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Galaxy waive Penedo, could bring back Ricketts as replacement

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As it turns out, Jaime Penedo won’t be returning between the pipes for the LA Galaxy following the conclusion of the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

According to LA Galaxy Insider, Penedo and the Galaxy have agreed to mutually terminate the veteran Panamanian international’s contract and place him on waivers. Penedo lasted a little less than two years with the LA Galaxy, joining after a stellar run to the 2013 Gold Cup final.

Penedo’s command in goal was crucial in the Galaxy’s 2014 MLS Cup title-winning season, earning him the nickname “San Penedo.”

In a post on his Instagram page, Penedo, 33, cited contractual issues as his reason for departing the Galaxy, but thanked the Galaxy fans who supported him over the past two seasons. LA Galaxy Insider’s report states that Penedo asked to leave the club and that its unlikely he would stay in MLS.

To replace Penedo, both LA Galaxy Insider and the Orlando Sentinel are reporting that a familiar face could return to the StubHub Center.

According to both reports, Orlando City and the Galaxy are in discussions to send veteran goalkeeper Donovan Ricketts to Los Angeles.

Ricketts, who has played 10 matches for Orlando City this season, was a member of the Galaxy from 2009-2011, going 39-16-19 with 30 shutouts. With starting goalkeeper Tally Hall recovered from a torn anterior cruciate ligament suffered last season, Ricketts’ likely became expendable for Orlando City, despite the club drafting the Jamaican international with the first overall selection in the 2015 MLS Expansion Draft.

Penedo ends his time with the LA Galaxy with a record of 29-14-18, with 21 shutouts and 177 saves in MLS action.


What do you think of this development? How much do you see this affecting the Galaxy’s MLS Cup chances? Is Ricketts a good replacement? Should the Galaxy stay with Brian Rowe as their No. 1?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I like Penedo, and am sorry to see him go, especially under these circumstances. But I was also a fan of Ricketts, and am glad to see him back. But all that said, the keeper of the LAG future is Rowe. He is a much more modern keeper than either, playing much higher out of the box, and his distribution is much more targeted. He is also an excellent shot-stopper, but his strength is breaking up attacks before they develop, which neither Penedo or Ricketts do. I think Arena sees him as the next long term keeper for LAG, or he would have brought in a younger replacement for Penedo.

  2. Like many here I find it disappointing to lose a very good player due to financial reasons. However, if there is one position where the US and MLS excel at it’s Goal Keeper. There is little to no reason to pay huge $$ on a GK when there are plenty to be had at reasonable prices throughout the league.
    Spending $$ on attacking players or players that you can build your team around gets you more bang for your buck than shelling out cash when you can find someone almost as good for 1/2 the expense.

    • Very True.The Galaxy just re-acquired Ricketts, and still have Brian Rowe, who filled in quite well when Penedo was at the Gold Cup. They also have Brian Perk, who has been out this season with a broken ankle. The Galaxy also have Andrew Wolverton a 22 y.o. 6’7″ man-mountain who played well against Club America and Barcelona. At the Galaxy 2. they have 23y.o. Clement Diop, who played for various French National Youth teams.

      The Galaxy are well stocked with veterans and up-and-coming goalkeepers

  3. Bottlecaps is spot on with this one. And surely the last straw for Penedo had to be the Galaxy’s maneuvering to bring in Dos Santos. Dos Santos got the DP slot, and the Galaxy then dedicated ALL FIVE YEARS WORTH of the league’s new targeted allocation money to pay of Omar Gonzalez salary for the remainder of this season.

    That targeted allocation money (TAM) was intended by the league precisely for players like Penedo, non-DP players who deserve more than the league minimum. Penedo was informed he wouldn’t see a penny of it and he just said “ok I’m done.”

    Pity too. This have and have not player salary structure really threatens the quality of the league, rather than enhance it.

    Good bye San Penedo. You were awesome for the Galaxy and deserved better than this.

    • “That targeted allocation money (TAM) was intended by the league precisely for players like Penedo”

      not true. TAM can only be used on players who were already DPs within a certain range. only Omar fit into the parameters. they couldn’t have used that TAM money on anyone other than Omar…

  4. Since garber is full of ideas and loves to F around,why not for the next cba, raise the salary cap and add a goalkeeper DP spot.
    Have a DP spot for a goalkeeper with different rules besides the 3 dps and core spot.
    It wouldn’t be bad, usa is a goalkeeper powerhouse and mls can even sell them more expensive.
    In a nice mls world, raise the cap, have 4 dps, 1 goalkeeper dp spot with different rules,1 usa player spot, and Dont let all the budget hit the salary cap.
    In 5 years, owner s will have no other decision but use their money.

  5. If you read Penedo’s comments on his explanation on why he’s leaving, it appears he is the first “victim” of the new CBA. if you remember, the new CBA was pretty explicit on how much of a raise a player could make each yeart.

    Penedo’s reasoning was that no matter how well he did, how many awards or accolades he received, it could not be translated into a bigger raise. He has a point,. His contract was agreed upon, before the new CBA, and he agreed to sign without any bonus clause, believing he would be compensated extra for his fine work. Not so, because under the CBA and because he has played only two years in the MLS, a raise would be very small, and according to Penedo, would not provide enough economic security for him and his family. So the Galaxy put him on waiver, but their is little chance he would agree to join another MLS team under his current contract terms.

    • I read his comments more as he wants a guaranteed contract, which under the new CBA he is ineligible to receive. So, he said adios, and the Galaxy agreed.

  6. If it’s over salary disputes one can only wonder if he asked for at least a modest raise the Galaxy just couldn’t afford it. Good Keeper, but there’s enough GK talent to go around.

  7. I am not high on LA. Hadn’t been all season. The addition were going to be interested.
    This really hurts them. I disagree with the replaceable comments, etc. He was very good for them, many times.

  8. He was making crap money compared to other players who contribute much less. He most likely received an offer that LA couldn’t match, only because they’ve already got $18 million tied up in 4 players. They also don’t wanna risk keeping an unhappy goalie between the stix

  9. I’m pretty disappointed about this news. It seems odd to waive your starting goalie (who shined at the GC) in the middle of your season. Hopefully more details will follow.

    • There is definitely something going on that is driving all of this. Did he get an offer at the Gold Cup that the Galaxy couldn’t match? Why would they just waive the guy?

      • Couldn’t or didn’t want to match. That’s the only thing that makes sense to me. Even that doesn’t make a lot of sense because he probably still has time on his contract so you think the Galaxy could have sold him to a team outside of MLS that wanted him.

    • There were rumblings last season that Penedo wasn’t happy, even that he may just retire altogether.

      Word on the street is, Bruce likes Ricketts better anyway because his distribution is much better.

      The GK talent pool in the US and MLS is pretty deep, and LA doesn’t spend a ton on keepers. In Bruce we trust…

    • I’m not a galaxy fan cause MLS stinks, but I talked to James Pinata (spell check) outside Bay Cities deli not long ago and asked him about it. He replied in spanish and since I don’t speak spanish, I can’t tell you what he said, but it definitely sounded like something.

      Anyways now that I have your attention, new season for Game of Throw-Ins is this Sunday and we’re looking to win this new division after being promoted. Game is at 2:15 at Santa Monica College. Hope to see you all there and hopefully get an interview with Ives.


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