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SBI Question of the Day: How confident are you that the USMNT will beat Mexico?


On Oct. 10, the U.S. Men’s National Team and Mexico will meet in Pasadena, California for arguably one of the most important matches in the two fierce rivals’ history.

And with only a few weeks remaining before kickoff, one side appears to have the edge heading into the CONCACAF Cup.

While not consistently dominant from start to finish, Mexico claimed the Gold Cup title this past summer, and recent club form of El Tri’s starters has the U.S.’s counterpart shaping up to be the favorite. That being said. Both the U.S. and Mexico have struggled to produce consistent performances in recent months, posting below-average results in friendlies and competitive matches alike.

With the CONCACAF Cup just three weeks away, here is a closer look at how the teams are shaping up, and we ask SBI readers to tell us how confident they are in the USMNT beating Mexico:

Mexico appears to be the favorite to win the CONCACAF Cup, with players like Jesus Manuel Corona and Hector Moreno. Corona scored twice for FC Porto in his debut over the weekend, and Moreno scored a goal to help lead PSV to a comeback win against Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League.

Corona also featured for FC Porto in its 2-2 UCL tie with Dinamo Kiev, joining Mexican international teammates Hector Herrera and Miguel Layun, who also regularly feature for the Portuguese giant. Even Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez opened his goal-scoring account for Bayer Leverkusen, scoring against BATE Borisov in the team’s 4-1 UCL win Wednesday.

One potential stumbling block is the health of Gold Cup MVP Andres Guardado, who recently suffered an ankle injury that could rule him out of the CONCACAF Cup.

Guardado’s injury aside, with good form and the CONCACAF Gold Cup title, El Tri should be full of confidence before the Confederation’s Cup playoff.

Meanwhile, the Americans have shown they have the potential to do well against the world’s best in 2015, winning six in a row at one time, including wins against Mexico, Netherlands and Germany in consecutive games. Mexico also hasn’t beaten the Americans since June 2011, when El Tri defeated the U.S. in the Gold Cup final.

Yet, a fourth-place finish in the summer’s Gold Cup and below-average performances in September friendlies have many U.S. fans worried that Mexico will be the one to represent CONCACAF in the 2017 Confederations Cup.

After the Gold Cup tournament, head coach Miguel Herrera was sacked after punching a journalist. Ricardo Ferretti stepped up as interim manager, and so far, the new boss has not had too many issues, leading his squad to two ties against Trinidad & Tobago and Argentina.

The September international window was supposed to help Mexico regroup and focus on October. However, while Mexico looked dangerous during long stretches of both games, only a late Hector Herrera goal kept Trinidad & Tobago from winning the first friendly. A calamitous finish from Mexico’s back line and goalkeeper saw Argentina score two goals after the 80th minute to tie in the team’s second match.

The U.S. didn’t have a strong September showing as well, though, and the team has left much to be desired since the summer.

Despite topping their group, the U.S. failed to register complete performances in the Gold Cup, with Clint Dempsey seemingly being the only member to aid and contribute to the team’s success.

The Americans’ lackluster play was finally exposed by a pacey Jamaica side in the semifinals, and the U.S. finished in fourth place after losing to Panama in a penalty shootout.

Likewise, the Americans expected to use friendlies against South American sides Peru and Brazil to help them prepare for October’s clash with Mexico. While the team was able to pull off a 2-1 win against Peru, the U.S. did not look in control most of the game, and Peru scored first. Gyasi Zardes, Tim Ream and Jermaine Jones turned in notable performances, but they were all seemingly nonexistent against Brazil the following Tuesday.

Only a late, long-range bullet from Danny Williams gave the U.S. a silver lining, but there was little to take away from the 4-1 drubbing they received.

Now, with no more friendlies to be played, and with two weeks to go before the teams convene in Southern California to prepare for the CONCACAF Cup, SBI wants to know how confident you are that the USMNT will beat Mexico.

