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MLS Ticker: Red Bulls sign McCarty to new deal; and more

Photo by Danny Wild/USA Today Sports
Photo by Danny Wild/USA Today Sports

We’re a few days removed from the holiday period, and a bit of news has emerged around Major League Soccer:

Dax McCarty will reportedly be a member of the New York Red Bulls for years to come, as the 28-year-old defensive midfielder agreed to a new four-year deal on Monday, according to Goal USA. McCarty has made 142 regular season appearances for the Red Bulls, scoring 11 goals and providing 22 assists. (REPORT)

Fans of Los Angeles Football Club will finally be treated to the unveiling of the club’s crest and logo on Thursday. Red and black have been used as LAFC’s placeholders while the club gauged supporters’ interest in all different colors. (REPORT)

Portland Timbers owner Merritt Paulson shot down a report that the MLS side was to take part in a friendly summer tournament. According to the report, the LA Galaxy were also invited to participate in the Copa Rey Del Norte, which will allegedly take place in July. “I am pushing MLS to ban first teams (USL diff) from playing in in-season friendlies. (T)hink this stuff is bad for us as a whole,” Paulson said in a post on his personal Twitter account. (REPORT)

MLS will announce the remainder of the 2016 regular season schedule on Thursday. (REPORT)

The Portland Timbers are hoping to re-sign Rodney Wallace, according to Oregon Live, but have yet to come to an agreement. Meanwhile, Norberto Paparatto is unlikely to don the Timbers jersey come March. (REPORT)


Think McCarty’s new contract is deserved? What are you expecting from LAFC’s logo and crest? Agree with Paulson that MLS teams should not compete in summer friendly competitions? Which MLS mtachups are you most anticipating in 2016?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Captain Dax deserves every penny he can get. He’s an exemplary leader, great player and just a great guy. Plus, he was really nice to my kids when they were Player Escorts for the LA game this season – they’ll never forget that day.

  2. Good on Portland for leading the way on eliminating mid-season friendlies–they didn’t schedule any in 2015. If competing teams are hurt in the MLS standings because of playing an extra game or 3, then it might convince other owners to avoid the $$$ grab.

  3. REALLY glad Paulson has the stones to say what he did. Every summer SUM robs Peter to pay Paul. If MLS regular season is meaningful it should not have to compete with so many meaningless games every summer. The summer months are the ONE TIME ALL YEAR when MLS doesn’t have to compete with European leagues…take advantage by promoting the league instead of friendlies that tire out MLS teams which make supposedly meaningful games harder to watch.

    • With the new schedule coming out on Thursday I have one New Year’s Wish –


      It’s a simple thing really. There is no reason to be jamming all the games at the end of the season. Everybody knows which teams are in CCL, and when (at least within a couple of days) the matches will be. Give them an easier schedule around CCL game days, and make sure everyone else is playing!!

      Now, about these friendlies….

      I don’t mind teams playing in these games, and I’m not too opposed to the occasional midweek game thrown into the regular schedule. BUT having the month before playoffs being taken over by visiting teams from other leagues absolutely benefits MLS teams very little beyond the cash grab… unless you like seeing the third string of MLS teams getting scored on.


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