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Sacramento Republic reveal new stadium renderings


Should Sacramento Republic join MLS, they would bring with them a unique and brand new stadium.

On Tuesday, the USL club released renderings of a proposed stadium, which will, according to the statement, seat 25,000 fans. The stadium, designed by architecture firm HNTB, will have a closed bowl with a continuous roof covering all sides of the field.

According to the release, the Republic’s new stadium will have something that makes it unique when compared to others across the country as well: the steepest grade of seats allowed by MLS.

“The seating bowl rake (on the east end) is designed to be the steepest in Major League Soccer (approximately 32 degrees) providing great sight lines and a unique and intimidating atmosphere that puts fans close to the action,” the statement says.

The steep rake was modeled after Borussia Dortmund’s infamous “Yellow Wall.”

The stadium would be constructed in Sacramento’s Railyards district, and is estimated to cost $180 million. The stadium will only be built, according to the release, if the Republic join MLS.

Here are more images of the proposed stadium:

SAC-Republic-Stadium-2 SAC-Republic-Stadium-4

What do you think of the stadium renderings? Should Sacramento be the next city to join MLS?

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  1. Wow, beautiful. This team has been selling 20,000 for USL, it’s a guaranteed sell out every game. Just like Portland–another great market with only NBA as competition, so soccer can “own the market.”

    This is what MLS needs. These environments make for great soccer. Great local ownership too, just do it MLS!

    • Agreed!

      This seems like a “no brainer” but money talks and … you know the rest. It is interesting if another franchise were awarded to the left coast though. That would be another west coast flight for east coast teams every year/every other year depending on scheduling. Or maybe scheduling can get a few west coast swings to hit So-Cal and San Jose, then later with Nor-Cal and Cascadia.

      At any rate, Sac has all the markers of being a hit (Local Govt. support, rich owners, passionate fan-base, stadium plan and a ton of other benefits) and should be green lit ASAP.

      • Umm, isn’t that whining a little bit when the 4 current west coast teams have 9 teams in the eastern timezone THEY have to travel to?

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