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Atlanta United reveals new logo




Set to enter the MLS fray in 2017, Atlanta United FC announced its new logo Tuesday night.

As part of a celebration for the team and a viewing party for the U.S. Men’s National Team match against Honduras in the 2015 Gold Cup, Atlanta United presented its new logo to more than 4,000 people in attendance.

The team’s colors of gold, red and black all prominently feature in the logo, and the circular design draws from Atlanta’s city seal, and like it’s name, the shape stands for unity.

“It’s a strong logo,”Atlanta United owner Arthur Blank told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “It represents Atlanta, which is what we wanted to pitch. It’s very compatible with other logos you might see in soccer, nationally and internationally.”

Check out the club’s official announcement of the logo below:

What do you think of the new logo? Think the design suits the city of Atlanta?

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  1. My sons soccer club is Atlanta fire united, so this Atlanta united makes sense for those of you who have no idea they are uniting the entire south and no Orlando doesn’t count, they are also uniting or trying to at least a youth club environment that is fiercely competitive.

  2. Everything about Atlanta United FC seems half-assed. An owner just looking to cash in with minimal effort.

    The name is super lame, FC doesn’t make sense for US teams in the first place, but to add in United as well? Yuck. Logo is lame, looks like a cheesy Disney movie cover. Colors are meh, of course they’re red and black b/c Atlanta, but there’s plenty of red/black already. Playing in a football stadium is lame. Turf is lame.

  3. I will say that the video was very Mockingjay…haha One of the gals I was with last night pointed it out… we all laughed

  4. Wow, I do not like it. There’s no fun in it. It feels kind of old school fascist to me. Like some pseudo-Nazi imagery from 1984 or The Wall. Cold, generic, boring.

  5. I’m obviously not a marketing guy, but circle with an A — they’ll be known as the “A-holes” before too long.

  6. I think the logo is fine. It’s like the team name, they went safe. Not terribly exciting but it works.

    And as an ATLien for 11 years, we all called it “the A” anyway, so I like the singular A.

    • +1

      it’s not groundbreaking but it’s not some horrendous atrocity either. i can live with it as long as our team is good. THAT’s what will make the logo or name special; WINNING…

      the only reason the Braves “A” is a popular logo is because of the success of our team.

  7. Remember it was the fans who chose the name. They spoke, the team heard, and we have the league’s 2nd united.

  8. People who complain about the colors need to come up with alternatives. There are just so many color schemes that go together in a bag of skittles so what do we do? It’s not like any other professional sports league doesn’t have teams sporting similar colors; Houston Texas, NE Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Indians, Minnesota Twins, Texas Rangers all red/blue…Baltimore Orioles/SF Giants – Black and Orange…We already have purple, green, different shades of blue, orange, black/red, yellow/black…with some many teams and limited color schemes, there is just so much we can do.

    If anything, I wish MLS did not have an exclusive with Adidas and would let teams negotiate their kits with the likes of Nike and Puma. Adidas does some good kits but that three stripe sleeve on every kit is monotonous and takes away some of the creativity.

    • did you not listen to the video? it’s a graphic design trick to subtly imply “being grounded/rooted”

  9. LAFC needs to come up with a new color palette now since it seems they were going down the black, red, and gold road as well. I realize that we only have limited colors to work with but let’s get creative.

  10. Another “franchise” that will be playing on fake turf.

    That’s a wrong move!

    Why would you force another team, in Atlanta of all places, to play on fake turf? Football must never be played on fake turf, unless we are talking about Antarctica United or Dynamo Siberia.

    I refuse to watch any home Sounders game on that abomination they call turf.

  11. I would have liked Atlanta Terminus Legion SC.

    ATL. Put that on everything. I think that would have been better. But United is fine too.

  12. Another circle logo?
    More red and black?
    Another “United”?
    Am I missing something?
    Cmon MLS u keep breaking my heart.

    • curious, are you proposing MLS had a say in this logo/team name? sure they may have had soooome green light power on the latter but surely the logo is up to the club. but maybe you just mean the collective of the league’s teams keep letting you down rather than the league execs. no neg intended.

    • I’m hoping LAFC does something with LA County’s already subline coat of arms/ shield to break up the monotony.

  13. That are they uniting? Why use the most cliche name? Why have a generic create a team badge? What’s the identity of the club? An ‘A’? Like the Silverbacks crest? The kit, red and black stripes? Like the Silverbacks? What’s unique about any of this!?

      • I listened to the video, I heard a guy with an English accent. So let’s review, copied a name, copied colors, guy without a southern accent and the first reference to “uniting” involves a Giant airport in which people fly in to and immediately fly out of.

        Absolutely, utterly, nothing original.