Cast your vote here:

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How did you vote, and why? Who do you see winning the CONCACAF Cup? Think Mexico will pull out the victory? See the Americans finding a way to beat ‘El Tri’?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I’m as gloomy as everyone else here about the US prospects in this match, primarily because of Klinsmann and his refusal to play a regular lineup, play our athletes in their natural positions thereby giving them the best chance to succeed, and his general willingness to blame others for what can be reasonably argued are issues he’s most responsible for. Plus, Landon Donovan.

    That said, let’s try to be realistic.

    In the last six games since the Gold Cup debacle in 2011, we haven’t lost to Mexico. Three wins and three draws. Two of those matches were at Azteca. And despite the fears that playing at the Rose Bowl is essentially a home game for Mexico, El Tri is 2-9-3 (W-L-D) on US soil since 1999.

    So while it’s easy to be very worried about this match, the argument that Mexico has dominated the US in any way is specious. In fact it’s been the opposite. And as much as I’d love to see Klinsmann gone…. come on you Nats!

  2. If you guys haven’t noticed in the past few years Mexico has always fielded a side that has always understood eachother despite the coaching changes. USMNT changes players all the time under the same coach. The fact that Mexico is more talented position by position + chemistry, Mexico definitely has the upper hand especially playing at the rose-teca. I vote blow-out. 4-1 Mexico. Even without Guardado Mexico still has Jonathan Dos Santos who plays that position naturally at Villareal.

  3. Our only chance is if Klinsmann coaches and plays all eleven field positions simultaneously. He has the Champions League experience he covets in players. Klinsmann is a major dude.

  4. To be honest, Mexico could seriously thrash the USMNT with that squad. All their players seem to be hitting form right now in Champions League. Considering that USMNT hasn’t even seen Corona yet can be a BIG SURRISE for our defense. I’ve been watching him play for Porto and he really is remarkable. I vote ‘Not Confident’. I’m just hoping its not a blowout but i’ll predict 3-0, or 3-1 with some luck Mexico.

    • Of all the predictions, rediculous or not, this is the one that i agree with the most.

      He has lost the US players, the same way he lost me. Through arrogance and condescending comments about the fans of the country he leads.

      (Obviously they wont throw the game, but not wanting your coach isnt helping anything)

      • Quit Whining About Soccer in the US,

        “He has lost the US players, the same way he lost me. Through arrogance and condescending comments about the fans of the country he leads.”

        While I realize you may be a USMNT player, I’m assuming that you are not.

        In which case, how do you know JK has “lost” the US players?

        I sincerely doubt that JK is the only arrogant and condescending manager these USMNT players have ever run into. Have you ever caught Bruce Arena’s act?

        If the players quit on JK and lose the game to get JK fired what makes you think the new guy won’t know that and will continue to pick them?

        Would you?

        Very few if any of the USMNT players are in a Galactico position and they need the USMNT and its manager more than it needs them.

  5. Here’s a better poll:

    If the US loses, will it be Jurgen Klinsmann’s final game as head coach of the USMNT?

    a) yes
    b) no
    c) I hope so!

  6. “Not very confident” was an understatement but however was my pick. Nothing is impossible, but the US will need crap load of luck to beat Mexico at their current form and mental state!

    • Why? Mexico hasn’t been playing that well either. Sure maybe JK will reprise the Bedoya as defensive mid or Danny Williams as winger experiments but barring that I don’t see why we don’t have a shot.

    • Mexico has an intern coach who is not bad at all. In 2 games he played a fantastic game against Argentina. The talent pool alone should carry Mexico really

      • He is not that good either, Argentina had 72% possession of the ball. Mexico won the lottery that day with a 2-2 draw.

  7. It’s too early.

    The game is 23 days away.

    Most of the players on both sides will have two, maybe three games before then.

    Time for the presently healthy to get hurt and the presently hurt to get better.

    Time for those playing well to lose form and those not playing well to get sharper.

  8. I put my money on Mexico and my heart on USA.

    Never loosing to El Tri is Klinsmann thing! Lose that title and this will be a disastrous year for him.

