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Comedian showers Sepp Blatter with money at FIFA press conference

Sepp Blatter FIFA money shower



Sepp Blatter’s press conference on Monday was surely an eventful one.

Ahead of a press event detailing the recent announcement of FIFA’s upcoming presidential elections, Blatter was the target of a prank by comedian Simon Brodkin, also known as Lee Nelson.

The British comedian snuck into the press conference and stated his displeasure, showering the FIFA president with money while Blatter called security to remove Brodkin from the premises.

The event is far from the first time Brodkin has caused an uproar with his hijinks, as the comedian has previously crashed a Kanye West performance and England’s flight to Brazil ahead of the 2014 World Cup.

FIFA announced Monday that an election will be held next February to determine the organization’s next president

Check out a video of the incident below:


  1. Sepp’s like “We have to clean here first.” and everyone’s says “Oh, you mean the corruption. We get it. We get it.” And he’s like “No, this worthless fake stack of cash. Oh and I still think women players should wear shorter shorts.”

  2. Kind of a cheap way to get publicity.. But whatever…it’s at Sepp’s expense so I’m okay with it. Ha.

  3. Look at Blatter’s face as soon as that cash is tossed in the air. It’s priceless. He recognizes it’s all $1 bills and he’s not even remotely interested. Goes to show you he comes with a high price tag!!

  4. “Ladies and gentlemen, we have to clean here first…” Too bad the irony of that statement is lost on Sepp…

  5. Nice gesture. But come on, Sepp won’t be tempted by that amount of money. It’s not even enough for him to buy lunch.


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