      • you can have your opinion but just on a couple things:

        ” …guy without a southern accent…”

        So should Minn U’s video have the voice of the character from Fargo? Should Miami FC’s have a spanish accent? Should NYCFC have had Biz markie beatbox? Should TFC have had Philip and Terrance do the voice? It’s hilarious to watch people nitpick… carry on, if that makes you happy in life.

        “the first reference to “uniting” involves a Giant airport in which people fly in to and immediately fly out of.”

        seems you’re missing the point (easily distracted with moving pictures?). the reference to ‘uniting’ is speaking of the present AND the past. throughout history Atlanta has been a large hub connecting the country, whether by railroad, car or plane (as civilization evolved) thus we have been heavily involved in the country’s commerce.

        Being that this is all in the “moving pictures” above, I, sadly, would not assume you to have the ability to put all of this together………….. even if it was presented in a clear promo video–wait…

      • You are seriously defending that video?

        Someone needs to remember when the update the logo in 5 years, if it doesn’t touch the circle the team has lost the connection to the community.

        Why did the announcer have a British accent again?

      • the logo DOES touch the circle, and is clearly mentioned in the video.

        why does the announcer have a british accent? Probably because he is british….

        why does an announcer for a promo video have to have a certain accent. quite possibly the dumbest criticism i have heard…

      • The origin stories for the boring crests coming out are contrived. You put something like stripes, an ordinary design feature, on the crest. After the fact you had the Glengarry Glen Ross guy in the office BS a story. It won’t save a boring logo 5-10 years from now, when the story will sound just as contrived. “Oh, the stripes stand for…..yeah, right. Still bland.”

        The normal way to tell a story with a logo is to put an object that conveys the story. A cannon for arsenal. Three lions for England. This makes implicit sense when looked at. I don’t have to go consult some made up backstory.

      • I can live with the crest but I agree that the “story” behind the crest is pure corporate focus group marketing garbage. Unity (oh i get it, they’re a team!) Excellence? Like the Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the field of Excellence, Excellence? When you have as much money as Blank has you almost feel obliged to spend it on a BOATLOAD of marketing and consulting firms who need to justify their fees by making up some BS foundation Pillars garbage.

      • which teams DONT have a “corporate focus group marketing” story behind the crest………….?

      • 100% agree. Who cares what different parts of a logo supposedly stand for? No one is going to remember or care. Crap marketing spin.

      • +1,000,000

        DCU is a great example of don’t have to explain a lot. An Eagle….in the nation’s capital….with a soccer ball…and a gold star reppin’ the original MLS Cup. yep….check, check, check.

        INDY XI’s crest is also pretty straight forward. Checkerboard background (racing) and lady victory from the monument in the center of the state/ city. Check. Check.

    • haha i agree, which i kinda like the Avengers-ness. also i can live with the “United” considering the hub ATL has been for many decades. personally i just hope we don’t have striped jerseys as a play on the stripes in the logo. i can’t stand striped uniforms.

      my 2 cents as an Atlantan

      • Too bad. Silverbacks have red and black hoops. This’ll probably be red and black vertical (AC Milan).

      • yea as long as we get a special all gold 3rd kit ill be happy (“Au” FC…)

  14. Hope the gold features more than the red and black. Atlanta United FC with red and black is a direct ripoff of DC United. Smells like another forged “rivalry” by the MLS hierarchy..

    • Not such a ripoff when you consider the other major sports teams in Atlanta wear red and black (Falcons, Hawks). I don’t think DC has the right to a moratorium on the term “United” either. However, taken together, its a little cheesy. Wish they had gone a different direction.

      Also not a fan of “FC”, but that is my pet peeve. Americans call it soccer.

      • right, i have little issue with the “united” part but i’m not a fan of any of MLS teams using FC, i don’t hate it but it does bother me more. much like “real” salt lake is odd. I’m impartial to “sporting”; technically it’s accurate.

        it should be “SC”; Orlando got it right (oddly enough considering that the large latino community there would likely think of the sport as “futbol”, but who knows)

        on a random side note: i’m still low-key pushing for the nickname of “Gold FC” or “Gold Gang” (Au=Gold…..) in reference to Atlanta recording artist Trinidad Jame$’s hit song….. lol…..i know, i know…

        PSS- I’d love a quality all gold kit…

      • I actually agree here. The A is featured prominently – like the Silverbacks logo; it’s contained within a circle – like the Silverbacks logo; the colors are predominantly Red and Black – like the Silverbacks; and the kits will probably be red and black stripes – like the Silverbacks (albeit in different directions – vertical v. horizontal).

        It’s just not about the “colors” Yankiboy. You’ve got to look deeper.

    • Generic name, generic crest. This not only has no soccer ball it has no logo or anything. There is no identity.

      In terms of originality, compare this with the Philadelphia Union crest.


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