”

The Leon goalkeeper impressed U.S. scouts, which lead to head coach Jurgen Klinsmann calling in the 26-year-old. And now, Yarbrough continues to impress.

“William has a wonderful positive character,” Klinsmann told U.S. Soccer. “He’s highly motivated and wants to learn. Chris Woods, our goalkeeper coach, is full of compliments already so we are really glad to have him in camp.”

Yarbrough does not want this call-up to be his swan song, however. He’s committed to being a regular in the mix of USMNT players called in by Klinsmann.

“It’s just an honor,” Yarbrough said. “It’s a privilege to be representing the United States, and I’m trying to take advantage of this opportunity because I don’t want it to be just one time. I want there to be many to come. I think what’s helped is the way the rest of the team helps you feel like you’ve been a part of this group for a really long time.”

What do you think of Yarbrough’s comments? Do you think Klinsmann will call in the Leon goalkeeper in the future?

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    • Jacknut,

      You are too harsh.

      You can tell his hairline is already receding. He might be ahead of Kasey Keller at a similar age. Unless he does the Rooney/ Advocaat thing or Rogaines it he will get there soon enough. That’s why you have to wait on keepers.

      USMNT fans are just so impatient.

  1. I am always skeptical of Mexican league keepers. We tend to produce much better keepers in the US. I welcome Yarbrough though. He is going to be a great guy to have in camp and with the team. He’s a passionate player who will compete, and you can’t have enough of those guys around. Both he and Alvarado are passionate, committed players. I’m looking forward to seeing them establish roles for themselves in the full national team.

    • I am by no means a Mexico fan, but I have to ask why are you skeptical of Mexican league goalkeepers? They also produce great goalkeepers. Along with Tim Howard and Navas, Ochoa was one of the best GK at the World Cup (not a current Mexican league goalie but former). It was actually a surprise to see Ochao start the World Cup games, because Jesus Corona was easily the best goalie during Concacaf World Cup qualifying. As bad as Mexico was, he single-handedly carried them to World Cup qualification. That’s just two Gk, there are plenty more out there.

      • I agree 100%. Both Ochoa and Corona are truly world class. And it’s hard to pick between the two because they are both so good. I think Howard and Guzan are one of the best 1-2 GK combos anywhere, but Ochoa and Corona may be their equals.

      • Ochoa is overrated. Very overrated. I’d take Corona over him without a second thought. Ochoa can make routine plays and is capable of some reaction saves, but he is not a player who can consistently leave his stamp on games. I have yet to see an El Tri keeper who can do that.

        The US, in its relatively short history, has produced three excellent keepers and potentially one more. Keller, Friedel, and Howard are all first-class keepers. All three have had broad swaths of play through their careers in which they were shut-down players. Guzan is growing into a phenomenal keeper, and one who you can count on to keep a game respectable in the premiership.

        All of those players have had long runs of games where you just cant get anything by them. Guzan just keeps getting better and better.

        The US produces phenomenal keepers. Nothing against El Tri, but they don’t produce keepers like the US team does.

      • An interesting point — Mexico’s youth teams have relied heavily on US-based GKs for the last couple of cycles. The U20s had an FCD youth player starting in CONCACAF qualifying (though I understand they have another GK they will use in WC) and the U17s did as well.

        As a general note, over half of the GK minutes available at CONCACAF U20 WC qualifying were played by US-based/US-eligible keepers.

    • OR….he could saying what is more advantageous at the time. You do not really know what is in his heart. He could feel equally both and chooses what to say to stay in the eye of the national team programs. This is not some simplistic either you are with us or not. Everything is a lot more nuanced.

    • There are any number of reasons he could have said that at the time. I’d imagine being a relatively young player trying to break into Liga MX, he might have felt that saying “I’m 100% Mexican” and encouraging fans and coaches not to think of him as a foreigner (especially an American) would ease his transition into the league. Was it the best exercise in judgment on his part? Probably not. But I have a hard time holding the statement against him given that he has since accepted a USMNT call-up, which (even if it didn’t cap-tie him) will label him as an American going forward.

