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The SBI Show: Episode 246 (Recapping MLS Cup and more)

Rodney Wallace Timbers MLS Cup (USA TODAY Sports)

The 2015 MLS season came to an end with a memorable MLS Cup final, and the Portland Timbers capturing their first MLS title.

Episode 246 of The SBI Show looks back at the Timbers’ triumph over the Columbus Crew, the players who helped deliver the title and the incredible celebrations that took place in Portland after the victory.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I also discuss the latest on MLS expansion,┬áthe league’s announcement of more allocation money for teams to spend, and much more.

Give Episode 246 of The SBI Show a listen here:

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  1. Timbers fan here (since ’75). I was one questioning Wilkinson a few years ago, but must give him and Paulson a ton of credit, not least for hiring Porter and getting the players he wanted. And no, I won’t kiss any…

  2. USMNT played on turf at least one time. During the Gold Cup 2013, one of their games was at Providence Park. Still the disparity between the quality of fields that the women play on vs the men is glaring. This is absolutely embarrassing for US Soccer and hopefully this episode will drive change.

    • On the subject of equality between the men’s and women’s programs,….did anyone ever notice that the USSF Academy program/structure is for boys/men only?

      • Brian, you may want to keep it that way. Provide me with one shred of evidence that the mens/boys side hasn’t gone backwards since the USSDA program came into existence. Meanwhile the women’s side this past summer was more dominant than any women’s team in WC history. All the USSDA has done on the boys side is make it easier for US Soccer to scout talent. In return, they control the soccer lives of 1000s of elite players and prevent them from participating is other soccer that might improve them as players and individuals. The women/girls have it made at the moment – choices. US Soccer has eliminated choices for any boy that simply wants to see if he has the talent to succeed beyond youth club soccer

      • Wood Chip,….I wouldn’t disagree with anything you wrote. A lot to be desired on the performance/development from the Academy system. I suppose that goes to the point though,…the Academy structure is a money grab-pay to play structure. The Lords of the academys simply don’t want to invest in the women’s game.

        One would have thought that a coed structure for the academy program would have been natural,…common sense right? But I think this tells you more about the limited view of the USSF and those who own/run the academy programs.

  3. Ives, thanks for the shout out about Portland after the RSL 2013 playoff game. I was at that game. It was hands down the loudest I’ve ever heard Providence Park. EVERY person there was chanting, not just the Timbers Army. It was incredible, and I get goosebumps every time I think about it.

    The parade and rally were huge. I mean we’re talking dumping rain (Monday and Tuesday were bad weather here), 24 hour notice, and 12PM on a Tuesday. I think it was good turnout.
    We’re proud of our team.

    Thanks for believing this season Ives.

  4. You are right Ives, Columbus fans are embarrassing.

    Agree Villafana needs to be called up.

    Ives, impressed with your mention of Nanchoff in the re-entry draft. Very intelligent player and clinical finisher. Portland may not have had so many frustrations with their finishing had they played him more.

    • I just want to say that it was not representative of the Nordecke. Any Crew fan will tell you that it was just as embarrassing for us to see that happen in our house.

      • Appreciate the info and your response. Thanks and I apologize to the Nordecke faithful for the slight. Unfortunately as an Ohio resident and soccer fan I still loathe the Crew as an organization.

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