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Report: Haji Wright set to join Schalke

Haji Wright Cosmos SBI (New York Cosmos)

Haji Wright will have to wait until March to officially sign a deal with a European club, but the former New York Cosmos and U.S. Under-17 Men’s National Team striker has found his future home.

A report from Metro states that Wright will join Bundesliga club Schalke this spring after previously training with the club last year. Just 17-years old, Wright cannot sign a professional contract in Europe until he turns 18 in March, but a deal has reportedly been struck between he and Schalke.

Formerly a member of the LA Galaxy academy, Wright signed with the Cosmos ahead of the 2015 NASL season. Wright featured prominently for Cosmos B last year, but made three first-team appearances and had an assist.

Internationally, Wright was a regular with the U-17s in the build-up to the World Cup in Chile and has recently featured for the U.S. U-18s.

What do you think of Wright’s reported move? Think it will take him a while to break into the club’s first team? What do you expect from the forward in 2016?

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  1. Kudos to the guy for having the balls to get out of his comfort zone. Even if he doesn’t make it in Germany he’ll become a much better player than he’d have taken the easy way out and signed with MLS.

  2. From what I’ve seen of him , he fast and has decent 1v1 ability that few Americans have. The u17 word cup was a disappointment but the cosmos move I think was schalke wanted him to do and learn from Raul and not have to deal with mls rules. Another one with loads of potential. Hoping for the best.

  3. Why wouldn’t this be a great move? Guy, please please please stop complaining when Americans move abroad to play. It’s their decision and they don’t read, know, or care about what little comments on a website say.

    If it’s done, it’s done. Get over it and move on to something else.

    • Apparently you and Adam are unaware that this guy has trained with Schalke in the past and they have wanted him for sometime but he is unable to sign a professional contract before he turns 18 years of age. No passport, no contract. This has been known for quite some time now and is not really new news.

      He will be training with the unofficially until March at which time he will sign and be put into the academy system officially much like Joesph Gyau, Charles Renken and quite a few other American Youth Intls.

      • “Apparently you and Adam are unaware that this guy has trained with Schalke in the past”

        I’m aware of it and it does nothing to change my opinion. Your assumption was about as successful as I’m sure his stay in Europe will be.

    • Totally agree. Who would bet n this guy being in a better place than Bradfrord Jamieson in 5-6 years. Wait, but he is going to Europe!!!!! Hurahhhhh!!

    • I understand and even share this skepticism, but he’s been linked with Schalke for as long as, if not longer than, Pulisic with BVB. He just doesn’t have that coveted EU passport.

      I’m pretty sure his short stint at Cosmos had as much to do with Raul, a legend at Schalke, as it did with NASL being an easier route to Europe.

    • Also, Schalke will be lucky if they are even in Europa next season, let alone UCL. This ain’t the same Schalke that Jones played for.

    • He can probably get time with Schalke II. Not super uncommon for 17 year olds to not play a bunch for the first team, even if the first team is a NASL team.

      • Exactly– LA Galaxy Academy -> Cosmos B -> Schalke II -> ?

        Not bad so far for a 17 year old American. If he can make the next (biggest) jump in the next 3-5 years that would be huge. Good for him, hope he can hang with them

  4. Wonder how many will follow this path to Europe, reminds me of Brandon Jennings a little in skipping college for a year in Europe before the NBA. Wonder if more players play in the NASL to make the transfer to Europe easier.

    • Think the discussion about development in Germany that was had on the Morris thread is much more valid here. Again/player/context… there is no one size fits all but… the route taken by Wright seems a pretty savvy option. Hopefully he makes good use of the time between now and when he reaches Morris’ age!

  5. On top of the Morris news, Americans Abroad could be getting beefed up, with more players to watch. I hope this young man does well. However, while he did well when he was in the 15 year group, I don’t think he looked that good when I saw him play with the U-17’s. still, he’s young and it’s encouraging that a Bundesliga team is willing to bet on him.


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