    If we win it will be a really special occasion and huge turnaround as this has been a real low period.

  9. JK has never lost to Mexico. I don’t expect that to change. The US team plays at another level with a healthy Dempsey and Jones, and somehow Mexico’s team form rarely reflects the form of its individuals players. I see the US eeking out a very nervy 2-1 win.

    • Jurgen has played 2 friendlies and 2 official games vs Mexico.
      1-1 in official games, with the one with coming in Columbus.
      The other was the draw at Azteca where the US parked the bus the entire game.
      Much has changed from 2013, but I can take a little optimism.

  10. We have a very good record here vs. Mexico, though they did beat us in back to back Gold Cup finals- 2009, 2011. I am confident, but not enough to bet.

  11. As sociological experiment I wonder if those who are on the no chance side are Republicans and the we will win side are Democrats?

    (I know this isn’t a political site and I don’t expect anyone to answer, but after watching the debate last night with Republicans speaking so much doom and gloom I thought perhaps its rubbing off on other parts of their supporters lives)

    • If you area at all familiar with how both teams have performed lately, and the gap in individual talent, and you can’t see Mexico having the upper hand then you are either ddense or living in denial. All teams lose eventually. Even American ones.

      • Spoken like a true blue Mexico fan. How’d that work for your boys the last 6 US-Mexico games? There is no gap in talent and certainly no gap in results in the last few years.

      • Dude! how do you do it? I’m starting to think you hang around here all day waiting for me to post. Do you? I mean with all the Klan meetings and such.

      • The gap between my response and your original post was much longer than the gap between my post and your reply. Maybe it’s you who hang around all day waiting for me.

      • There’s no talent gap?
        Objectively speaking I disagree. Because as I’ve been saying there’s a difference between who you think you are: Your perceived self: vs. Who you really are: Your actual self.
        Name me your starting 11- If the team’s were combined.
        Position by position.
        Then your top 3 subs.
        And an answer such as “It doesn’t matter because JK will play them out of position” is a cop out. Or different styles or formations or whatever is irrelevant.
        The fact that we’ve owned them since 2011 is irrelevant.
        The fact that Mexico hit their stride in Brazil, and the US easily won qualifying, and Mexico tied Argentina, and we got embarrassed by Brazil are all irrelevant.
        You said there’s no talent gap-
        You’re the coach. You can choose anyone anywhere
        Prove it. Name your best 11+ 3 if the 2 teams were combined.

      • I realize that there is this percieved talent gap whenever you talk the US.
        If it is real why does the US keep beating them?

        People in US soccer need to quit going by some perception of the way it is. Oh wait, now that I reread the article, I didnt realize one of the Mexican players scored against a Russian team! In a lopsided contest.

        Color me embarrassed.
        And sarcastic

      • Ok- You’re colored sarcastic.
        Why? The same reason Jamaica beat us. The same reason #2 seeds keep losing to mid majors every March Madness. Because the better TEAM that day won- which by the way I believe will happen again Oct 10 (much to the chagrin of those wanting the coach fired)
        Simply put, I disagree with the assertion there’s no talent gap. Just because I bleed Red White and Blue & freakin hate that team south of the border doesn’t change that.
        So I’d put the same question to you also

      • Bac,

        This particular debate about a talent gap is pointless.

        The US does not play the game the same way Mexico does when they are at their best

        Mexico does not play the game the same way the US does when they are at their best.

        It’s not one on one 11 times. It’s 11 vs 11.

        The team that wins will be the one that can impose their style of play on the game.

      • Agreed-see my answer above. The better team will win, but that wasn’t the statement asserted by someone else, and wasn’t the premise of my question

      • Bac,

        Most of the factors that are being cited on SBI, JK’s streak, Mexico’s perceived talent advantage, Mexico’s perceived “momentum” advantage ad nauseaum, are irrelevant.

        That’s because by October 10 neither team will have played a game for about a month, an eternity in soccer.

