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Report: Alejandro Bedoya won’t join MLS, Rapids this winter


There have been a handful of U.S. Men’s National Team players who have decided to return to the States after playing abroad in recent years, but Alejandro Bedoya won’t be one of those.

At least for the time being.

According to Goal USA, the 28-year-old midfielder will not be joining MLS during this winter transfer window amid speculation of a move to the Colorado Rapids. Rapids technical director Paul Bravo reportedly confirmed the decision during the 2016 MLS Draft.

Meanwhile, the Rapids are allegedly close to signing a different international player, 24-year-old Mexican forward Alan Pulido, who currently plays for Greek club Olympiakos.

What do you think of this development? Would you like to have Bedoya in MLS? Think Pulido is a good choice for the Rapids?

Share your thoughts below.


    • I’m an MLS lover and I would question a move to Colorado. I would like to see Bedoya here, but unless the Colorado FO is putting in a VERY concerted effort to turn that club around, Bedoya would be wise to pick another club.

  1. Why the hell would anyone wanna go to Colorado? They are awful. Pablo has failed that team miserably. Damn near the same team Pareja had, but look at the difference. Bedoya should definitely stay with Nantes for now.

    • The Rapids are an awful team/organization but getting paid to live in Colorado would be pretty kickass. I only passed through there for 2 days but Colorado Springs, Denver and the surrounding area is awesome.

  2. I’m sick of this Bedoya guy and all the speculation around him. He is mediocre. What the heck has he even done with the US national team? Has he ever been a stand-out player? What does he even do well? Even Mix freaking Diskerud has done more with the USMNT, and his move to MLS was also way over-covered and over-hyped. He ended up looking below average all year with NYCFC, much worse than guys like Poku and MacNamara. Portland and Columbus lucked out that they didn’t sign him as a DP… imagine no Diego Valeri and instead the Timbers had Mix, hah!

    • He’s a solid hard working player but probably not dynamic enough to make a huge difference for Colorado. If they are spending money it needs to be on guys that can create and score goals and I’m not sure Bedoya really brings that.

      • I don’t like Bobb’s comment or tone, so I’m glad you kind of steered his argument in a more reasonable direction.

        Bedoya isn’t a flashy player, and his stats don’t show anything special, no doubt. Still, he has an engine on both sides of the ball, and has enough skill and intellect to contribute to our national team. I think that in MLS he would be an above average 6,7,8, or 11. . .maybe even at fullback.

        Bedoya would be a sweet pick up for Colorado, but I agree with you, it would be a lot of money for a negligible impact. The Rapids have a lot of weak spots, and one above average player isn’t going to compensate for those holes or help this team get in the proverbial conversation.

        I think this outcome is best for Bedoya and Colorado. The Rapids need to focus less on getting allocation money to bring in big players, and more on their academy and the draft. I was disappointed how often Colorado moved back in this draft, hoping to acquire big names later. That strategy seems misguided for a team that’s so obviously rebuilding.

        Bedoya would be a huge get for some other teams in MLS though, and increase their chances of moving deep into the playoffs.

      • Bedoya is an okay player, but he is not technical at all, and he is VASTLY overrated by US fans. People refer to him as a creative type, which is very far from being the case.

      • Being a USMNT player, Bedoya would sell some tickets. Plenty of guys on my O30 team have said they would start going to Rapids games again if they sign Bedoya. Lots of people are frustrated with the team this management group has put together, and they rarely market to the large Hispanic community in the area.

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