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MLS hands Jermaine Jones 6-match suspension

Photo by Vincent Carchietta/USA Today Sports
Photo by Vincent Carchietta/USA Today Sports

If Jermaine Jones is to return to MLS, he will have to sit on the sideline to start the season.

The U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder was suspended six games and also fined an undisclosed figure by MLS for his conduct towards center official Mark Geiger during the New England Revolution’s aggregate loss to D.C. United in the MLS Playoffs.

The suspension could cause Jones to miss playing time with the USMNT during 2016 World Cup qualifiers as well.  The USMNT plays Guatemala on March 25 in Guatemala City before facing off with Guatemala again on March 29 in Columbus, Ohio, but the MLS season does not begin until March. He was found to be in violation of the referee assault policy, as mandated by MLS and U.S. Soccer, and must carry out the suspension, which includes a one-game ban for the red card he was shown during the playoff game.

League commissioner Don Garber heard Jones’ appeal to the suspension on Dec. 8, but opted to uphold the ban.

The suspension means Jones will also be unable to play for the USMNT until he completes the serving of his suspension, whether in MLS or any other league.

Per a release, MLS also suspended Sporting KC forward Krisztian Nemeth for one game next season, as well as fined him and FC Dallas midfielder Michael Barrios, Columbus Crew SC midfielder Tony Tchani and New York Red Bulls forward Mike Grella.

Here is Jones’ incident with Geiger:

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What do you think of Jones’ suspension? Think the punishment was too tough?

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  1. As a revs fan there is a difference between having a bad game (Geiger) and physical contact (Jones). Never ok to be as out of control as JJ.

    Having said that Geiger is a fool and shouldn’t even be allowed to judge Hawaiian Turf after all his bad calls

  2. As a Revs fan, Geiger totally blew that call and cost the Revs a almost sure goal and a tie. I noticed that this was the last game he did in the playoffs and that is good.

    I think 6 games is harsh and think Geiger deserves at least the same for being a gutless and poor excuse for a referee.

  3. Well deserved. TIme for the USMNT to move on from JJ as well. He was our best player at the world cup but he doesn’t have much more left.

    • Agreed… unfortunate thing is….. he’s still one of our best players which makes it more difficult than one would hope. Time for some younger players step up…. and for JK to nut up and give them the opportunity to. Domino effect of a possible Nagbe taking an advanced mid role, formation change from the diamond could well solve a good part of this by pushing MB into a more defensive position.

    • It’s not that crazy. The club didn’t touch the ref, the player did. Thus, the punishment should be attached to the player. Personally, I do not feel club punishments should follow to international games but that’s just my opinion there. A punishment following the player in the club level makes sense.

      When Suarez bit the player (the most recent time….) would it have been fair for him to leave Liverpool and begin right away for Barcelona?

      • Definitely think that his MLS suspension should stand regardless of which MLS team he is on. But if he signs with a club outside of MLS or is called up to the National team that should be a different governing entity.

        Suarez’s suspension spanned Liverpool, Barcelona and Uruguay because it was a FIFA suspension and FIFA covers all 3 teams involved. This is MLS’ deal not USSF.

    • Yeah well… post game- JJ knew he was F’ed/ had it coming. The point is that every player in the league knows with absolute certainty that if they get physical with a ref- the boom WILL be lowered. They don’t want the reaction to be: “Hmmm…ok… I guess that’s fair…” They want it to be: “Holy &^%$… that’s a kick in the nuts!”

  4. Geiger is a chump who loves to inject himself into a match, but……. you lay hands on a ref and you know full well the punishment will and ought to be intentionally heavy handed and harsh. Gotsss-ta eat it and move on.

  5. Do we have a precedent to gauge this with other suspensions of similiar misconduct? Bottom line is Jones (or any other player) can;t touch the ref in that manner.

  6. Way too harsh. Geiger was the golden boy of the US referees and let his status go to his head. If anyone needs a suspension, it is Geiger. His desire to be the center of attention and make the big call has ruined many matches.
    No ref should ever be touched by a player and Jones deserves to be penalized. But six games goes too far.

    • not harsh to suspend Jones for that long. Of course Geiger is incompetent, and MLS will not use him anymore.If they do, they’re complete idiots who don’t actually watch the games.


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