      This is one of those situations in which I think actions speak louder than words. Unless he subsequently receives and accepts a call-up to El Tri, I really don’t have a problem with what he said in interviews before we called him in.

    • Eric,

      If he really meant that, then he would not have accepted the call up.

      And if he does eventually get capped tied to the US, then he either plays his best or he gets dropped. There is little benefit to being a one or two cap wonder. Being a regular international is when you start to see the real benefits.

      It is hard to evaluate a keeper without an extended look over time but the few Leon games that I’ve seen he seems to be poised and calm and relates well to his defense.

  2. I’m on the fence about this guy, and to be honest more on the let Mexico have him than him getting cap tied with the USMT. I do think he is a class goalie could potentially become top keeper for any major team in Europe my gripe is that there are quite a few youtube vids out there where he clearly states his preference for the Mexican national team. One in particular he states that when US and Mexico play each other he always goes for Mexico. If a player feels that strongly and voices those opinions he should not dress up for the USMNT.

    • I do think he is a class goalie could potentially become top keeper for any major team in Europe

      Not being sarcastic when I ask: really? I haven’t seen this kid play, but does he really possess that kind of potential?

    • I have a few friends who are Mexican – American who very Mexican and very American. I was joking with one who told me that he would have said anything to make it seem like he only thought of playing for either the USMNT or Mexican National Team. I only care how he shows up for the team. The only people I question in this regard are Timmy Chandler and Jose Villareal.

    • What does this man have to do to reprieve himself in your eyes? Would pissing on a Mexican flag while singing Bruce Springsteen’s whole catalog do it for you?

      But seriously, shouldn’t it be more of a problem for people that players like Anthony Brooks or Mix Diskerud were being capped by their native countries while still representing us on the youth levels? Or worse yet, Timothy Chandler trying to use our national team as leverage so get called in by Germany?

      • ??? Very confused about the pissing on flags on singing comment. not sure how anybody with a valid point can counter your sage like retort. You truly are a word smith.

      • What’s confusing about it? I’m mocking him and I state quite clearly why in my counter argument in the second paragraph.

        What’s confusing is why your taking offense to my comment, and ironically enough, responding in such a sardonic tone yourself.

    • In spite of the perception of some- from personal experience, I can say that it s very possible to have profound love, pride, feel connected to more than one country. Comparable of the love of a parent for their children… as much love but somewhat different for each.

      I’m sure growing up an American/Mexican/Guero there were issues fitting in, as well as on his Club, as well as with the possibility of playing for Mexico’s national team, just as there are here with duel nationals and questions of their loyalty etc here. It is a very common issue of being multi-cultural/national and is expressed by people who are multi-racial…. feeling strong pride/part of multiple entities, but….. not ever quite fitting in 100%.

      If I were a guessing man- William’s comments/loyalty to both are quite true. Just in order to appease the second guessers, one has to overemphasize one’s “loyalties.”

      From me…… welcome, welcome, welcome!!!!. May his talent, work ethic, qualities as a team mate and talent determine what happens this point forward!!!!!

      • I have a good friend who grew up on both sides of the border. I have seen him and his brother switch from English to Spanish and back again in the same conversation. He is truly bi-cultural. I have never even thought of questioning his loyalty to this country. I think people who question the loyalty of people they don’t even know, says more about them than it says about the people they are doubting.

      • very true dalomismo, Beasley tears up when speaking of his time in Mexico. He’s a hardcore mexican now, as well as a hardcore americano. As for growing up on both sides of the border, I’m presuming you, Gary Page, are speaking of the Canadian border? My family on my father’s side has never known a border, they only knew the rio bravo. Pop born on that side, grandma on this side, great grandma on that side, and great great grandpa on this side. There is no border. If Hitler-Stalin rolled into the southwest, everyone would flee except folks who look like the folks who were wandering around here hundreds of years ago. Some things are a bit more natural in terms of the places certain types of people inhabit. I’d be willing to bet a bizzilion pesos there’s has never been a case of skin cancer going back down the family line to before columbus came.

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