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Los Angeles Football Club announced as official name of LA’s newest MLS team

Los Angeles LAFC banner

Los Angeles’ newest MLS team is still three years away from taking the field for the first time, but it now officially has a name.

The club announced in a statement that Los Angeles Football Club will be the official name of the team moving forward. The club initially used LAFC as its placeholder, but the team has decided that no change was needed and opted to keep the name.

“The name we chose is true to Los Angeles, authentic to world football and speaks to our global ambitions,” LAFC managing partner and owner Henry Nguyen said of the name.

The club is also using a social media campaign in order to gauge fans’ interest in choosing the team’s colors. The campaign will end on Sept. 18, and as of now, the color yellow has more shares on Twitter than red, blue, white, gold, pink and black. However, more colors will be up for vote this upcoming week.

“We promise to give supporters an opportunity to have a significant voice as we build and co-create this club together,” LAFC president and owner Tom Penn said.

What do you think about the name? What would you have liked Los Angeles’ second team to be called?

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  1. There aren’t really any good options for American soccer teams, you steal monikers like Real, United, Football Club or you’re stuck trying to find a nickname like the teams in ’96 which were lame. I think it would have been cool for a city with a second franchise like LA to go for a name related to the neighborhood but that would risk alienating the rest of LA and thus not being profitable.

    • Yea, especially since in this country we call it soccer. Football is the NFL.

      I hate that crap. I get that the rest of the world calls it football but sorry, we ended up calling it soccer. Own it.

      But no, call it Football club and now we sound legit. Yea, NYFC is a real legit team alright.

      • Kind of agree. Here (and Australia), it’s soccer, and trying to force ‘football’ in a country where the big game is a different football seems odd.

        Besides, LASC could be fun, as it might be pronounced like Lassie and the team’s unofficial nickname could be the b… female dogs.

      • go more cro-magnon, kev, that will impress the babes at sbi, i’m sure.

        who helps you form sentences when you post? the boy you stole the lunch money from?

    • I always liked the name of the old LA team, the Aztecs. It also happens to be the name for the teams of my college alma mater and it pays homage to the Mexican heritage of the area.

  2. O/T for the original supporters of the league how has things been? In just about 20 years of MLS has the NT performed? Have we developed enough top talent or interest that you would have predicted/hoped for back in 1996?

    • Hoped for no, but realistically envisioned yes. Remember in 96 we had actually made it through qualification once and automatically qualified once. We are just now getting into generations that have always had MLS and the growth of the game is continuing all over the country not just in coastal areas or urban centers.

      I am disappointed the league is adding expansion cities so quickly to meet TV markets instead of making the teams they have better and deeper.

      • They also add them for the franchise fees that now are over $100 million each, which is then divided among the existing clubs. This has become a major source of revenue the past 5 years or so.

  3. Not terribly imaginative, but it doesn’t matter much. I wish they would put a franchise in San Diego, but the city leaders in San Diego don’t seem interested.

    • I wish the MLS would approve a franchise in SD too. But their seems a paucity of ownership groups wanting a franchise there. It seems surprising to me, as a former resident, that no groups have come forward as there is certainly a good number of million/billionaires residing there. Maybe it’s the political atmosphere. When the Chargers came there from LA, it was the 60’s. I believe the Padres came ther in the 70’s and Clippers left in the early 80’s. Since then, no more sports franchises as the city fathers have absolutely refused any kind of public funding since they built Petco Park. Now the Chargers are a big possibility to move, unveiling plans for a new shared stadium (with the Raiders) in Carson, Ca.

      LA, on the other hand, will welcome LAFC as a new MLS team, and could also welcome the Saint Louis Rams back to LA as Stan Kroenke owners of Arsenal and the Co. rapids bought most of Santa Anita Park and has approval from Inglewood Ca, to build a new football stadium there,

      LA fans are quirt cynical of NFL football, having both teams leave in the 80’s and teased constantly over the last 30 years by NFL ownners who used (and could still be using) LA as a lever to improve the new stadium deals at their current locations.

      By the way, AEG has threatened to sue the builders of the NFL stadium in Carson, as it’s only about 3 miles from the Stub Hub Center and will need a proper EIR before the plan for the NFL could be approved and AEG contends that the traffic numbers in the current one are badly done and will show there could be more major impacts on the ability of Galaxy fans to get to their games. Although it cannot be much worse for any new LAFC fan trying to get to a game on any day USC plays at the LA Coliseum.

      • As someone who was born and raised in San Diego and who worked for City government for a couple of decades, a big problem is that San Diego has grown into a major city, but in many ways many of the people still have a small town mentality. Too few civic leaders have real vision. Getting major projects done, even when they are really needed, is like pulling teeth. The area is a hotbed for youthg soccer and a rivalry with both the Galaxy and Tijuana, at least in friendlies, seem like natural events that would light a spark. International friendlies always draw well, too. But no one has stepped forward or even suggested anything concrete that I am aware of.

      • stub hub is one of our most important stadiums. i like nfl but 3 miles away? omg can you say “traffic nightmare”? i hope this doesn’t ruin one of our most important cultural centers of pro soccer in this country.

    • Or Sacramento, St. Louis or anyplace else that wants a team. I’ve been an LA sports fan since childhood and I don’t sense that there is any pent up demand for another soccer team. An I-5 Classico would have been nice.


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