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Lampard looking to make amends on the field ahead of NYCFC debut

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After all of the missed deadlines and controversy that preceded his arrival, Frank Lampard is finally a member of New York City FC, and he couldn’t be more excited to finally get on the field.

Nearly a full year after signing with the club, Lampard is set to make his NYCFC debut this Sunday against Toronto FC, finally putting the much talked about Lampard-gate to rest by taking the field at Yankee Stadium.

Despite all of the controversy that came with his extended stay with Manchester City, Lampard wouldn’t quite say he regrets his time abroad. Rather, Lampard says that he is excited to make amends for any frustration the he has caused, with those apologies coming in the form of on-the-field successes.

“I’ve always been a very determined character and I think football and my career has always thrown out moments,” Lampard said in a press conference Tuesday. “Any player that has as long of a career as I’ve had will have moments and decisions, and I’ve learned that the only way to answer any question is on the pitch. For me, I’m not interested in looking backwards at all. I’m very, very excited to be here and I’ll try and make all my answers on the pitch in the coming months, this season and next season.

“It’s difficult to say I have regrets and look back with a negative feeling,” Lampard added. “My aim is to look forward now. I don’t know about regrets, but I am very excited to be here now to try and play my best football. I think we’re in a decent position in the league now, just short of the playoffs, where if we can put a little run together, and I hope to be a part of that. I won’t have any regrets at the end of the season when we hopefully have a successful year.”

Lampard’s path to success will begin on Sunday (3 p.m.) in a game that the midfielder has already circled as a special one in his career. With both his father and sister flying in from England, Lampard is looking forward to finally taking the field with his new team and fitting in with a brand new group of players.

However, both Lampard and Jason Kreis know that that transition will be anything but easy, as the NYCFC head coach has previously been quite critical on summer signings and their potential impacts.

One thing is for certain: Lampard will assume his place in the central midfield, where he will be expected to provide his trademark attacking gusto while providing help where he can defensively. For Kreis, Lampard’s ability to boss a midfield will make the transition easier, despite the growing pains that will come in the coming weeks and months.

“If you know me well enough, you know I won’t offer anything concrete as to where Frank will play except to see that he is a central midfield player,” Kreis said. “We will look to integrate him in that role, and yes, it’s difficult to add players in the summer but I didn’t say it was impossible. I think that we look to get these guys involved as quickly as possible.

“When you’re adding players at this level, the difficulty becomes less and less, but it still exists, and we know that it’s a project, and we know that it’s going to take some time.”

That adjustment will take place in the coming weeks for Lampard, both on and off the field.

A self-proclaimed city boy, Lampard says that he has already taken to New York City, going so far as to admit his struggles with driving around the crowded city streets. Praising the city’s taking to soccer, Lampard says that he already feels at home in the Big Apple, making the transition to life across the pond all the easier.

Where the difficulties will now come is getting situated on the field, especially when it comes to getting in tune with fellow superstars David Villa and Andrea Pirlo. Lampard was quick to joke that he would allow Pirlo to take the team’s free kicks while also admitting that he was looking forward to developing relationships with each and every member of the NYCFC locker room.

“Both of them are players that I’ve admired from afar and will be an absolute joy to play with,” Lampard said. “I didn’t realize it would happen at this stage of my career. I’m a lucky man to be in the same squad.

“It was a joy to train this week and get to know the lads a little bit more,” the midfielder added. “I’ll do everything I can to integrate as quickly as I can by making friends, making relationships, on and off the pitch, in the dressing room, to try and help the team.”

Lampard understands the standards he will be held to when it comes to helping the team, especially given all of the hype and controversy that proceeded his arrival.

With everything now in the rear-view mirror, Lampard is looking forward to creating happier memories for NYCFC while continuing to embrace the culture around both his club and new home.

“The only debt I have is to come and play good football now,” Lampard said. “As I’ve said before, I’ve been taken in by this club and this city so far with lots of people I’ve met on the streets and my involvement with the club, it’s all been positive.  If anyone feels there is a debt, I will try and answer everything on the pitch, like I’ve done with my career.

“I’m a pretty straight person. I work very hard. I try and do my best, and if that can bring success, if I can help the team win, then there are no debts to pay. We’ll all be happy.”


  1. At the beginning of the season when Mourinho was determining how to win the PL league title he decided not having Lampard on the team was the way to go. When he saw his closest competitor pick up Lampard he knew Chesea was a lock for the title…

  2. While I agree with Lampard’s philosophy here, it’s so easy to just behind it and let the people who took advantage of, and spit on, NY and MLS fan get away scot free.

    The only reason I am supportive of him and NYCFC doing well is to keep Red Bulls down so someone answers for firing Petke, which was one of the most bone-headed decisions in MLS history.

  3. Best of luck to you Frank. Many of us support our teams but also are rooting for our league to continue to grow and improve in quality. Soccer is on the rise here in the States. I am glad you are here and wish you great success,except for when you play my Dynamo.
    We will all hopefully be gracious to you in regards to the delay. You deserve to make any decisions you choose. After all thats the American way. Dont listen to the negatives. Just let your world class quality do the talking. America and MLS are fortunate to have you here.


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