        And because chances are both the US and Mexico will play significantly different lineups than what they fielded vs Brazil/Argentina.

        When you have two teams that are as close as Mexico/US that means the game will be, all things being equal, a toss up.

        What will really matter between now and then is:

        1. Injuries: Most of the players will have one or two games before then. There is still time to get injured or time for unhealthy players to get well. Guardado’s loss already has negatively impacted Mexico. Fabian and Clint will need to be as close to 100% as possible.

        2. Managers: The effect of Tuca being the new guy is unknown. It could work either way for Mexico.

        The US will try to overpower Mexico.

        Mexico will try to play the US off the field.

        Same as it ever was.

      • Well, Mexico drew with T&T and they drew with Argentina by playing the old style US game–bunker and counter attack. The only game they really played well in the Gold Cup was the final, so they really haven’t been playing all that well.

  12. In my humble opinion, as long as Jozy Altidore is our starting forward, we will never be an attacking threat. This really has no relevance on this game, other than if he does start and continues to be unsuccessful, then after this game, we need to give other players a chance to start meaningful games with the National Team. Bobby Wood, Jordan Morris, Aron Johannsson, Terrence Boyd (if healthy), and even Gyasi Zardes up top.

  13. If Guardado is out, it will change the match. He was the heart and engine of El Tri most of this year. Despite the fact that Mexico has so many more players playing at big european clubs, I feel the two teams are very evenly matched. Without Guardado, I give the US a slight edge.

    • I see all this talk that Andres Guardado is the difference maker for Mexico. He is trash, if you were to watch him closely you would notice that Guardado can easily be shut down by just not letting him go left. He is overrated. All he has is his left foot. Of course if you let him go to his left he will set up good plays. Stop him from going left and he is done.

      • You can’t compare Guardado to the best player in the world. Besides Messi has proven he can use both left foot and right foot, Guardado on the other hand hesitates when he is denied going left. Just watch him when he goes right, he always passes back.

      • Omar,

        Do you suppose you are smarter than a professional defender?

        Do you think you are the only person in the world who has figured out that Guardado favors his left?

        If stopping Guardado were as easy as you say he would have been marked out of the professional game by now and be playing his soccer only in the park or his back yard.

      • How about Robben. He is so reliant on his left foot it’s ridiculous yet he still manages to thrive even though everyone knows that. Good players find a way. If Guardado is out, it will certainly help the US, but it isn’t necessarily a game changer. I think it comes down to which team wants it more and who plays better, as in better than they usually play.

      • So, if he is trash, why did he get voted as PSV’s MVP last season, leading them to their first league title in a few years? Or become co-captain after his first season on the team?

      • Franz Beckenbauer was one-footed too. But if a defender got close to him, he would blow by and if the defender sat back, he would find a teammate with a pass. He did not need to use his off-foot for either. Being one-footed is not to be confused with being unable to beat defenders even when they pretty much know which foot you will use.

      • Correction

        A lot of people thought you could stop Rooney that way

        And it was true, is true.

        Dont cite Messi to disprove a point, when the comparison isnt Messi quality.

    • Yes, without Guardado, I think they would have lost to Jamaica. He was instrumental in nearly every scoring chance Mexico had. (Though admittedly Jamaican mistakes accounted for 2 of the goals, that was not how most of the opportunities arose.)

    • With Klinsmann throwing out random lineups in every game, it’s impossible to get any feeling of how we’re going to do. Who knows which guys will be out there, let alone if they are playing anything close to their natural position. It’s really hard to get pumped up with such uncertainty. Add to that the Gold Cup results in the final games that mattered and it really shatters any goodwill built up by our European wins.

      It’s a rough time right now.

  14. The US might do well. It all depends on who is put in which position. Altidore did not look very good yesterday. Is he in and out of shape for some reason? If Dempsey is the only go-to player, I don’t see that they can win. If Klinsmann insist on midfielders and defense to look around before they pass the ball and don’t just have a knee-jerk reflexive let’s-give-the-ball-to-Dempsey mindset, they are more likely to win. The team needs every player to believe they are there to win. And each player needs to have his sight on the goal whether it is defense or goal scoring opportunities. In general the team has been hovering too much in their own half.

