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Garber: No news on Miami, NYCFC stadium pursuits

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NEW YORK — Working out a deal to build a soccer-specific stadium is almost never easy.

Miami and New York City are serving as a reminder of that.

MLS commissioner Don Garber gave brief updates on David Beckham and NYCFC’s respective pursuits for stadium deals on Thursday by essentially saying that there are no updates to give. Beckham is currently trying to finalize a stadium deal in Miami to officially be awarded an MLS expansion franchise while NYCFC is trying to find a suitable location for a soccer-specific venue of its own.

There has been a lack of substantial progress in both markets in recent months, but reports have linked Beckham’s group with a site near Marlins Park just west of downtown Miami. Garber, however, did not sound overly enthused when talking about Miami’s search for a stadium despite saying he remained optimistic in the South Florida metropolis.

“We’re spending a lot of time on the subject, and there’s been some momentum,” said Garber. “I was down there last month and meeting with some city leaders. I can’t give you any update based on what’s happened the last month or so, but we hope to continue to work on that project. We’d love to be Miami.”

In New York, NYCFC is still looking for a place to build a stadium of its own. The expansion club currently plays home games at Yankee Stadium thanks to a baseball-to-soccer field conversion that takes 2-3 days, but that arrangement was said to be a temporary fix that would last, at most, a few years.

NYCFC has not provided much in the way of updates recently, and Garber also had little to say regarding the situation.

“These guys continue to do what they can to work on that project,” said Garber. “Having worked for a really long time on a project for the (New York) Red Bulls, (we know) these things take time. They’re a very focused, passionate ownership group and they know that it’s got to continue to be a priority, but nothing for me to talk about.”

Some have speculated that NYCFC’s search for a stadium may lead the club to look at locations outside of New York City’s five boroughs, but Garber stated that is not something  that New York City FC is considering.

“It’s a five-borough project. That’s what they’re focused on,” said Garber. “They’re very, very focused on building in the five boroughs, as well they should be. They’re a New York City team, so their focus is 100 percent around building in the five boroughs.”


  1. Tampa is too close to Orlando. Orlando City wouldn’t give up their rights to that territory – same reason Baltimore can’t get a team because DC United won’t allow it.

    • It’s tempting to lump Orlando and Tampa into one big metro area, but I can assure you that neither town really cares for each other, least of all in the sporting sense.

      The derby matches between the two teams would be LIT.

  2. Beckham should drop Miami and combine with the NASL Tampa Bay Rowdies ownership group. The Rowdies already play in a great, waterfront location in downtown St. Pete on the bay. It would be an instant and much better regional rivalry with Orlando City.

  3. Instead of letting a bald guy with a comb over decide who plays in the top flight domestic soccer league why not let it be a meritocracy and let teams get promoted in.

    • Oh, you mean the guy who is the commissioner and who has overseen unprecedented success and growth?

      Neither MLS nor NASL is viable enough at the moment to put a topsy-turvy system like that in place.

      MLS needs to get to 24 and NASL needs to get to at least 18 and be around for at least 10 years before you can even start the discussion.

      “Why not let it be a meritocracy…?” That kind of thinking is so naive that it makes your type hard to even take seriously.

      • I think he was jealously trying to rip Beckham…anyways you are right Lamb, the MLS is way healthy and the trajectory is solid, people don’t pay attention, momentum is in favor of the league now. I waited 20 years and 2 iterations of the Quakes to get a stadium but others won’t have to wait long at all, Sac has a near-turnkey situation and will get a team, it low hanging fruit. Other situations will take a little longer but doubtful as long as SJ’s.

      • and why the continued talk of pro-reg? c’mon, it will never happen in the US nor should it. Owners, TV, Fans, Sponsors, players etc. it works for NO ONE

      • Only MLS owners andMLS apologists don’t want it.
        . but go one keep up your concern for billionaires, too bad you don’t care about the hundreds of small clubs all over the country as much as the billionaire owners of MLS.
        . What a joke.

      • Why aren’t we ready for meritocracy? You mock him, but never give a reason for it.
        I do agree that it doesn’t benefit MLS, but benefitting MLS is not be the goal American soccer.

      • Because neither league is even settled yet. They are both still expanding. That is not the time to institute a system like this. Each league needs to be established and settled if you want it to work. I understand that you want your team to have a chance to reach the top flight, but you can’t just form a team and say, “Let me have my chance.” Patience, grasshopper. If this conversation is not part of the landscape once MLS has had 24 and NASL has had 18 for long enough to be stable, then you can start ripping it.

  4. C’mon garber is not stupid enough to say some hidden information.
    Miami will get their team and stadium and that’s confidential information for only Becks to know. Miami will get their team and stadium and hopefully at a good location.
    NYC needs time just like Miami but NYC is more about politics rather than buying expensive land in Miami.
    Both will have their stadium by latest 2020. Why would he spread underground news?

    • 2020 sounds right and things are moving along nicely across the league, took a lot longer in SJ and over two iterations of the Earthquakes, Salt Lake was shaky forever…its better now not worse, that was Garber’s Red Bull point…

  5. Miami is dead. The Univ of Miami football team is stuck at Joe Robbie Stadium for the next 17 years. Beckham should step up and buy 10 acres but he refuses. In the meantime, actual businessmen buy up sites that could work.

  6. Beckham and his group will get it done, sooner or later, and it will be one of the finest organizations in MLS. Be patient. ….

    • exactly, that is the theme, these things take time, the league is healthy, stadiums are getting built and being filled, it is a great trajectory and is poised to get better. No one needs to be revoked, however I am sure the league will be smart and add Sac which has a near turnkey situation and a fan base

  7. My personal wish is that they’d move North of Miami.

    There was an article in the local paper that the University of Miami was in talks with Beckham’s group about building a new joint stadium for the Hurricanes and Miami Vice FC (or whatever they’re going to call themselves). It’s not ideal but better that over being built next to Marlins Park.

    • Q: What is worse than being the red haired step-child to an NFL team?

      A: Being the red haired step-child to a college football team.

  8. You know the situation is dire in Miami when the best-case scenario is maybe, hopefully getting a stadium next to Marlins Park. How did we go from downtown waterfront to a crappy location where the view of downtown will be blocked by the baseball stadium?

    Just kill this thing already and let some other deserving community/fans/ownership group have a team. Trying to force the situation in Miami when it’s abundantly clear that Miami isn’t ready (or doesn’t want MLS) is just embarrassing.

  9. Let’s just put them in NFL stadiums like all the other new franchises. Sun Life and MetLife. I know MetLife is in Jersey but where else are we going to find a place for 80k fans? The Red Bulls are leaving anyway. Boom, problem solved.

    • Add Sacramento now. Let them break ground – and add a few K seats to Bonny in the meantime and roll forward.

      Decide later which other city you want to delay the furthest.. Miami or Mn. Doesnt look like its a decision you’d actually have to make for a while.

      • no need to revoke anyone, just add Sac, in fact this is more evidence that this will happen sooner than later, the league could use a stadium win and Sac is as close to turnkey as you can get….

  10. “It’s a five-borough project.”

    Do we really think any of these neck beards would support a team in Staten Island?


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