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Vieira could manage Man City after developing with NYCFC

vieira-Man City

Patrick Vieira may have just taken the head coaching position at New York City FC, but one Manchester City official is already considering him as an option to succeed current manager Manuel Pellegrini.

According to Brian Marwood, Man City football administration officer, Vieira could become the Man City manager, but he needs to first develop as the NYCFC boss.

“It was important that we could find the next development stage for Patrick and it was still part of the group. That opportunity came about in New York. We are really excited, he is really excited by it and I think it is exactly the next step he needs,” Marwood told Sky Sports.

“Hopefully, at some point, he’ll come back and manage Manchester City. That’s the ambition for him and that’s the ambition for us. But he has to go through this learning curve.”

Vieira signed a three-year deal with NYCFC and will be officially introduced on Jan. 1. He spent five years as a coach at Man City, mainly as the head coach of the club’s Elite Development Squad.

What do you think about Marwood’s comments? How long will Vieira be the coach of NYCFC?

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  1. I don’t understand the negative comments toward this. Nobody’s dream job is going to be a club with almost no history. Vieira leaving for Man City or Porter Berhalter Vermes etc leaving for Top 5 leagues is a great sign for our league. Our league would now just not be growing in terms of markets and ratings but it means others are starting to respect our play and tactics. I hope this does happen

    • I agree with the concept as a league…. you make all the sense in the world from a purely pragmatic point of view. However- some things are best left unspoken. Team branding/fans (short for fanatics) are NOT remotely motivated by pragmatism, in fact rational thought is highly discouraged in that world. It is irrational loyalty stoked by emotion that sells tickets, cable packages and brings in the dough. Getting players to buy into the fact that they should bleed for the crest while feeling honored to be lead by someone using the same as a stepping-stone for greener pastures doesn’t really translate either.

  2. ANYONE who thinks the Premier League isn’t a step up from MLS is delusional. Sorry folks it’s going to be a while before the two leagues are even close by comparison. Therefore, this is actually a brilliant move. Projecting coaches is no different from projecting players. If they have the basic skill set, desire and determination you simply provide the correct environment and they grow. Would like to see more of this!

  3. Sooo…….before Patrick has even managed a Senior football match the powers that be are forecasting his next move?? Yeah….. talk about being set up to fail.

  4. Wow, NYCFC giving a whole new meaning to being a feeder club. What’s next? The balls boys? Maybe the concession staff? Selling hot dogs in the UK is more prestigious after all.


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