    They need to spread out and dribble less. It takes too much energy. Only dribble when there is no other way. I would like to see Aron Johannsson start and I would like to see Wondolowski play next to him. They need to come out strong in the beginning. Are players being told to always give the ball to Dempsey or Altidore? That kind of mindset is way too predictable. The movement off the ball is more important thatn on the ball.

    • Jozy was playing as a wing midfielder last night which I don’t think many would say is ideal for him. I thought maybe Vanney was trying to put him in situations were he has to run at people instead of try to hold and turn.

    • You want to “come out strong” and yet you say you want Wondolowski to play? This is an OXYMORON or a Joke. Considering Wondo is the worst striker option in the USMNT player pool. I would start Write & Bruin before ever fielding Wondo in a game like this.

      • He’s only the worst striker option if it gets repeated all the time. The team needs to be a team and give individuals credit for what they can do. This USMNT has shortcomings that have to do with chemistry and flow of the game. Wondo is not going to do well with a certain type of mindset. How is it that nether Dempsey nor Altidore have the number of goals in MLS that Wondo has. The only reason in my opinion is that there are players who do not believe in their team’s ability.

      • “How is it that nether Dempsey nor Altidore have the number of goals in MLS that Wondo has.”

        One reason might be that Wondo has been in MLS a LOT longer.

        If you are referring only to this season, San Jose is built around Wondo scoring. Jozy’s and Clint’s teams are not built the same way.

      • Actually this year, I think, Wondo has played a deeper role, called upon to get back and help defensively more and not as a pure striker.

      • He still is the leading Real American goal scorer in MLS this season.

        Everyone here hates him, mostly because they are lazy, but he is an amazing player.

      • We are talking about this year, 2015. The most prolific scorers in MLS are not USMNT eligible. They are foreigners. Look at stats on the MLS website. The top scorer is Kai Kamara with 20 goals. Somewhere in there is Robbie Keane. Bradley Wright Phillips is in 5th place with 14 goals and Wondo is in 6th place also with 14 goals.

      • Which is why, Birgit, I wrote that Wondo was the leading Real American goal scorer in MLS this season.
        Your original question was :

        “How is it that nether Dempsey nor Altidore have the number of goals in MLS that Wondo has.”

        It was not about the fact that foreign players lead the goal scoring stats in MLS

  15. Not really…We will lose… But silver lining will be Klinsi getting the sack. I was so pro Klinsi when he first took over. However, his failures made me realize that an American coach is what’s best for our team. We cannot be who we are not and must embrace who we are.

  16. “Not very confident. I think the USMNT will lose, but could win with some luck”.




    …….a lot of luck

    • Just curious Bizzy what is your back 4 and why Jozy up front? I actually tend to agree to a certain extent but I want to know why you would play him.

      • Sepp,
        My backline will be:



        Everyone will be playing in position.
        I’d never play Altidore anywhere but I know thats what Klinsmann is going to do

      • Bizzy I would say that it is hard to defend Jozy but he does combine well with Clint and MB and there is some trust there. Whether that is enough to get him there, I am not sure,
        I would also go with Howard but I thought that was not going to happen.
        JJ is an interesting option who brings a lot to a team but does not combine well with MB. If fully fit he can be a valuable asset in some role.

        I like your back 4 but I am not sure about Beas. One thing for sure is that there has never been a consistent pairing of defenders. I think at this point I might just go with the guys that I trust the most and who I think care the most.

      • Are you expecting Fabian Johnson to be unavailable? I just don’t see how you can leave him out when he is one of our very best players. If he is healthy he has to be on the field somewhere.

      • True but has played LB most of his career (deemed the best by Klinsmann), so that is a natural position for him. He started (started, not subbed on) in the midfield (LM) for BORUSSIA MONCHENGLADBACH against Schalke

      • When Fabian first came into the USMNT he gave an interview where he said his favorite, and presumably “natural” position, was the right side of midfield.

