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Question of the Day: What do you think of Yedlin’s move to Sunderland?



After months of speculation regarding a loan move, DeAndre Yedlin is headed to Sunderland in an effort to establish himself in the rigorous Premier League.

Sunderland announced Tuesday that the club has acquired the U.S. Men’s National Team speedster on a season-long loan, in a move that would, in theory, give Yedlin a place to play meaningful minutes for the upcoming season.

In Sunderland, Yedlin joins a club that is certainly in need of his services. With his primary position yet to be revealed, Yedlin could slot in at either fullback or in the midfield. With that type of versatility and explosiveness to match, Yedlin has the potential to see plenty of time against some of the world’s top clubs.

On the other hand, Sunderland has not always been a friendly stopping point for Americans. Jozy Altidore was far from blameless in his fiasco with the club, but Sunderland’s status as a lower-level Premier League team made things plenty difficult. As a club that is almost always up against it in a fight for survival, patience could wear thin if Yedlin does not prove himself early and often.

What do you think of Yedlin’s loan move? Like the possibilities it presents for him, or thing it’s a mistake? Cast your vote, and share your opinion, after the jump:

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What do you think of Yedlin’s move to Sunderland? Think it’s the right move? Where would you like to have seen him go?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Ugh, Sunderland.
    Advocaat is a Dutch coach who has a history with Americans. That’s good.
    But Sunderland’s front office, or club hierarchy, or whatever the proper local term for the owner and his trusted advisors or board, are still recovering from a truly terrible and desperate coaching hire, Paolo Di Canio, who lasted a few games between the end of one relegation campaign and the beginning of the next.
    Di Canio was a reaction to Sunderland’s very poor ability to manage or improve their roster for whatever reason(s). These potential reasons include systemic ones such as being located in a less sexy area of the country that has Newcastle a few miles up the road, but for the most part has to be attributed to ownership/management mediocrity.
    Poyet was the next coach, and he at least stabilized the man management trauma and also pulled off a great escape, but he failed to have an impact on the club’s talent level.
    It does look like Advocaat may be better at bringing in players, but for the most part, that club has got to be really painful and depressing to support. I watched them during the Altidore period and I shouldn’t have. I honestly think Sunderland deserves to go down
    Yedlin’s big task will be to try to rise above a lot of stagnating influences there. His quality of raw speed is a big help, and any opportunity is a good opportunity. But people who say that his career wouldn’t be affected by a relegation are wrong. Yedlin’s career is at risk of being “relegated” as well.

  2. Sunderland wouldn’t have approached Spurs unless they planned to use him.

    Sunderland’s not a great team, so will be defending and counter-attacking a lot, both of which are skills Yedlin could use some focus and improvement on.

  3. I don’t really know how you can hate this. Our 22 year old American right back will now be getting minutes in the Premiership and will be facing all sorts of challenges from opposing teams while playing for a respected manager. This is fantastic.

  4. It’s okay. He should have gone somewhere that stresses tactics. His field awareness and tactical knowledge are far behind his athleticism. Italy would have been ideal in my opinion.

    • Have you watched Italian soccer lately? Really on the decline.
      It’s not where he plays, it’s who he plays for. There are great tactical coaches in smaller leagues, and weak ones in big leagues. Sunderland’s coach is known for being good at mentoring young talent…it’s a good place for him to be.

      • I’m not saying Italy because I think it is a quality league. I honestly think its hard to watch. I say Italy based on the pace of the game and the defensive mindset. Both will allow him to develop into a more rounded soccer player.

        At Sunderland, he will learn to kick a long ball, run straight, and how to tackle like Lee Cattermole. Not sure how helpful that will be. I really hope I’m wrong.

        Now that I think about it playing under Bob Bradley wouldn’t have been too bad.

    • Yedlin had little to no choice in the matter. He is still the property of Spurs and they decide where he plays. No matter how good or bad Sunderland is, at the end of the season Yedlin will still be a Spurs property unless and until they sell him.

  5. I would click love it if it weren’t for the fact that Sunderland has two other right backs and plenty of right wingers. So I’m sure he’ll see the field but anymore than with Spurs, maybe not much more.

  6. I think he’ll get playing time and that’s all that matter so I think it’s a good move. He’ll be facing EPL competition and unless you’re a Sunderland fan, it doesn’t really matter how bad the team is or whether they avoid relegation.

  7. It’s win win – he’s not going to get playing time ie PL experience and full match fitness at Spurs, but he probably will at Sunderland, which will benefit him, Sunderland, Spurs and USA if he’s good enough. He’ll play against top class opposition each week which will sharpen up his game.

    • I think the manager situation at Sunderland is better than it was while Jozy was there too. We’re all just tainted by the Altidore disaster.

      • Wasn’t Advocaat the coach while Jozy was at AZ?

        prediction: Jozy goes on loan in January to Sunderland lol…

  8. There should be a second “It’s ok” option, it’s ok because he should find minutes there, and he’ll be playing against Premier League opposition, so it’s better than him going to a smaller league where he’ll get more minutes but playing against opposition without the same level of quality.

    • Agree. Clicked hated it because it was closer.

      Tough to come up with every option though for sure. Maybe just make it more vague.
      Scale of 1-10 Hate it to Love it. You can click a 5 and I can click a 2 or 3.


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