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SBI (Old School) Q&A: Your Questions Answered

Michael Bradley 100th Cap (USA TODAY Sports)

Last week, SBI readers submitted soccer questions for me to answer, and though it took a while, (some of) your questions have been answered.

The latest SBI Old School Q&A covers topics ranging from Matt Miazga’s future to Michael Bradley’s form, to the future of the NASL and Perry Kitchen’s prospects of a move abroad.

Here is the latest SBI Old School Q&A:


Q- Do you think Altidore stays in Toronto? I think a smart move for them would be to drop him and pick up Cubo if possible. (The Ginger Ninja).

A- TFC can’t really just drop him. They’d need to find someone to buy him or trade for him. I don’t think TFC will move him after just one season, but I do wonder if he’s a good fit for them.


Q- At what point do you think Klinsmann will be fired? Also, where do you see Jason Kreis ending up? Is a return to RSL possible? Or is a reunion with Garth Lagerway in Seattle likely? (Soccerboy2)

A- I think the USMNT would have to really struggle in World Cup qualifying in order for Klinsmann to be fired before 2018. As for Kreis, I think Seattle is as good a bet as there is.


Q- Where do you foresee Freddy Adu heading off to next? How are some of the NASL teams able to afford such high profile players, i.e., Raul, Senna, etc? Their attendances are so low! Where’s the revenue coming from??? (BrianK)

A- As far as I know Tampa Bay has an option on Adu, but I’d imagine it’s a sizable one so the question will be whether the Rowdies want to keep him. If not, I’m pretty sure there would be a line of NASL teams interested in his services, including the other teams in Florida. I’m also pretty certain Adu will be able to find opportunities to trial with MLS teams this winter.


Q- Does Miazga leave this winter, and if yes, where would be the best fit? (CU24)

A- I think there’s a very distinct possibility, and here’s why. He’s heading into the final year of his contract with the Red Bulls, and can force a transfer because the Red Bulls could risk losing him for nothing. From my understanding, Miazga is under new representation that is definitely intent on moving him to Europe, so I have a feeling the Red Bulls will be forced into a tough spot. I think he’s definitely gone by 2017, but could wind up staying in 2016 if the Red Bulls find a team that would be willing to buy him and loan him back. That’s an option as well.


Q- Any chance that you ever send me a USMNT scarf, bearing your signature of course, for winning* the WC camp roster selection contest (SBI Show 139, min. 25)? #Scarfgate *According to my repeated analysis of comments/rosters before the official roster was announced.

A- If you really did win it, then I owe you a scarf (I will double check to make sure nobody else beat you out). Feel free to email me your address/info to


Q- Heard that AS Roma is interested in signing Perry Kitchen. Seeing how Garcia reduced MB4’s playing time, how do you think Kitchen will fit in Roma? Could you see him playing right away?

A- Not sure how much there is to that one, especially given the strict quotas on foreign (non EU) players in Serie A. Don’t really see him going to Roma, and I know there’s been rumors of Lazio. If Kitchen is a free agent, then I could see a team like Lazio taking a flier on him, especially if they have the room in their non-EU player quotas.

Q- Michael Bradley – Better player today or two years ago? (DP)

A- Bradley’s form with the national team through the first half of the year was excellent, but in terms of the full calendar year, I feel like 2013 was a better year for him overall, club and country, from a form standpoint. Does that mean he’s a “worse” player? Not sure I’d go there, but I do think Don Garber’s claims that he’s a better player now don’t really carry much weight.

Q- Considering the rules and stipulations concerning league status in the US, do you believe that the NASL will continue to exist and improve as a league, especially over the next five or so years? (MisterJC)

A- The NASL isn’t going anywhere. It’s growing and thriving and I’m not convinced all the league status regulations are going to stick. NASL is challenging them, and I have a feeling there will be some middle ground reached on that.

Q- Do you think that there’s validity to the connection between the USMNT’s bad run and the fact that most of our senior players have come back to play in MLS? Is our quality declining? (Troy2)

A- The team has declined because the talent pool has declined, not because a few players left Europe for MLS. Don’t think the U.S. would be that much better if Bradley and Dempsey were still in Europe. I do think that the reason there aren’t more Americans in Europe right now is because the talent level is down a bit in the prime years.


Q- Do you have any update on Onyewu? Last I heard he was injured while training for NYCFC. Is he still trying to make a come back with NYCFC? Is he looking for another team? Or has he decided the injuries were too much to overcome? (hrtlr85)

A- From what I’ve been told, Oguchi Onyewu suffered a torn Achilles while training with NYCFC, and was apparently considering his future after this latest setback. I haven’t heard anything new on it for months now.


  1. Any possibility JORDAN SIEBATCHEU will one day play for USA? Lique 1 is superior to MLS so he must be pretty good to be in first team

  2. “…..but I do wonder if he’s a good fit for them”. Fit?? How about everyone just comes to the conclusion that he sucks and he’s not worth 5+ million DP money, in other words, TFC just got shafted


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