        I’ll take his word over yours..

      • bizzy,

        Just to muddy the waters further, note that nowhere does anyone, including Johnson, say left back is Fabian’s “natural position:”

        “Borussia Monchengladbach coach Lucien Favre has admitted his surprise over comments made by U.S. international Fabian Johnson regarding his favourite position.

        Johnson, 27, joined The Foals on a free transfer from domestic rivals Hoffenheim following the 2014 World Cup, which saw the U.S. international excel at right-back.

        However, his participation in the tournament in Brazil meant that he arrived late for his first training sessions at Gladbach.

        Johnson found it hard to break into Favre’s side during the first half of the season, starting only seven of a possible 29 competitive games at his new club. When playing, Johnson was used both in left midfield and at right-back.

        Throughout the first half of the season, Johnson said that he prefers playing at right-back, but that the versatility is working in his favour, and that ultimately he will play wherever the coach fields him.

        Gladbach legend Berti Vogts, who worked with Johnson during the 2014 World Cup as Jurgen Klinsmann’s assistant, warned Favre to not play the USMNT international out of position, saying: “Left midfield is not Johnson’s position, he might have three touches of the ball in 90 minutes there. He’s a right-back.”

        Last weekend, Johnson admitted in German newspaper Bild that he played a disappointing first half of the season, and vowed to fight for his place. He added: “My favourite position is at right-back. I played there before my transfer.”

        Those comments have now led to what Bild has dubbed a “spat” between Favre and Johnson. Speaking to reporters at the end of the Foals’ training camp in Belek, the Swiss coach said he was rather surprised to hear about Johnson’s favourite position.

        “He has always told me that his favourite position is on the left. That’s a problem; he tells me this and [tells] others that his favourite position is at right-back. I wasn’t aware of that,” Favre was quoted by Bild as saying.

        In Belek, Turkey, Johnson played both positions in Gladbach’s friendlies during their winter training camp. In the 3-2 defeat to Werder Bremen, Johnson started on the left before playing in defence for the final 25 minutes.

        The Foals conceded late goals during that period of the game, and the U.S. international did not impress according to Bild.

        “He played well in left midfield against Bremen,” Favre added, and when asked how Johnson played at right-back he added: “You all saw it.””

      • To further muddy the waters, Danny Williams has not only played well in the defensive mid position, he has scored 2 great goals in the last 4 games. So, do you leave him out? My point is that whatever lineup you pick, you are going to be open to criticism and you will be leaving out a player who is probably just as good as a player who is starting. In the midfield we have Zardes, Bedoya , Yedlin and possibly Nagbe as wingers, or even Shea in the future. Then for defensive mid we have Bradley, Beckerman, Jones, and Williams. And some would add Dax McCarty for consideration. Then you have Bradley possibly as your distributor if not at the #6. him. Add in Diskerud, Corona, Nguyen, and some even say Kljestan. , If as some urge, we consider Lletget, Finlay, and Feilhaber, we now have 17 possible midfielders if you add in F Johnson. You ask 10 people to pick a midfield from that bunch and you probably have 10 different combinations. Yeah, it’s easy to pick the best US XI.

  17. Kinda off topic but I can’t wait for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. Now that Gio is in the MLS I can make a US/Mex hybrid team. If you guys play it for PS4 add me Luiki89

    • I wonder how fierce the ticket resale market will be for this game? I won the lottery twice via different email accounts and have the opportunity to buy tiks just to resell, but they are in the USA section. Tickets are at $150 each or higher (the cheaper ones are sold out), and I don’t trust USA fans to pay a premium on those prices. If they were in the Mexico section I’d gladly buy a bunch. Perhaps the Mexico fans will gladly buy tiks in the U.S. section.

      • I bought 6 tickets in section H 20, $135 each thru the lottery. I’m using 4 for sure, depending on the market, i might sell the other 2, instead of finding 2 friends.

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