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SBI Question of the Day: Should NYCFC have fired Jason Kreis?

Photo by Winslow Townson/USA TODAY Sports
Photo by Winslow Townson/USA TODAY Sports

After just one season in charge of New York City FC, Jason Kreis finds himself out of a job.

Kreis was dismissed by the club Monday, ending his tenure as the club’s first ever head coach after just 34 games in charge. The firing comes in the wake of a season that saw just 10 wins from 34 games, with NYCFC finishing 12 points out of a playoff position.

According to a release from the club, Kreis saw his time with NYCFC come to an end due to the team’s lackluster results. Outlining a postseason promise made at the start of the season, NYCFC says that Kreis failed to live up to his end of the bargain in guiding the club to the playoffs in its first-ever season.

That much is indisputable; Kreis did not guide NYCFC to the postseason. In truth, the season ended prematurely for the expansion club, which had high hopes for a roster that boasted David Villa, Frank Lampard and Andrea Pirlo. Quite frequently, NYCFC looked out of sync, as lineup shuffling and a lackluster defense doomed NYCFC to their frustrating finish.

However, it could be argued that many of the factors leading to NYCFC’s demise were out of Kreis’ hands. The defense, as assembled, was never one that would be able to stop the elite forwards in MLS.

In terms of the big-name additions, Kreis stated himself that midseason signings rarely pan out in those first several months. The prophecy turned out to, largely, become true, as Andrea Pirlo and Frank Lampard took time to adapt to the rigors of MLS play and are certainly expected to look more in-tune next season.

That season is one Kreis won’t be there for, as NYCFC appears set to move on with a big-name option, but is that the right choice?

Do you think NYCFC was premature in firing Kreis, or was the dismissal of the former RSL boss justified?

Cast your vote here:

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Which option did you vote for? What do you expect from NYCFC and Kreis going forward? Who do you foresee the club naming as Kreis’ replacement?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. This is simultaneously unfair and fortunate for Kreis. He surely deserved more time (and a better squad), but he must realize now that this organization is not a good fit for him. Look for NYCFC to rely on a DP-centric roster and a big name coach for a at least a few years.

  2. This is a great decision for Kreis. This team is obviously run by people who are out to lunch. Depending on Pirlo and Lampard to be effective at their late age is a joke. This organization is a joke. Kreis is better off moving on. This guy in the future i believe will coach the USMNT.

  3. It was an opportunity he could not turn down when he took the job. Now, he is probably happy to be out of there! Sometimes we take a chance and it doesn’t work out. He’ll catch on somewhere else and hopefully its a better fit! They prolly did him a favour by letting him go.

  4. I believe the NYCFC owners has always looked at Kreis as a placeholder for an internationally well known head coach from day 1. No playoffs for NYCFC, out goes Jason Kreis.

  5. NYCFC won fewer than a third of its games (tied for second worst in MLS in wins) and gave up the most goals (tied) in MLS, and was tied for fewest points. That’s not the resume of a manager that keeps his job. Its telling that Orlando finished seven points higher having scored less and with a worse goal differential (and with arguably less overall talent). Real Salt Lake also had a worse goal differential and finished with more points in a tougher West. Kries probably keeps his job if he finishes where Orlando did. It never felt like Kries knew what he wanted from the group of players he had.

    • I personally do not see it. He did great things at Real Salt Lake. But I just do not think he has the experience yet for a national team.

      Do you think so?
      If so, what is your reasoning or what is it about Kreis that makes you think so?

      I think Kreis was a scape goat. He probably butted heads with Villa or Lampard and, therefore, had to go.

      They need to concentrate on building a defense and building a stadium.
      That Yankee Stadium setup is a joke.

      • I don’t know if Kreis is ready. Reporting indicates he was effective maximizing a lot with little resources. That could be a quality USMNT needs.

        Questions I was asking myself before posting “my question of the day”: can Kreis get more out of the USMNT crop than Klinsmann? Would Kreis skills be useful as an assistant coach for USMNT?

        I’m not looking at whether Kreis deserves the opportunity or if he has enough pedigree.

        I’m curious how far Kreis could lead a group of 20-24 year olds.

  6. As a general rule, firing a coach of an expansion team after one year because they didn’t make the playoffs is really stupid, absent some extenuating circumstances. Given how much better RSL did under Kreis than they have done since he left, there is ample evidence that he is an excellent coach. You don’t forget everything in two years.

  7. It may seem unfair for Kries to be fired but i believe he had it coming. The reason why he got fired is because he was being trained at man city for almost a year. He picked the players in the team. He chose the style. He basically was playing the “being a manager mode” in Fifa but in real life. I believe the goal was make it to the playoffs, that’s it. They did not expect them to win it all. That team needs a seasoned big time coach, because they would the only ones to understand that kind of pressure. MLS coaches really don’t feel that, owners are a little more patience when it comes to that.

  8. This was truly stupid and highlights that these owners don’t know much about MLS history and how to build long term success here. 10 dollars says that Kries is picked up by the Fire (or maybe the sounders if they fail to win) and he wins two championships in the next five years.

    -From a pissed NYCFC season ticket holder. (ps – bought RedBull tickets today, despite the pain)


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